Aviation And WWII: Studio Ghibli Animated Film, The Wind Rises, And Review By Mark Yang

A dreamer of aviation, both figuratively and literally. To be able to create planes, even at a time of war, and with his country in great poverty. He’s on a journey where his creation of planes, makes the wind rises. (There will be spoilers beyond this point).

For a period of time, I stopped watching Anime (a couple of months ago). But after watching the official (English dubbed) trailer for The Wind Rises, and listened to a beautifully created song by 97SPECIAL, which 1171Domino made a collaboration of both his song and the movie. I was inspired to watch The Wind Rises.

(The Wind Rises Trailer)

(Beatutifully created song by 97SPECIAl, and awesome collaboration of the both the beats and the movie, created by 1171Domino)

tumblr_mwhyritcgr1s715zso2_r1_250As I still continue to watch the movie, I’ve only gotten halfway through it. Not that it was a long movie, in fact it was only two hours, but because I was busy, I stopped watching it as of right now. Although I wasn’t emotionally attached to the movie like most movies created by Studio Ghibli, I was more so interested in the imagination of the main character Jiro. Instead of your original tear jerking story, or uplifting kids film usually created by Studio Ghibli, the Wind Rises portrays the deep thought of a person’s aspiration and dreams, for aviation. As this idea was brought up early on throughout the movie, it didn’t take long for me personally to understand that this dream of a young boy, and what his dreams and deep thoughts shown throughout the movie are, by showing us a character and taking us through his journey. It was as if we were in his mind. as if we were experiencing the living memory of Jiro’s perspective, and his journey and the fate that he goes through, of both good and bad times of his life.

Image result for howl's moving castle gif sceneryMy first impressions on the movie were simply, it must be another heart felt kids film about a boy, but with planes, and it’s going to be a good movie. But I always ask myself, “how will they make it a good story? How will they come out with this awesome fresh story that they always create?” Continuing on, throughout one fourth of the way through the movie, the main character Jiro, has dreams about a famous Italian inventor of avtiaon, thewindrises Caproni. And this made me think it would be a movie cattered to children, simply because the main character was a child dreaming of an aviator. But as I see the dreams of Jiro, the scenery reminded me of another film, and it was Howls Moving Castle (will explain later). Not until latter that they started adding more adult themes, such as teens and adults smoking (was acceptable for the Japanese), the references of war ( WWII), and the eerie feeling by just watching Jiro imagining the destruction of his planes. After seeing all that, I noticed that the story is actually a pretty deep, and not so simple story. But after thinking about comparisons of this movie with others, it was quite similar to Howls Moving Castle. When we get to see blood from Howl, and also a fictional war going on in Sophie’s world, the plot from both movies were indeed quite similar in a sense. And I’d say The Wind Rises is on the same approach as Howls Moving Castle, but the movie relates more to a realistic theme, more adult themes, and having more sophisticated or certain tastes that would make people appreciate the movie.

The Wind Rises is visually appealing, and by all means has a great story. What I’m trying to get here is that, people may have personal preference between liking fantasy movies like Howls Moving Castle, or liking historical movies like The Wind Rises, Everyone has their own different liking in sub-genres, but personally, I love all kinds of genres. Just as long as they’re interesting and in no shape or form cliched or felt rehashed, but I’ve felt Studio Ghibli does a lot of things to keep their movies feel new. Every movie I’ve come across with Studio Ghibli films so far, were as if I was a kid listening to a folk tale, or an urban legend. A story where even hundreds of other stories have copied off of, but Studio Ghibli, they rarely copy stories (some fi;ms use literature adaptations),they create them. And so, The Wind Rises is one out of every Studio Ghibli film that are an what I consider, an exceptionally great film.

Yet again, I’m not emotionally attached to the film but, I can’t deny that the film is a one of a kind, and in some ways inspiring. But what I’ve seen so far throughout the movie, things are not going to be so great, and maybe Jiro’s dreams may be flawed. But I’ll continue to watch the film, and fully experience the bad side of the movie (in a good way).

I’ve had a fun time creating this blog post, especially after I haven’t been posting as much, and not watching Anime in quite a while. I had a great time watching The Wind Rises, especially since it’s a more serious movie created by Studio Ghibli, and with the ending of my post, I am happy to watch the movie, The Wind Rises.

See you in the next blog post, peace.

“The Wind Rises: a movie that truly emphasizes the true meaning of chasing your dreams, even if they may seemed flawed, some part of the way through them.”

