Happy Easter, From Mark!

Hello, once again with the holiday posts. Just wanted to say, happy Easter! I just wanted to thank a lot for my friends (you know who you are: Nathan. NoRedInk with that colon grammar), family, and as well as you the viewers and followers for always sticking around my blog! With a simple goodbye, see you guys later, peace! 

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-Sick With The Flu! Day 22, Of An Otaku’s Life- -(Real Life)

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Well this sucks. I’m sick with the flu (as the title already says it). It wasn’t the most pleasant Spring break (that happened a week a ago), as I was feeling dizzy, felt like sitting down, and the feeling of extreme dehydration (and of course, a bunch more symptoms). But I’m feeling a lot more better (but my body still feels a bit sucky from this sickness). My parents went to Florida, and as well as my sister, and I was sitting home watching T.V being sick (and I wanted to stay home anyways). And to top it off, I was sick on Easter (which is probably the most times I’ve been sick on any holiday). Although it was Spring break, I did go to my Aunts wedding, and got to hang out with a bunch of cousins that came from Minnesota and some that live near me. And I had fun! I 100%, without a doubt, approve my new Uncle, cause he’s pretty cool, funny, and a nice guy. So I guess the wedding was pretty good. But now that I have nothing to talk about when it comes to my life, let’s talk about Anime and Manga’s.

55784984Over the weekend, I watched One Punch Man.“OMG MARK, YOUR A WEEABOO”, NoNoNo, my brother forced me to watch it. So don’t blame me for being a Weeaboo. One Punch Man was decent. It had quite funny scenes, and literally every person can be killed with his one punch (which is why the Anime is called One Punch Man). As much as I liked the humor and fight scenes and what not, I just can’t stop hearing my brother commentating every scene, and keep on telling me why this Anime is awesome. My brother is literally the type of guy that’ll make you mad because he’s an extreme Weeaboo. But now then. Let’s talk about the current chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:RE (Spoilers) “OMG MARK, YOUR A WEEABOO”. KANEKI! It’s time for blood shed in this Manga (after so many boring scenes later. And I like how people are butt hurt when they found out that Kaneki’s hair wasn’t permanently red, LOOL)! But back on topic, Kaneki goes to the ghoul jail, and frees Hinami (YES)! And later on, Touka is revealed, and some story regarding Touka was shown (which was meh in my opinion). And after freeing Hinami, Kaneki just pushes an investigator away like it’s nothing (like a boss). Now I have nothing else to read (R.I.P).

Let’s talk about Video Games; I did have time to play games, believe it or not. I had the time to play Old School Runescape (where I die a lot in the wilderness), play Combat Arms (Videos are not yet uploaded), and Counter Strike Global Offensive (finally leveled up to Silver 1). If you guys ever play OSRS, and have membership, message me in game (if I’m online). We can play DeadManMode and destroy everyone :D! If you play Combat Arms or CSGO, give me a message. Combat Arms, (Combat_Asian). CSGO (Steam, MarkYaaj). The only times I actually had time to play games, were the first day of break, and the last day of break. Not too much time, but that’s alright.

358_UltimaniaAnything else before I go? Nooope. But I will be posting my Kingdom Hearts 358/2Days Manga thoughts sooner or later, so look out for that! Also, sorry for such a short post, and as for not posting in literally a week (it was a break, and I was sick, so I guess that’s my excuse lol). But anyways, see you guys later, peace!







An Awesome KH Remix Song:

Another Awesome KH Remix Song:

DANG IT WEEABOO’S! (Beware of swearing, and stereotype’s that may be true in this video) :