-Omori, The Happy, Depressing, Interesting, Strange, and Scary game?- – (Video Games)-

5261d5a4e9c9db593e07ed6f778830c3_original.jpgAs I stumbled upon the internet, as I assume most people do, I decided to click on a Kickstarter game named Omori, the horror genre RPG game currently in the making.

After watching the trailer for Omori, which was released a week ago close to New Years day, I couldn’t resist but to research more about the game.

“Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you’ve been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren’t any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There’s a floor but it’s always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don’t mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.” 

(Omori 2017 Edition Trailer)

What are my thoughts on the trailer itself? The game interests me. Not because of the nostalgic features of seeing a Pokemon replica of the exclamation mark (!), or the earthbound RPG-like mechanics, but just the weird, scary, and imaginative factor of the game. As much as I like happy story games as their own respective genre like Undertale, and horror genre specific games like Outlast, Omori doesn’t revolve around a happy, sad, depressing, or even horror factor. It’s more so of an insanity and “pure imagination” factor (Willy Wonka reference) that we’re seeing throughout the game (such as Omori going through a supposed haunted house, and just the surroundings that Omori sees when he adventures with his friend).  As we have Omori, the main character, finding out there’s someone important to him but forgot. “Your story is already over. You just have to remember it.” And with that quote in mind, the story itself and the gameplay shown, Omori’s definitely not in a normal world with a normal train of thought. It’s just tragically perfect.

laptop.gifWhat are my thoughts in general about the game? I’ve always been interested in games that included some sort of “insanity”, but it being in an interesting perspective (such as the “white space”, and finding out that Omori is actually just remembering what’s going on in his life to find out what’s so important to him). Even though we have somewhat of a cliched “depressed” main character, just looking at the game and looking at the expressions shown on Omori’s face and various scenario’s that he’s shown to be in, it makes me wonder what is even going on. Especially since the two official trailers released by Omori tended to be monstrous and extremely imaginative. And I like that kind of feeling. Being Scared, happy, interested in, just a bunch of mixed feelings that make us feel like that game is trying to make us feel “insane” by taking us through Omori’s perspective. And it’s just a pretty crazy game, and I’d definitely play the game myself.

But anyways, back on track. The music was just flawless, as it reminded me somewhat of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack, but yet a more adventurous and ominous soundtrack at the same time (the 2017 trailer). And it perfectly fitted the games adventurous feel, and as well as the craziness that occurs in Omori’s world.

As for characters, it seems the people along with Omori are quite cheerful people (which is pretty interesting, as Omori is more of a depressive character, but yet Omori hangs out with them just like friends), the NPC characters seem to be abnormal looking, and the enemies, they’re quite distorted and monstrous looking (which probably makes up around 75% why the game is going to be a horror rpg game). And the one thing that I can’t get enough about the game is, it’s unique and interesting scribbled artwork animation.

When we think about games, we always think about CGI animation, game sprites, 8/16-bit, etc type game art styles that are shown throughout a game (although the game is just that), just the mini cutscenes that are shown is most likely hand drawn, but drawn in its own interesting way, as they’re drawn as if using a crayon, or with colored pencil instead of a professionally drawn look or the generic high quality anime look (although there is references of “Otaku” culture within the game). Like for example, Undertale has cutscenes, but are in their own game sprites (same animation/not drawn out animation), but in Omori, they have game sprites, but their cutscenes are actually animated/I assume hand drawn. And regarding the cutscenes, they’re quite vibrant, as shown in the original trailer,   As for gameplay wise, they appear to have normal attack moves with some sort of heart beat monitor (in the new trailer that is),

If you have ever seen their official website, it’ll definitely give you a few spooks if you took the time to look around, as their website has some pretty interesting artwork (as in it’s pretty creepy and weird). But besides their art gallery, they do have some pretty interesting things such as the plot being told and as well as some updates that they may have displayed on their website. Check it out yourself at www.omori-game.com/.

