Happy Valentines Day From Mark!

Hello, and happy Valentines Day! It’s that one day where everything is just all about love. Not necessarily does it have to be romance, but just the importance of appreciation and love for everyone.

Anyways, I just came by to post one of my holiday/themed day posts, and here I am. Happy Valentines day!

If you’re not feeling the best on this Valentines day, no matter the person, just know that I love you and every single follower I’ve come across so far on this blog. Have a happy Valentines day.


(Haven’t seen Castle in the Sky, but I’m tempted to watch it since it’s created from my favorite animator, Haiyo Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli)


-The Lack Of Time and Motivation- – (Life Update)-

I hate writing these types of posts, probably as much as you do seeing me post them. And let me just point this out, I’m not qutting my blog (just assuming you thought that about me). As much as I like to blog, I just can’t come to call myself a blogger if I don’t post often or even at least once a month. And in a sense, this is a pride sort of thing. To either consider myself a blogger or not, and that’s why I’m creating this blog update. (I’ll explain it soon).

If you’ve been a follower since day one, you’d probably know that I used to post 1-3 posts a day, and as each month and year came, it slowly progressed to being a few times a month, and now maybe a few times a year. As highschool shadows upon me, expecially in my sophomore year, my classes are just extremely time consuming, and at some points stressful. Sometimes to the point where I have to stay up til 10 o’ clock and finish them over weekends. Not that I’m a bad planner, or a horrible student, but that the classes that I take are stuff that I’m extremely interested in (will explain in a bit) career wise, and just some classes are complex or like I’ve said before, time consuming. For example, I might have homework on monday, but then I’ll have extra homework to do, so I save it for teusday. Then on teusday, I finish the homework from monday for wensday, and now I try to finish my homework for teusday. And then on teusday, I still have extra homework, and I try to finish that homework the next day. And so on and so forth.

If you didn’t know before, I’m interested in business, and I try my best to learn all kinds of business related classes such as entrepreneurship (taking it now/learning to be an owner), global business (took in my freshman year/an introduction to business), and Organizational Leadership (taking it now/learning to become a better business leader). And I must say, they’re my most favorite yet homeworking piling classes.

And with my other classes such as Practical Law (learning about what’s legal), which I mainly took it to learn about what’s legal in business (it’s not realted to business) is also homework filled, and personal finance (learning to create a budget and pay taxes, etc), which I took so I can learn to pay my own taxes, save money, and to also learn it for business, is also the same.

And with my main classes, they’re either good or bad, depending on the lesson that’re taught in my school or the homework assigned. But I guess you get the point.

To put it short, I’m too busy with school and life. As much as I love to watch and review things, my lack of time, and as well as my lack of inspiration to write is ultimately where I am right now, a hiatus. With my whole life ahead of me, I don’t know if blogging is an option as one of my hobbies anymore, and now I want to purely focus on my career of someday owning my own business or franchise by researching ideas now, and being able to focus on having a good education in order to learn the best ways to run a business in college.

Hopefully you guys understand the reasoning for my hiatus, and here are some info of some of the things I may consider doing regarding my blog.

First, let’s talk about blog posts. I will no longer be writing anything that I’ve promised before except my review on the comic “Pretty Boy”, and my review on the horror rpg, “Omori”. What won’t be posted as promised before; Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou review, Over the Garden Wall review, and The Day In Life Of Mark post. Sorry to dissapoint anyone looking forward to my posts, but what I said is final.

Second, no promises but, I might consider using different social media accounts such as the use of twitter and instagram, as I’ve been thinking about just writing about my day and writing mini thoughts about certain subjects (anime, manga, video games, life). Pretty much what’d you see on here would be written shortly on those social media accounts.

And lastly, I’ve been thinking about writing blog posts only on holidays/only on summer break. When I’m on break, at least I have some material to look over, such as new animes, mangas, video games, etc. Since I would have time on holidays, it would only make sense to create blog posts during this time.

Anyways, sorry to dissapoint you guys. Have a good day, see you guys later, peace!