-Mark T Yang Jr



-When Marnie Was There; The First Animated Movie To Make Me Cry- – (My Thoughts About It)-

Omiode_no_Marnie_posterNothing is better than watching one of your favorite old time movies! And as for my favorite movie producer, or should I say, my favorite movie animator, Hayao Miyazaki, I’ve come to appreciate probably about a dozen of his animated movies. And with the new Animated Movie that came out last year, “When Marnie Was There”, I wanted to watch it as soon as possible. Also not to mention the movies trailer, which also almost made me caught close to catching some tears. Even as a trailer! (or maybe emotional is a better word to describe what I felt right after watching the trailer). And besides explaining what the movie is about, just watch the trailer for yourself to have an understanding on the movie.

(When Marnie Was There, English Trailer):

Before going on about my thoughts on this movie, I just like to point out that I’ve passed over the 100 follower mark! And some time later, I’ll be writing about my achievement on 100 followers! So thank you guys very much! But as for my hiatus like status, I really apologize. Now onto my thoughts of, When Marnie Was There.

( There Will Be Spoilers Beyond This Sentence. You’ve Been Warned 😛 )

ghibli-collageLet me be totally honest; I haven’t watched any kind of Anime in months. Like maybe when I started my summer break was when I stopped watching Anime. Sounds kind of crazy for a blogger of an “otaku” type genre poster, but finally I’ve stumbled upon another great anime (movie) to start off on. So, while watching maybe the first 10 minutes of the movie, I kind of had the understanding that this is probably going to be about a regular girl living in a regular world. But knowing how Studio Ghibli is always animating folk lore and supernatural (besides Grave Of The Fireflies), I thought this was going to be interesting (because Studio Ghibli always comes up with good stories, regardless of what kind of genre. Especially in vlcsnap-2015-10-01-12h11m41s515the most saddest yet heart warming way. Besides Grave Of The Fireflies of course). Then through out 30 minutes of the movie, you kind of have your introduction of Anna; basically the emotionless yet cruel attitude young girl who looks physically and mentally fine “on the outside”, but also has some sort of talent in drawing. The only problem with her, is that she suffers from asthma. And with her despite living a complicated life such as her knowing that she’s a foster child, is a lonely person who sometimes gets picked on, and even being at the state of hating her self for not being able to move on, just causes her intense stress. Which in turn, causes her to have asthma attacks due to the great amount of stress with her complicated life. Interesting enough, I can relate a lot to the character Anna. As in the movie, she was referred to as, “a hermit”. And I would consider my self a bit as well like a hermit. Also not to mention the that she references about her mentality, “on the inside”, and, “on the outside”. and how she looks quite neutral, physically, and how she doesn’t openly show her actual mentality filled with full of sad reality checks. Which strangely enough, sounds a lot like me, as I thought I was the only one who would have thought the same way as the character as Anna. I truly respect Hayao Miyazaki for even coming up with things as complicated as Anna’s life, but yet, I can relate to almost everything tumblr_nlktbyrmdl1rt479bo1_500about her. Back onto the movie, where 40 minutes has passed, and I just couldn’t resist the friendship that occurred with Anna and Marnie. When they first met, it was like a instant sync, they’re both different, but it really did nott matter at all, and they were like the best of friends. And I really liked how that relationship goes throughout the movie; being the best of friends, never leaving each others side, and learning about each other everyday. And speaking of everyday, I also noticed a pattern of Marnie disappearing, and having Anna all by her self, just as if it was dream. And it really made me wonder, was it really a dream, or was it reality? Is she suffering from an asthma attack, is she going insane, or is it some kind of imaginary friend? But overall, I just wanted to know what the movie is trying to convey, what was the message of it? But moving on from that topic, (because I understood in the ending of the movie that it was an imaginary friend of someone whom she knew, but has died; her 65442414a8993728d3cf19b0a85c76f7grandma, Marnie), after watching an hour into the movie, I’ve started to see some of the symbolism of the movie (which comes to the part where I cry in the end of the movie later on). Like when you hear Marnie singing away while dancing with Anna, and as well as Marnie’s diary. Of course there were some more kinds of symbolism in the movie, but, it would be really depressing to remember and tell them all, so I won’t be telling all of them (but hey, this can be a good discussion in the comments. Give me a comment if you can find any more symbolism’s throughout the movie 🙂 ). But during the one hour of watching the movie, We have a bigger back story on who Marnie was, and as well as on Anna. Knowing that both had hardships in their own lives, and basically helping each other out. With a hug at the end of course, which I thought was probably most harm warming thing ever. Now, later on in the movie, we find Anna being abandoned once again but in the Silo, and having her last dream about Marnie, and asking why Marnie “betrayed” her (Anna), for leaving her all alone like her family. At this point, I was at the verge of crying, but not quite there yet. Then Marnie asked Anna if she forgives her (Marnie). And at that point, I had some tears coming out. Then during the end of the movie, you even have more back story to Marnie, as she was apparently friends with Hisako, the painter that Anna saw during the 1/4th of the way of the movie. Then I shed tears after the story was told, as Marnie’s daughter, Emily, was exactly the same as Anna growing up, and finding out that Marnie was actually Anna’s grand mother, and not some made up friend. And then the movie eneded with the credits, and it had the most saddest but beautiful song; “Fine On The Outside”. The song reminded me a lot of the character Anna, and it made me cry for the third but last time. The lyrics were just beautiful and true to think about, but yet, it was more about a sad like reality check. But it was definitely the best way to end the movie.

