Happy Halloween/Beginning of Fall; From Mark

Inline Preview Image.jpgWith Halloween here with my holiday/don’t know what to consider Halloween monthly post, Happy Halloween. And of course not everyone celebrates Halloween, but after being alive for 17 years and no longer trick or treating, I like to say that Halloween is my own symbolization of the beginning of Fall.

With Fall (November) coming along, that means I get to eat my favorite seasonal desert: pumpkin pie. As well as lay back and have a thanksgiving. Even if none of these happen throughout this November, at least I get to watch one of my favorite cartoons (mini series); Over The Garden Wall.



Hoping you guys a happy Halloween/Fall. See you guys later, peace.


-What A Summer It has Been- -Blog/Life Update/Featuring My Cousins New Youtube Channel-

What a summer it has been! Traveling to many places like the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Wisconsin Dells resort areas (Mt. Olympus and The Wilderness), as well as traveling to places beyond my state such as Florida and Minnesota, and recently getting my drivers license.


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studio_ghibli_logo.jpgAs summer comes to a closing end with endless months of reflecting on what to do during/after summer, seemingly, Anime wasn’t one of the things that I really wanted to do. Cutting to the chase, I have not written a blog post in over two months. And in my own perspective, deep into the mind of Mark (myself), I’ve yet again lacked the encouragement to continue watching anime/films, unless they predominately came from Studio Ghibli. Why? Much like what my brother would tell me, I can be over critical when it comes to critiquing an anime/film (or at least the trailers of the anime/film) without even watching the anime/film itself, as well as also looking at what previous critics have said about a so or so film, making me somewhat biased. But not to worry, I will be creating mini anime critiques on Attack On Titan Season 2, Koe No Katachi (animated film), Howls Moving Castle (animated film), and also both versions of Hell Sing into one whole post.



(Some Of My Most Favorite Sound Tracks From All Animes Mentioned Above)


Before I go, I’d like to feature my cousin Jaden, a Youtuber that’s just starting out and currently creating vlogs on his channel, Jaden Yang! He currently has two videos. One introducing himself, and one on his trip to downtown Milwaukee.


I subscribed and commented already, and have also thoroughly enjoyed my cousins content!


(Edit), it’s been a week since I’ve actually written this post and it goes to show where my priorities are when it comes to actually having time to write blog posts, and me being overall lazy as a blog poster. But either way, my most recent priority as of recently, is having school tomorrow. Summers been great, as said before, and I’m going to rewatch the animated movie, When Marne Was There before school starts. A.k.a, the first animated film/any film to actually make me cry.But anyways, hope you guys have a good day, and see you guys later. Peace!

A Late Post For Exams: Day In The Life Of Mark (Off Topic + Real Life)

It’s that time of the year (if the title wasn’t obvious enough), I have exams! Well, exams that are almost finished anyways. I just wanted to write my yearly exams blog post (which I should have written before exams started), so good luck to me, and for those who still have exams! (I originally created a blog post draft about this before exams started, and I would like to say it was because of exams, but in all honesty, I’m was really just dazing around).

See you guys later, peace!

(P.S, I just watched the new Koe No Katachi film and the new Attack On Titan episodes).


The Blue Sky Tag Nomination (From Matt-in-the-Hatt)! Thanks!

Thank you to Matt-in-the-Hat for nominating me! I haven’t written a nomination post in a while, so I’m glad to be nominated once again! Thanks! P.S, sorry for posting this now after being nominated for a month and a half! But here it is!



  • Answer 11 questions given to you
  • Tag 11 people
  • Give 11 questions

1.What is your favorite breakfast?

  • Eggs, bacon and sausage with rice is probably my most favorite kind of breakfast. Just your average (Asian) American breakfast.

2.Least favorite candy?

  • Milk Dud’s.

3.The recent film you seen?

  • Spirited Away, from Studio Ghibli (in fact, I wrote a blog post about it!) A story that gets deeper the more you look into it. Definitely still one  of my most favorite movies.

4.What’s your favorite hobby?

  • Blogging and playing video games. But if I had to say the most satisfying and most likely my favorite hobby is, it definitely has to be blogging (despite not writing as often. And don’t get me wrong, I still love to write blog posts that are personally enjoyable to make, such as reviews on animes or writing daily life posts).

5.What fictional character can you relate to?

  • Someone that I can relate to on a deep level, would most definitely have to be Anna from When Marnie Was There. An adolescent female character that’s an introvert who lives a life of mainly being in a neutral like attitude or in a mood of sadness. More relatively being neutral and rarely being sad. Unless there was a greater reason to being in a sad state of mind. Until she later on figures out who/what makes her happy. It wasn’t a “growing up” motive that causes her to change, but rather to reminisce and grow as an individual. As she still becomes true to who she really is.

6.Do you have a favorite cartoon?