-The Start Of Exams- – (Real Life+Update)-

Hello, it’s that time again, and it’s the notorious exams. Sorry to those who actually read my blog posts, but I will be posting right after exams are over, such as the Indie video game Omori, the comic named Pretty Boy (also by the creator of Omori), and my day in the life of Mark, day 3 post (might take a while to make though). So there’s a lot to look forward to after my exams (not really), and possibly yours (if you have exams during this week), right after this week of studying.

Since I have to be quick and get right to work, here’s a video from the video game Omori, and hopefully you have a guess on what I’ll write in the future.

(Omori 2017 Trailer/warning, there may be a few scary scenes):

Anyways guys, sorry for being gone for probably a few weeks or even a month by now. But hopefully you guys get the point on my busyness. Have a good day, good luck on exams (if you do have exams), and peace!

“Exams aren’t that bad, just as long as you’re confident in what you do and get good grades. Even if you don’t understand an answer on a test,  might as well be ignorantly happy in writing what you think may be right, and then be told you’ve at least tried.” -Mark Yang

Happy new years


-A Hardship Filled Week Without Technology, But I’m Back- – (Update+Future Posts)-



Photo from https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ngsh0049/4d-assignment-2/

If you haven’t already known, I just went screen free for a week (without the use of technology; computer, cell phone, television. But, lights, microwaves, life necessities technology are exceptions). When I went screen free, I was flat out bored, had nothing else to do, and I just waited for the next day to progress. And during my times of being screen free, I continually thought about what was the incentive of being screen free? As I believe, the whole purpose of being screen free is to show ourselves and us as human beings on how were so reliant for technology, and after being screen free, how we can learn why we’re so in-depth on looking down all the time (our phones). As to those I presume knowledgeable on how phones can horrifically impact us in some ways, the younger generation might eventually not be able to. To have a better understanding of what I mean, read this article created from my Social Studies teacher. It’s also the person who gave me the opportunity and other students of her classroom to go screen free for a week! (Link To The Website, Click Here). As a society of millennials and older generations, we should continue to acknowledge how social media and other sources is impacting our society and to also teach a younger audience on how they could avoid being a victim of this social media phenomenon. So hopefully you have something to think about for today, and I’m quite happy to have the opportunity to go screen free for a week from my class in turn for a grade. It was a win-win situation, as we get to learn how being screen free affects our lives, and in turn rewarded (by grades) for being screen free.

“When you strip humanity of technology, what do we do as a society?” 

Anyways, besides writing in a serious manner, back to being me. I’m back from being screen free for a week! download-8If you’re new to my blog, hello, I’m a Japanese animation (anime), and Japanese comic (manga) blog poster, where I post reviews and my thoughts about series that ranges from Studio Ghibli films to mainstream animes. As well as reading manga’s that are quite mainstream, to mangas that aren’t even as popular but should be. And if you know me very well, I like to trash talk about mainstream animes (always for a good reason though), and only watch animes/read mangas that are actually interesting/non cliche. And in a way, I’m just like Hayo Miyazaki, as his famous quote(that was mistranslated, but is a meme anyway) is something I can relate to in a way, “Anime was a mistake”. Of course, I still watch it anyways, and even though Hayao Miyazaki himself is a notorious animator, I don’t blame him for hating anime (or at least a numerous amount of animators that is). But yep, there’s your brief introduction to me. So then, what I’ll be posting later on!

(I totally agree with this person’s various statements. Bewarn)

As I’ve said before in my other post (Click Here For The Link), that I was going to write about my thoughts on Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou/Kawai Complex To Manners and Hostel Behavior chapters, and write about Over The Garden Wall (this is an American cartoon. Maybe I should’ve mentioned that I also write off topic posts!), but it’s all going to be delayed for quite a while or not even be written at all.