I’m actually looking forward to this game. It really doesn’t look all that bad, and the plot itself is interesting. Well anyways, see you guys later, peace.

(Omori Gameplay/Demo/Sometimes I wonder If Omori Will Actually Be A Horror RPG) 


-The Start Of Exams- – (Real Life+Update)-

Hello, it’s that time again, and it’s the notorious exams. Sorry to those who actually read my blog posts, but I will be posting right after exams are over, such as the Indie video game Omori, the comic named Pretty Boy (also by the creator of Omori), and my day in the life of Mark, day 3 post (might take a while to make though). So there’s a lot to look forward to after my exams (not really), and possibly yours (if you have exams during this week), right after this week of studying.

Since I have to be quick and get right to work, here’s a video from the video game Omori, and hopefully you have a guess on what I’ll write in the future.

(Omori 2017 Trailer/warning, there may be a few scary scenes):

Anyways guys, sorry for being gone for probably a few weeks or even a month by now. But hopefully you guys get the point on my busyness. Have a good day, good luck on exams (if you do have exams), and peace!

“Exams aren’t that bad, just as long as you’re confident in what you do and get good grades. Even if you don’t understand an answer on a test,  might as well be ignorantly happy in writing what you think may be right, and then be told you’ve at least tried.” -Mark Yang

-I’m Hyped For Kindom Heart’s HD 2.8 Remix Trailer – -(VideoGames)-

kingdom_hearts_hd_2-8_final_chapter_prologue_logo_khhdfcpThe graphics for this game, the amazing recreated game and new upcoming games for the Kingdom Heart HD 2.8 Final Chapter, is just so perfect!

If you’ve seen the most recent KH HD 2.8 trailer, you should know that Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2, Kingdom Hearts will be released on January 12th, 2017! And it’s been 4 years since the last Kingdom Hearts titled game (Dream Drop Distance) was released, and now we finally get another title, KH 2.8 Final Chapter, and another thing to to be hyped for, KH 3 (but I’ll mainly be writing about KH2.8).

maxresdefault-3Anyways, KH2.8 Final Chapter; by the looks of the trailer, Dream Drop Distance will be included, the story of the foretellers (KH X Back Cover), and the ongoing story of Aqua (KH 0.2 Birth By Sleep), will all be included in KH 2.8! My main interests so far with KH2.8, is the KH X Back Cover and KH 0.2 Birth By Sleep. As you have the foreteller and the 7 keyblade masters that eventually start the keyblade war (as referenced from Zehanort from previous titles) and how it all began, and then you have Aqua, who ventures to save Ventus and possibly look for Terra while she’s in the realm of darkness.

(Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer)

And so, with this trailer, I’m pretty excited for the KH HD 2.8 to come out! What’re your opinions on the trailer? Was the graphics great? Will the story be exciting!? Are you hyped!? Comment down bellow, and give me your own opinion!

So with a further ado, the end of my blog post. See you guys later, peace!

-Mark Plays Videogames! Mineraft Factions+A Youtuber Mentions Me!- – (SaicoPvP)-

Minecraft+Factions= the best Minecraft servers in the world! As you can see in the title, I’m going to be talking about my experience with Minecraft and a gamemode called Factions. Also not to forget, my great time playing with a faction youtuber called Twin_Plays!

So what’s Minecraft? (If you already know what Minecraft is, just skip this quote).

“Minecraft is a three-dimensionalsandbox game that has no specific goals for the player to accomplish, allowing players a great amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game.[17] However, there is an achievementsystem.[18] Gameplay by default is first person, but players have the option to play in third person mode.[19] The core gameplay revolves around breaking and placing blocks. The game world is composed of rough 3D objects—mainly cubes—arranged in a fixed grid pattern and representing different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, lava, tree trunks, etc. While players can move freely across the world, objects can only be placed at fixed locations on the grid. Players can gather these material blocks and place them elsewhere, thus allowing for various constructions.[20]