Yes I do! Although I rarely watch cartoons, I’d definitely have to say Over The Garden Wall is my most favorite cartoon (I know it’s a mini-series but still, it’s one of my favorite cartoons)! Over The Garden Wall is like a new modern day folk tale being told by means of animation. The cartoon itself feels satisfying to watch during the Fall. As the cartoon itself is based on the season of fall, and also being inspired from books based on folk stories and other fictional pieces of fictional literature. It’s a shame that Cartoon Network didn’t show Over The Garden Wall last Fall.

Watch the first episode here! :


7.Do you play video games? If so, what is the recent game you have played?


I do play video games!

CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive: I’m ranked Silver Elite Master, being somewhat coached from one of my friends that’s a global Elite. Shout out to you! Add my Steam account, MarkYaaj).

OSRS (Old School Runescape).

8.What are you allergic to?

  • Pollen (I’m pretty sure most people are? And can’t tell if that’s a legitimate allergy. Correct me if I’m wrong).

9.What type of music genre do you like?

  • I love listening to all kinds of music. But some of the few that I really love listening to is…
  • Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity, I’m not so into the rap or jazz genre of Lo-Fi, but I still enjoy Lo-Fi songs in general)
  • Dubstep (also I read your post about Dubstep Matt, but don’t worry, I understand!)
  • Rock N Roll (All kinds of Rock)
  • Rap (year of 2000 and below are my favorite kinds of rap artists, not so much the new generation).
  • Pop Songs (yet again, not a big fan of the modern day of music):
  • And not to mention Symphony (Whenever I hear a lyrical song, in some cases I can relate to it. But when it’s music purely filled with instruments, it’s like a story that’s being told. As its making me, the listener, to satisfactorily indulge into that one symphony’s deep perspective of a story without words, but through its emotion played purely from music).

10.What movie did you regret watching?

  • I rarely watch movies, so I really can’t say.

11. Do you have a favorite book?

  • I’ve read a couple of classics/old school books, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they would be my favorite kinds of books (yet). Some of the books include, The Giver, To Kill A Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, When Marnie Was There (starting to read it, and might be one of my favorites), and Howls Moving Castle (also starting to read on it). And some of the more modern books I’ve read were, Just Mercy, Hatchet, and Ready Player One. If I had to say which was my favorite out of the rest so far, I’d probably say The Great Gatsby (despite there being a bunch of flaws within characters).


Thanks once again to Matt-in-the-Hat for the nomination! And without a further ado, here’s my questions for my nominees!

Here are my nominees! (Not exactly 11  nominees. Sorry, but I don’t know that many people) :

Celeste’s Life

A Person Who Likes Games More Than You

Silent Melody

I Am A Dreamer



Here are 11 questions for my nominees!

  1. What is your favorite school subject?
  2. What is your favorite movie?
  3. Who is your favorite Movie Director/Animators?
  4. Are you an indoor person or outdoor person?
  5. Where would be the most relaxing place for you to be?
  6. Would you ever want to go back into one of your dreams, if you had the chance to?
  7. What is your favorite attraction to go to?
  8. What is your most favorite fictional character?
  9. What genre (music) do you like?
  10. What genre in literature/film/animation do you like?
  11. Do you personally enjoy blogging?

(Thanks once again for the nomination!)

Happy Easter, From Mark!

Hello, once again with the holiday posts. Just wanted to say, happy Easter! I just wanted to thank a lot for my friends (you know who you are: Nathan. NoRedInk with that colon grammar), family, and as well as you the viewers and followers for always sticking around my blog! With a simple goodbye, see you guys later, peace! 

(Photo from The Secret World Of Arriety. Created by Studio Ghibli)

The Modern Animated Classic, Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli): Review By, Mark Yang


Image result for spirited awayA classic story of a 10-year old girl named Chihiro, as she and her family drive around the forest in hopes of moving into their new house but unknowingly stumble upon the world of spirits, a place where humans aren’t supposed to be. Later on, the gluttony of Chihiro’s parents, as they ate food meant for spirits, has turned them into pigs. So, with the help of a spirit named Haku, he helps Chihiro by letting her work at the bathhouse of the spirits as both helping each other to remember each other’s names, as stolen from the witch of the bathhouse and to leave the world of spirits.