My reasonings; it’s that time again guys, exams! “MARK! Winter break is near!” Yes, well about that, I’ll be on winter break in Arizona, so yeah. I mean, I could write a blog post, but I want to relax during the break (also because I don’t have anything to write blog posts on. I could technically do it on my phone, but It’ll take forever to do), and when I write blog posts, I like writing things when it’s fresh off my mind (if that makes sense to you guys?). Not that I occasionally write blog posts after a week or so, but I like that authentic feeling as a blog writer, when you gain inspiration and give it your all into writing one whole blog post in one whole sitting (which can also be why my grammar can be horrible at time to time when I don’t edit my blog posts after writing it for a whole day straight, but that’s alright! I can come back and cringe another day and look back on the day where my grammar was generally bad. Which is pretty much still going on, but hey, I’ll get better right? I hope so, lol. As I continually doubt myself in a positive way, good job to me.)

So then, the good news; the blog post I will be writing:

  • Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Chapter 78 Review; It’s no longer titled “Usa Makes a Move” It’ll now be titled, “Finally! Usa and Kawai’s further or catastrophic relationship!” (By the looks of the manga, I’m actually quite interested on what’s going to happen in future chapters).

The bad news; blog post that will be on hold or won’t be made:

  • Over the Garden Wall Review
Iceland, Fortress of Solitude

As much as I want to write a review for Over the Garden Wall, my family trip to Arizona is coming soon (not to mention homework), I want to rewatch Over the Garden Wall before I make my blog post. Of course, since I have over two weeks of break and literally (not literally) 90% of my time being focused on Arizona, I won’t have a lot of time to create one. And as much as I don’t want to go to Arizona for a week and a half (I’m sure many people would take up that opportunity), I have nowhere else to go besides going to an arcade (to play Tekken 7) and possibly recording myself for you guys to see. Like, I can go sightseeing and visit a museum, but I’m more of a hometown person. Meaning I like revisiting places that just makes me nostalgic or explore somewhere I haven’t seen before in my own city/state). The only time I would do this is if I was fully aware and prepared to doing something like that (and I literally have no idea on where my family wants to go, so I’m just puzzled on why we’re staying there for over two weeks if we don’t know what were going to be doing. Pretty much 100% of the time when my family wants to go somewhere and waste money doing nothing. But meh, family bonding. That’s what counts.). Also, did you know you could be making money writing blog posts about going on trips to places like Iceland and other countries and stuff like that? Yeah, me neither.

(Over the Garden Wall Trailer)

Anyways, it seems I’m going a bit way off topic, but I hope you guys kind of learned about my experience about going screen free and just some of the few things to update you guys on. But before I go here’s this; “Would you go screen free for a week? You’re a pretty busy person I understand, how about a day instead?”. Anyways, on a more serious note; if you want to want to take the challenge that’s up to you. Sorry about the blog post delay, after being gone for a week. But see you guys later, peace!

(I won’t be including any of my other social media links usually shown below in most of my blog posts in respect for this post relating to being screen free) -Mark T. Yang JR

-Blog Posts Will Be On Halt For A Week- -(Real Life+Update)-

Image result for screen free pledgeSorry to make another blog update after four days have passed, but I guess your wondering “why my blog posts will be on halt!” It’s for a good reason I swear! But so with a further ado, here’s my reasoning!

Image result for screen free pledgeI’m taking a screen free pledge for a week! “Why?” It’s for “educational” purposes, and I’m doing it for a grade. So if I stop watching t.v (which I don’t even watch t.v anymore), stop going on my phone and not look on social media, and even stop blog posting, I will receive an A for my social studies class semester (YES!). But yet, that means I have to stop blog posting (NO!). So now I’m in this predicament of receiving an A and not having to take a semester test or be on any sources of technology. And the only exceptions to using technology when I take the pledge is, using microwaves and lights. Otherwise I’d probably be dead. So yeah, that’s something to think about. So, if I didn’t choose to take the challenge and to forever be on the internet, I would have to write 7 separate paragraphs on 7 different topics in Pop Culture history. I’ll stick to going screen free for a week.

But hey, I’ll be documenting myself! So I guess you know what that means! You guys will be able to hear my voice and hear some depressing questions given to me that I have to answer. For example; what regrets and hesitations did you think of before taking the pledge. And then there’s me, “Pssh, it’s no biggie, it’s not like I’m a social media junkie. I just gotta constantly check my phone to see what my friends write on facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and write blog posts. No biggie. Time to go stare at the corner of my wall for the next 7 days! See you in therapy.” (Yes, that was a Sponge Bob reference from Plankton).