At the start of the game, the player is placed on the surface of aprocedurally generated and virtually infinite game world.[21] The world is divided into biomes ranging from deserts to jungles to snowfields.[22][23]Players can walk across the terrain consisting of plains, mountains, forests, caves, and various water bodies.[21] The in-game time system follows a day and night cycle, with one full cycle lasting 20 real-time minutes. Throughout the course of the game, players encounter various non-player charactersknown as mobs, including animals, villagers and hostile creatures.[24] Non-hostile animals—such as cows, pigs, and chickens—can be hunted for food and crafting materials, and spawn in the daytime. By contrast, hostile mobs—such as large spiders, skeletons, and zombies—spawn during nighttime or in dark places, such as caves.[21] Some Minecraft-unique creatures have been noted by reviewers, such as the Creeper, an exploding creature that sneaks up on the player; and the Enderman, a creature with the ability toteleport and pick up blocks.[25]” 

(This quote comes from Wikipedia)

saicopvpSo anyways, about factions. As you may not know, I play on a Minecraft Server called Saicopvp, where you can be in a group called a faction, and battle against over hundreds of other factions and players! This can include raiding(stealing items), pvping (player vs player), building your own gigantic base (which some can be overly powered), and as well as destroying others bases. Seems like a pretty simple concept, but bear with me!

mcmmoThis summer, I stumbled upon playing on the faction server, SaicoPvP, and I enjoyed my whole factions experience! There are 6 realms/servers that you can join from SaicoPvP. You can join the Skeleton realm, the Blaze realm, the Wither realm, the Magma Realm, the Zombie realm, and the Witch realm. Some realms are unique, and some realms are the same. For example, the Zombie realm has a feature that has MCMMO, a feature that gives the players skills that they can level up. Such as leveling up fishing, mining, farming, sword skilling, bow skilling, and the list goes on. While Witch can include features like custom enchants; you have the ability to level up your weapons and armour to gain an advantage in fights against others. And lastly, on realm Skeleton, it’s all skill based. You do not level up skills, nor level up armour. It’s normal minecraft factions, and who ever has the best regular Minecraft skills and knowledge, will determine who will be the best in factions raiding.

(To have a better understanding on what factions raiding is/Video comes from the youtuber, Twin_Plays)

But anyways, out of all of the realms that I could choose from, I chose realm Skeleton (as it has one of the most players playing on there, and including it’s based on normal factions, and not based on customized factions, like leveling up items and skills). As all faction players would do on a factions server, I collected resources and started to create my own underground base (so no one can find where my base is). And after I gathered supplies, such as TnT, and armor, I began to explore. After exploring, I noticed that I was playing alone. And all of the bigger factions where harder to raid, as some have up to 25 players protecting a base, but then, you had the majority of less skilled factions, but they were not worth raiding. So I decided to apply to join one of the best skeleton factions called Luma, and what do you know, I was accepted to join the faction with three awesome leaders (which one of the leaders was a moderator of realm skeleton), a couple of awesome faction players, and not knowingly playing with a youtuber called Twin_Plays! I started to join pvp fights with my faction members to gain a better advantage against fighting others, helped raid other bigger factions with my faction members, and as well as protecting our factions base together (sometimes from daylight to nighttime in real life). I had a ton of fun playing with these whole bunches of people that I like to call Luma. As most people were different in skills and in personality wise as well (especially the three leaders of Luma! You have the serious yet caring person for everyone in the faction called LetsKillYa, which is also the moderator of realm Skeleton. Then you have the not so serious and joking person, but definitely the most knowledgeable person in the faction, xXSwartzyXx. And lastly, you have the mixture of seriousness and a non serious person, but is usually known for getting the faction together and always planning things for the faction, also known as DbSniper95. Definitely a great tri-pair of leaders that have great chemistry together). And also along the way, I’ve met great faction players like TaunkaTruck, and ItsMeLuma. And also not to forget, the youtuber Twin_Plays (yes I know I’ve said his name probably like 3 or 4 times by now).