(Spoilers are beyond this point)

Ironically, it’s been 10 years since the last time I’ve seen Spirited Away. The last time I remembered watching Spirited Away was when I was around the age of 4-6 years old (2004-2006). I still have the movie myself, as I remembered that my parents originally bought it for my brother when he was around 6-10 years old. And sometimes it makes me wonder as to why my parents would buy multiple movies from Studio Ghibli such as Ponyo, Arrietty, Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Grave of The Fireflies, and not remembering at all as to why they bought all of those films. Maybe it was a coincidence? And they were all films I’ve grown to watch and enjoy throughout my whole lifetime. But back on topic to Spirited Away, it’s been over 10 years since then.
My first time watching the film made meImage result for spirited away zeniba house have a mildish course of fear and has made me feel this way throughout most parts of the film. But instead of always being in fear, it made me very sympathetic towards characters such as No-Face. In my childlike perspective, I felt that No-Face was this evil like character, a “monster” that gobbled everything and everyone. But No-Face was really a lonely person that needed someone to be with, and it was eventually not Chihiro, but Zeniba. And throughout my childhood and like most children, it’s hard learning a concept such as sympathy. But I felt that Hayao Miyazaki greatly made me as a kid learn the concept of sympathy, since it was from a perspective of an adolescent main character, Chihiro. As she sympathized with No-Face by letting it come along with her to Zeniba’s house. It was a short yet meaningful scene of always having the right person to always keep you company. A scene even today I haven’t forgotten.

But looking at the movie now, I wasn’t as nostalgic and I even forgot the concept of Spirited Away. As I always imagined the movie being a bathhouse filled with spirits and just Chihiro and Haku, and thought nothing much about the movie until now.

Much like my past self, I still sympathize with No-Face, but other than that concept, I started to notice a recurrent theme throughout the movie, and it was characters majorly understanding other characters. Mostly just Chihiro for the most part. Characters such as Lin, and Kamaji are great examples, as they hated Chihiro in the beginning of the story, but in a sense, they really just wanted to help her by staying away from the world of spirits, as well as to prevent her from being taken in by Yubaba. And despite an antagonizing and grumpy attitude towards Chihiro, they never really got used to Chihiro or openly warmed up to her, they understood her position, a deep understanding of who she is and how they can help her. Whether if it were to discourage her from working in the bathouse, or even if she were to work in the bathhouse. It was interesting as I continued to watch the film, as personalities like Lin and Kamaji are usually shown to be antagonizing, and that there would be nothing else about them but just to antagonize. Such as in other films, they would be depicted as evil characters, as they would usually be this antagonistic character without any good reason towards why they’re being antagonizing. These characters would usually be people you would hate, but they were characters who sympathized with Chihiro while having good intentions, and this made me think of it as more of an empowering moment in the film itself for showing a deep understanding of empathy and “love.” To understand what empathy truly looks like is what made this concept, to seem so beautiful.

Speaking of love, another minor detail about the movie that I really just can’t get enough of is, is the expression of “love.” Throughout the film, we continue to see the progression of Chihiro and Haku, as they both help each other and eventually come to care about each other deeply. Although this film is not a romance film, the idea of “love,” is personally for me, beautiful. And knowing how Hayao Miyazaki likes to stay away from cliches and stereotypes but also incorporating humanistic ideas mixed in with supernatural elements, his idea, and his incorporation of love in Spirited Away, is both figurative and literal. And you can see it within Chihiro and Haku, as they help each other but truly care for one another, while others pointing out the situation between the two for what the idea of “love” is (Kamaji and Lin).

Before the story of Spirted Away has even occurred where both Chihiro and Haku meet in the bathhouse of spirits, near the end of the film we know that Haku is a river spirit that no longer exists. And even though there was quite simplistic and cheerful dialogue between Chihiro and Haku that references this, I was surprised as to why this idea was even brought up, but knowing how Hayao Miyazaki’s deep fascination with nature, Haku was added as a character to be the symbolism of being a part of nature. As Haku says, “That’s why I can no longer find my way home,” and knowing how the construction of buildings such as houses. It can just destroy others homes (animals), destroy renewable resources, and even possibly destroy a part of nature itself. As people wouldn’t be able to acknowledge the importance or the potential scenery that nature can hold itself before construction or the depletement of nature occurs. Despite this slight reference of Haku being a river that once saved Chihiro from drowning, I always found the various references throughout the film of Chihiro drowning in the Kohaku river to being one of my most favorite scenes and references of being aware of nature.

(Click Here For Haku Remembering His Name, By IBMD)

As for the film as a whole, I came to find it as a beautiful masterpiece of its own kind. A film that finally has an adolescent as a protagonist, a strong female character, the deep incorporations and references throughout the film, the unforgettable orchestral music, the uncliched portrayal of “love”, and everything as explained to the reasoning on why this film is a masterpiece of its own.

(Here Are A Few Videos You Can Watch Related To Spirited Away!)

(Spirited Away Playlist: 6th Stop Is My Favorite Sound Track!)