More seriously now; I definitely feel I can take on the 7-day screen free pledge. I rarely watch T.V, and I’m not that type of person who constantly posts things and keeps people “occupied” with updates on their life (ironically). And when it comes to school, I’m most likely studying doing homework, doing homework itself, or making up homework. So I have a great feeling that I’m already occupied in life, but that’s just the life of a highschooler, you gotta get used to it someday. I know I am (something that people shouldn’t brag about, but oh well). Hopefully you guys understand, and look forward to my blog posts another week! So see you guys later, peace.

Does anyone else enjoy the show, Over the Garden Wall? I just love listening to their songs/soundtracks in the show! If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a shot! And if you have a Hulu, I suggest watching it on there! And if you don’t have Hulu, you can still find it on the internet. Remember, it’s on the internet. The internet. Internet. Just look it up. (Please don’t sue me). Some of my most favorite songs are Potatoes and Molasses, Like Ships (their voices are just so lovely, and I like how it’s such a short song), and lastly, Into The Unknown!

(Into The Unknown; This Always Makes Me Nostalgic!)

(Potatoes and Molasses; Greg is definitely one of my most favorite characters!)

(Like Ships, definitely one of my most favorite songs. And no, it’s not because I ship both of these characters, but more so, the emphasis sung in this song and just how poetic like this song was. It was just so perfect.)

(Like Ships; Just The Song)

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-Arizona and California Future Trip and Arcade Games!? Day 2, In The Life Of Mark- – (Real Life)-

Decembers here, and there’s a heat wave trip off to Arizona! Well, I mean, not yet that is. As school is still here to come (for two weeks), and it’s no longer fall (officially), that only means one thing, Christmas! Yay? When I depart to Arizona, that means I won’t be home where it’s always snowy, and I won’t celebrate Christmas with my main family, or a majority of them. Because the reasoning for vacationing in Arizona is because of my aunt’s wedding, and after the wedding, it’s time for actual vacationing in California.

Well anyways, besides going to Arizona and California, I’ve always wanted to play one of my most favorite video games, and it’s Tekken! And if you didn’t know, the new game Tekken 7 is being released in all ready 1 buildings in December! And just my luck! California has a few Ready 1 locations! And I’m also sure there’s a Round one somewhat near me, but it’s an hour away from my house (I second thought, maybe it’s not so near me). And since Tekken was created in Japan, and the arcade machines were released in Japan first, now it’s our turn! Tekken 7 has already been released in a few Dave and Busters around the U.S, but none of them nearby where I live (which sucks).

And when I get to Round One, I’m going to play my main character, Kazuya Mishima! And if you’re a fan of the Tekken series, “Why Kazuya? He’s the worst Mishima character?” And that’s because he’s actually a good character if you took the time to play as him. He’s the fastest Mishima than the other Mishima’s in my opinion, his moves are quite flashy and really aggressive. I also like to think of Kazuya as a solid character, without too many unsafe moves like most characters, but I guess this also makes him predictable. Since Kazuya doesn’t have a lot of high moves (besides his 1+1+2. 1+1+1. 2+2 and back-back 2 ←←+2, and etc), I believe Kazuya has a lot of mid and low hit moves that can absolutely kill crouching characters or people who are bad blocking low hits (or what I like to call it, a check, or singular mid hits and low hits). And since I’ve always played on the pad (a controller), I’m going to mess up on doing moves like forward dash (Constantly pressing/moving your stick/controller ⇛⇓⇘) and backward dash  (⇚⇚⇓⇙⇚⇓⇙⇚) movement, and even doing the EWGF (Electric Wind God Fist/ ⇛⇓⇘+2 at the exact moment. It’s harder than you think) on Kazuya. And since I’m only a Tekken 5 player, I don’t know how the new moves that Kazuya has like his devil form move set, and what his play style is like. And not to mention, some moves are updated or different from Tekken 5 when I transition to Tekken 7. So it’s going to be a big challenge!