Before I end off this post, I  just wanted to leave some videos for you guys to see, as some videos shows me (my minecraft character) in it, as it’s within the youtuber that I’ve said many of times before’s videos, Twin_Plays (a discombobulated sentence, I know). Hope you enjoy! By the way, my Minecraft account’s name is MinecraftsJR, so look out for me in the videos!


(Twin_Plays mentions me! Give him a like, and possibly subscribe to his channel :D!)

(#Twin4YTRank #Luma) Thank You For Mentioning me Twin 🙂

(Woah, I’m in his video :D!)

(Another time that I’ve been in Twin_Play’s Video, awesome!)

(#LetsWeWillMissYa #Luma)


Well anyways guys, see you guys later, peace! (Also, sorry for not posting the 30 day Anime challenge posts)!

Twin Play’s Youtube channel:


Twin Play’s Twitter:


Twin Play’s Twitch:


-Mark Play’s Video Games, Runescape- -(Video Games)-


Haven’t played Runescape? Well I can’t blame you because it’s a 15 year old game but; Runescape is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing). I know what you’re thinking, is it like World Of World Craft and those other horrible MMORPG games? Yes, and no. There are 4 game modes for the Runescape franchise, but let me explain to you on what Runescape is.

maxresdefaultRunescape is a medieval era game where quests are not necessary to proceed in anything (unlike regular MMORPG’s, where you have to do quests to go ahead and do another boring quest). You do not have to stick to one combat style, you can be all three! There’s Magic attacks, Range attacks, and the classic, Sword attacks. You can level up your skills to be a maxed level of 99 in each skills, and you can go PVP (player vs player), and own some n00bs (or PVM, player vs monster). What ever floats your boat. Of course, you can just be a pacifist and do stuff that’s called skilling. There’s a huge variety of skills that you can do to gain money, to achieve greater advantages, or to just be number 1 on the Runescape scoreboard (good luck trying, you pretty much have to give up your life to be number 1 on Runescape). The differences between other RPG’s are, you have to click to do everything (moving, grabbing items, equipting (wearing/using) items, and eating food to heal). This game has two things that you can be, F2p (free to play), or P2p (pay to play. Paying real money to play the paid version). But don’t worry guys, you don’t have to pay to be a Member (Membership/Access to a lot more features), you can get enough gold (over 2.3M coins) to get something called a bond.  Runescape is definitely a unique MMORPG, and I still enjoy to play Runescape till this day.

The first gamemode; RS3 (Runescape3, the current game), due to graphical updates, Runescape looks extremely detailed, and there’s a lot of places to explore, and a lot of things to do. In Rs3 you can choose two different combat functions. You can either use abilities, or not use abilities. Originally, Runescape did not have abilities, so people liked using the non ability option. In my opinion, I hate RS3, so I played other Runescape Gamemodes (I just quit because it was no longer like a Runescape game. Change in health points, and the ability option).

The second gamemode; OSRS (Old School Runescape/ Gamemode I play). OSRS is an older version of Runescape. It dates back to Runescapes 2007 graphics, but with different and newer stuff added to it (which did not exist in the actual 2007 Runescape or current Runescape). I personally love playing OSRS! It’s simplistic, nostalgic, and easy to play. I kind of hate that there’s a lot less players on OSRS (I think), and a lot less people playing the OSRS genre in general. But OSRS all the way!

The third gamemode; DarkScape. Darkscape has the features of RS3 but your not safe; there are killers. It’s either kill or be killed in this gamemode! compared to the regular RS3, you cannot pk (player kill) anyone except in a place called the wilderness. In DarkScape, you can pk anyone, anywhere. The only thing that prevents you from pking other players are guards. Guards are located in certain areas, but they do not guard every single place. It’s impossible to kill a guard by your self, and it’s useless to kill a guard anyways. There are restrictions in this game where you can only pk people similar to your combat level, and this prevents people from just killing each other and giving an unfair advantage.