(107 Facts On Spirited Away By ChannelFrederator)

Hello, if you gotten this far, I just wanted to say that I truly love and enjoy Studio Ghibli films, and that after watching Spirited Away since 10 years ago, I’ve truly understood and fully appreciated the work that this film tells compared to my younger self and as to what I would have known 10 years ago. But watching the film today makes me glad that I’ve waited 10 years just to watch Spirited Away again, and that I hope one day I would hope to do the same thing for the next generation of children or even potential animation viewers to have their own views on the film currently as an adolescent, and after adolescence. As I couldn’t believe a film could get better with age, and the same goes to other films created by Studio Ghibli such as Princess Mononoke. Thank you the viewers for reading my blog post and I hope you’re inspired to do the same and thank you Studio Ghibli for creating beautiful films. There’s nothing quite comparable to the works of Studio Ghibli, and maybe there’s not quite as beautiful, adventurous, and diverse in stories as Studio Ghibli.

Thank you once again for reading. See you guys in the next blog post, peace!

-Omori, The Happy, Depressing, Interesting, Strange, and Scary game?- – (Video Games)-

5261d5a4e9c9db593e07ed6f778830c3_original.jpgAs I stumbled upon the internet, as I assume most people do, I decided to click on a Kickstarter game named Omori, the horror genre RPG game currently in the making.

After watching the trailer for Omori, which was released a week ago close to New Years day, I couldn’t resist but to research more about the game.

“Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you’ve been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren’t any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There’s a floor but it’s always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don’t mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.” 

(Omori 2017 Edition Trailer)

What are my thoughts on the trailer itself? The game interests me. Not because of the nostalgic features of seeing a Pokemon replica of the exclamation mark (!), or the earthbound RPG-like mechanics, but just the weird, scary, and imaginative factor of the game. As much as I like happy story games as their own respective genre like Undertale, and horror genre specific games like Outlast, Omori doesn’t revolve around a happy, sad, depressing, or even horror factor. It’s more so of an insanity and “pure imagination” factor (Willy Wonka reference) that we’re seeing throughout the game (such as Omori going through a supposed haunted house, and just the surroundings that Omori sees when he adventures with his friend).  As we have Omori, the main character, finding out there’s someone important to him but forgot. “Your story is already over. You just have to remember it.” And with that quote in mind, the story itself and the gameplay shown, Omori’s definitely not in a normal world with a normal train of thought. It’s just tragically perfect.

laptop.gifWhat are my thoughts in general about the game? I’ve always been interested in games that included some sort of “insanity”, but it being in an interesting perspective (such as the “white space”, and finding out that Omori is actually just remembering what’s going on in his life to find out what’s so important to him). Even though we have somewhat of a cliched “depressed” main character, just looking at the game and looking at the expressions shown on Omori’s face and various scenario’s that he’s shown to be in, it makes me wonder what is even going on. Especially since the two official trailers released by Omori tended to be monstrous and extremely imaginative. And I like that kind of feeling. Being Scared, happy, interested in, just a bunch of mixed feelings that make us feel like that game is trying to make us feel “insane” by taking us through Omori’s perspective. And it’s just a pretty crazy game, and I’d definitely play the game myself.

But anyways, back on track. The music was just flawless, as it reminded me somewhat of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack, but yet a more adventurous and ominous soundtrack at the same time (the 2017 trailer). And it perfectly fitted the games adventurous feel, and as well as the craziness that occurs in Omori’s world.

As for characters, it seems the people along with Omori are quite cheerful people (which is pretty interesting, as Omori is more of a depressive character, but yet Omori hangs out with them just like friends), the NPC characters seem to be abnormal looking, and the enemies, they’re quite distorted and monstrous looking (which probably makes up around 75% why the game is going to be a horror rpg game). And the one thing that I can’t get enough about the game is, it’s unique and interesting scribbled artwork animation.

When we think about games, we always think about CGI animation, game sprites, 8/16-bit, etc type game art styles that are shown throughout a game (although the game is just that), just the mini cutscenes that are shown is most likely hand drawn, but drawn in its own interesting way, as they’re drawn as if using a crayon, or with colored pencil instead of a professionally drawn look or the generic high quality anime look (although there is references of “Otaku” culture within the game). Like for example, Undertale has cutscenes, but are in their own game sprites (same animation/not drawn out animation), but in Omori, they have game sprites, but their cutscenes are actually animated/I assume hand drawn. And regarding the cutscenes, they’re quite vibrant, as shown in the original trailer,   As for gameplay wise, they appear to have normal attack moves with some sort of heart beat monitor (in the new trailer that is),

If you have ever seen their official website, it’ll definitely give you a few spooks if you took the time to look around, as their website has some pretty interesting artwork (as in it’s pretty creepy and weird). But besides their art gallery, they do have some pretty interesting things such as the plot being told and as well as some updates that they may have displayed on their website. Check it out yourself at www.omori-game.com/.

I’m actually looking forward to this game. It really doesn’t look all that bad, and the plot itself is interesting. Well anyways, see you guys later, peace.

(Omori Gameplay/Demo/Sometimes I wonder If Omori Will Actually Be A Horror RPG)