(Fine On The Outside)

For my overall thoughts on this beautiful animated movie, I’d just like say it was perfectly mysterious. Not knowing what’s going on in the beginning, but finding out the true meanings later on in the story. It just left me with tears where it was the only Animated movie to truly make me cry, or for any movie for that matter, and that really says a lot for this movie created from a great writer, Hayao Miyazaki. Definitely another one of my favorite Studio Ghibli Movies. And if I would give it a rating, I’d give it a 10/10. Studio Ghibli never disappoints me, and each movie is like a little piece that’s continually building up to be a master piece! A story telling legend with only the best kind of animating style. By doing it how it was meant to be done, all hand drawn. -Mark Yang


Before I go, I’d just like to point out that this movie was based on an actual book with the same name, but with the original creator of the story named, Joan G. Robinson. I thought it was pretty interesting, and I’m thinking on reading the book myself. But maybe for another time.


I Also found out that the 2015 winner for best animation from the Academy Award was awarded to the American Animated Movie, Inside Out. Which I was surprised and quite angry to find out. But I guess it’s what’s popular and over rated nowadays, and not about the story (I really hate my generation. No joke. EDIT: No offense by the way to the people that are my followers from A.E Burdick, and just my peers in general if they took offense to this). But I’m still glad that it was a nominee for the Academy Award. (YES!)


Anyways, I had fun watching this movie, and I’m sorry for being gone for quite some time. But thank you guys for always reading my posts, no matter if I’m gone! So see you guys later, peace!

-To The Moon; The Sadness Of Indie Games- – (Video Games)-


If you’re a wandering person on the internet like me, finding great indie games like To The Moon, well I guess you’re in for a treat who ever you are! (In the next sentence; only if you do not know about indie games or what the game, To The Moon is). But since you’re (your, you’re; which one is more appropriate, I don’t know) here anyways, I want to explain what indie games are. Indie Games; “Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support.” Well I didn’t just copy and past this from the wiki (sarcastically). But back on track, now that you know about indie games, I want to talk about the most depressing story, adventure, and puzzle game, and it’s To The Moon.

to-the-moon-logoTo The Moon; this game is about two doctors, Dr. Neil Watts and Dr. Eva Rosalene, who uses a device that gives dying patients their wishes. Although, not in physical form of giving these dying patients their wishes, they create artificial memories for their patients to believe that they actually accomplished what they wished for. When these artificial memories are created for that person, they’ll eventually die due to conflicts of their regular memories and artificial memories. Which is why they only take death bed patients. In this case, the story takes place at a dying patient named John, a person who wants to go to the moon but doesn’t know why. Dr.Neil Watts and Dr. Eva Rosalene are there to take on his dying wish, but they have to find the purpose on why John wants to go to the moon, so they have to go through all of his past memories first, then make it so he actually accomplished his wish to the moon.

Watch the trailer to get a better feel on what To The Moon is about

tumblr_n0o3xouUJ61rl5kkto1_1280What I love so much about To The Moon; I love everything! All of the characters are unique, the music is beautiful, the gameplay is nostalgic like (also because it’s created from RPG Maker), there’s just the perfect amount of sadness, and there’s a perfect amount of humor in the game (including all of the references from the doctor Neil Watts just cracks me up), it’s quite realistic (which includes financial problems, real mental illnesses, and etc), and not to mention, it’s story is just amazing (especially Johnny’s/John’s life. It makes me sad just thinking about it. JohnnyXRiver). Some characters in this game that I really like are Johnny, River, Neil Watts, Eva Rosalene, and the kids that play the piano (Lily’s kids). Johnny is a very concerned person towards River (his wife), and always does things for her. This includes creating a house specifically next to their light house, and even create a piano song that consists of only 3 piano notes that’s called, “For River” (I will not spoil why he created it for her). River; she’s a shy girl/lady with a mental order  (I can’t remember what it’s called), who is Johnny’s wife. The relationship towards River and Johhny when they were younger was extremely cute, and that’s one reason I like the character River (the first encounter killed me mentally, and maybe a bit physically towards my heart).