(I better start remembering on how to use new moves!) 

(And I need to learn how to use the arcade stick! This video includes swearing words and could offend others, but it’s a legitimate guide on how to move faster in Tekken. And TheMainManSWE is my favorite Tekken player).

And another character that I’ll try to play as is a new character to the Tekken franchise, and it’s Josie Riztal!

And why would I choose her? Well, this character is a fast hitter, has many check/poke moves, and is pretty much a combination of all of my favorite characters (Bryan Fury, Bruce, Mishima’s, Jin, etc). She just has so many moves that make her look like a fun character to play as. Being a fast hitter and poking is one of my most favorite things to do in Tekken, and I like technical characters (the game slang “technical”: countering an enemy’s hit with one of your hits) and only doing a few unsafe moves that can actually land into high damage for other characters. It’s somewhat of a boring play style, but professional players do this all the time, and it’s pretty much play tactfully or high-risk high-reward/high-risk big loss.

Now off topic from Round One; as I eat a turkey (and many other delicious foods) on Thanksgiving, I had one heck of a break! I won a game that requires a sibling game (and real people. A.K.A my family), I got to play video games, and I just relaxed for the week (7 whole days of break). And if my younger sister (who’s actually just one year younger than me) is reading this; we have sibling telepathy. Now anyways, I don’t want to constantly talk about video games, so let’s talk about stuff related to Japan! In other words, anime and manga stuff, but this time, it’ll mainly be anime!

0ea97f2673d4dc6dff3fbf6885206203If you didn’t know, I actually watched the first few episodes of Cowboy Bebop, and I’ve read the current chapters of Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou and I read the most recent chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:Re. And if you know me, I rarely watch anime anymore! It’s not that I don’t want to watch any anime shows, I just don’t have a lot of time to binge-watch a show (also because most mainstream animes are cliche and complete garbage. No offense). And since I am currently watching Cowboy Bebop, I’m going to continue on watching it (when I try to watch two animes, I just completely stop watching anime). So anyways, in my own opinion, Cowboy Bebop isn’t all that bad and it’s not that great (or yet that is). I kind of like how the humor and deep scenes aren’t like many other cliche animes like scenes from one piece. I mean, I love their back stories, but they just keep coming up with characters we don’t really care about, or that they are just cringe worthy back stories. Like for example, Franky, Chopper, and Brook’s backstory was actually pretty sad and interesting, despite the three of them being free going and at some points annoying in the anime. You really can’t hate them because of their tragic backstories. And let’s fast forward through the series. Let’s have Rebecca as an example. Okay cool, she’s a queen of a dethroned king, then you have her mother get killed for a piece of bread, which was cliche as heck! Like that hasn’t happened already in the anime! (I was being sarcastic). And then you don’t really see Rebecca change too drastically when she was a kid to her now as an adult, like come on, think of something better than her being trained from a freaking wooden toy and end up being a character who we could care less about. Not to mention that she’s supposed to be this warrior figure woman, but you just wind up having her look very sexualized and have a “wimp” mentality. Like, come on! If you wanted her to not be perfect, at least make it have some meaning! Like, make her lose, and make her learn from her mistakes, instead of this wimpy looking lady! Sometimes I feel like One Piece could do better. And at least make one female character without oversized breasts without a stereotypical female personality. Sometimes I question this a lot in anime in general, especially in mainstream animes. Cliche is a common occurrence nowadays in animes, that it’s just discouraging.

So then, I guess that’s all I had to say for my post! Look forward to my other posts, as I’ll be writing about my thoughts on a few chapters of the manga Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, and I’ll be writing a review on the cartoon, Over the Garden Wall! Also, I’ll be posting my first chapter of a fall themed story somewhat inspired from Over the Garden Wall (if you’re interested in that kind of stuff). And no, it’s not a fanfiction, and I’m making sure that it doesn’t become one. But there will be some obvious references from Over the Garden Wall being placed into my story. So stay tuned for those posts, peace!