Neil Watts; there’s always something to laugh about with this doctor! He always has a careless attitude (and I actually mean it when I saNaqD9kEy he’s always careless), and his references and as well as his carelessness always seems to amaze me with humor. Eva Rosalene; she definitely scolds Neil Watts in this game a lot and antagonizes him as well, but she means it in a more serious but joking way. But hey, it’s quite funny. And by the way, I ship Eva and Neil (sometimes I ask my self why I say these types of things on my blog. but oh well). Lastly, the kids, or Lily’s kids; they’re just so mischievous! They fight but synchronize with each other, such as playing the piano and doing various of activities (like asking Eva or Neil to give them the candy cane that’s on top of something).

Besides characters, the music/OST’s; my freaking gosh, their beautiful. It’s a mixture of 16bit music (16bit; video game terminology for an older video game) and symphonic. Each sound track makes you feel like your on an adventure, and each sound track is just so unique. It’s kind of like a second nature of having a feeling by one sound track, and to the creator of the game (he’s also the composer of creating all of the sound tracks), I give him extreme praise. But what makes these OST’s so good is that they were placed just perfectly through out the game! It definitely made my experiences of watching a longplay awesome.

Some of my favorite OST’s;

To The Moon-Main Theme(Makes Me Want To Cry) – 0:00
Spiral Of Secrets – 6:15
For River – Piano (Sarah & Tommy’s Version) – 7:21
Bestest Detectives In The World – 10:20
Teddy – 11:45
Uncharted Realms – 12:28
Having Lived – 13:36
Moonwisher – 14:57
Born A Stranger – 17:08
For River-Piano (Johnny’s Version) (It’s So Depressing Knowing Why This Was Created 😦 ) – 18:50
Everything’s Alright (Music Box)(Another Depressing Song By Knowing The Meaning) – 21:36
Moongazer (JohnnyXRiver ;( ) – 22:16
Anya By The Stars – 24:32
Take Me Anywhere – 26:47
Warning (AKA Best Track Ever) – 27:47
Beta-B – 27:57
World’s Smallest Ferris Wheel – 29:04
Once Upon A Memory – 29:39
Once Upon A Memory (Piano) – 32:05
Everything’s Alright – 33:40
Everything’s Alright (Reprise) – 37:06
Tomorrow – 38:05
Launch – 40:15
To The Moon-Piano (Ending Version) – 42:13
Trailer Theme-Part 1 – 47:34
Trailer Theme-Part 2 (feat. Laura Shigihara) – 49:18

For the Whole Soundtrack List, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snl67XsI6Is

And now lastly, the gameplay! It’s not all that much about doing something like quests and then proceeding into a story, but more of doing something interactive and the story belongs to that interactive thing. For example, in a regular video game, you have to do a quest like destroy 100 skeletons in order to proceed to another quest or to the story. But as for To The Moon, it’s more like, you do something interactive but that’s what makes the games story. (Sorry if it didn’t make it more clearer). Once again, the games graphics are more of an RPG, and mainly because it was created from something called, RPG Maker (Obviously). I thought the graphics for some of the characters were cute, and I thought the overall gameplay for To The Moon was a interactive and puzzle game, but with a beautiful story!

(After watching the game), I just watched the whole thing; I shed a tear. I’m not the type of person that gets emotional over video games and with watching animes, but To The Moon, it made cry with joy (literally). I 100% recommend watching a longplay of the game, or buying the game itself. It was definitely a heart breaking and heart warming game. -Mark

And that’s all I had to say about To The Moon! Check some of the videos down below if you want to!

(Youtuber’s Reaction To The Ending Of The Game/The Ending Spoilers)

(Watch The LongPlay Too!)

If you play the piano, here’s the music lyrics to, “For River”. http://theglasspiano.tumblr.com/post/133938008462/to-the-moon-rivers-song


I had fun writing this post, and sorry for keeping you guys waiting for me to write a blog post for quite a while. What do you guys think? Should I also do “my thoughts on awesome video games” like this? Do you have any awesome games that can top off To The Moon? Well anyways, see you guys later, peace!