The last gamemode; Dead Man Mode. Dead Man Mode has the features of OSRS, and yet again, it’s not safe anywhere. Dead Man Mode is the most strictest game mode out of every single other Runescape game, and good luck being the best! Even being with a big group of people isn’t good enough. Dead Man Mode let’s you pk anyone, kill anyone with any combat level, makes you lose your 10 best items inside your bank (your storage) if you die, and it makes you loose a huge portion of your skill levels (so don’t die too often in this game). Dead Man Mode gives an 5x EXP(experience) boost, which lets you level up in your skills a lot faster, and this is helpful so it doesn’t take a whole month or year to regain your skills back. I haven’t played Dead Man Mode before, but it sounds pretty extreme and fun.

So anyways, I usually like to play OSRS, and if you guys want to play with me on there, here’s my Usernames. ” Markyang1234 ” and, ” MarkyangPK “. I really like playing this game for skilling and making money (in game), but I also got introduced to f2p (free to play) pking, and I just found it to be extremely fun (also addicting). In pking, I’m a hybrid. I use range and melee attacks, and my stats are pretty decent on MarkyangPK (40 Strength, 34 Attack, 36 Range, 1 Defense). As for my other account, I like to skill and make money. I do many things like flipping (buying items for low price, selling for high price) and just do regular stuff like mining for iron and coal or making emerald (u)’s for money (it’s not that hard to make money on runescape guys! Just to all of the people who complain about not having enough money or can’t make money)! But if you’re too lazy to skill to make money, just go to the wilderness and steal all of the foods and items on the floor (I occasionally do that on MarkyangPk). But as for Runescape, I really like there music/soundtracks, I enjoy there quests, and I really really like the community of Runescape! If you’re an old Runescape player (3 years+), tell me your experience of Runescape! I’ve been around since I was 6 years old (for over 8+ years or so), and I firstly played on my older brothers account. Good memories! Speaking of memories, let me tell you guys a fail story of mine! My brothers account had membership and he had Dragon Claws (worth like 10M or more back in the day). I was maybe like 9 or 10 years old at that time. So, I was at the place where it had a red and green portal, and I entered the red portal as I thought I could kill someone with a dragon claw, special attack. I used a protect item prayer option and just left it on. As I saw someone outside of the safe barrier, I went out and try to attack the guy. As my prayer went out, the guy used ice barrage (a freezing spell), and special attacked me! (Can’t remember what weapon). As 9 or 10 year old me was just in deep frustration and fear, I told my brother the story of what happened, and got scolded from him. Then I started to use Markyang1234 as my main account (LOL). Don’t be a n00b like me guys XD.

But anyways guys, that’s all I had to say! I could come up with a hundred different stories of me failing pretty hard. But see you guys later, peace!

(Here’s Some Videos)

(F2p Pking By Tipsy. There’s swearing in this video)

 (P2p Pking By Smells Green)

(Newbie Melody/Runescape Soundtrack) SO NOSTALGIC!

(OSRS Opening Theme) More NOSTALGIA!

(Runescape Timeline By SilentC0re)

-Mark Play’s Old Games, The Tekken Franchise- -(Video Games)-


If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you should know I have an old Ps2 gaming console, and I’ve reviewed some of my most nostalgic games like Tenchu 3 (Wrath Of Heaven), and Kingdom Hearts 2. So, as I was playing this game called Tekken 5 like a few months ago, I got so hooked into the game. Also knowing that there’s around 3 or 4 new games regarding the Tekken Franchise, I find that really awesome, and made me want to play the current games. So anyways, Tekken 5; it’s a fighting game with its own gaming mechanics, and every character that you can choose from has their own stories. To avoid spoiling things for you, I will not explain the stories of literally every single character, but instead, the gameplay of Tekken 5 and, later on, talk about the current games of the Tekken Franchise.

Tekken 5; if you’ve played Tekken 5, you’d probably say it’s the new beginning for Tekken’s new fighting mechanics (or Tekken 4 is the new era). The game is flawless with no bugs, with some pretty decent visual qualities. Every character in this game mainly has a different type of fighting style, and also a lot of different combos that they can pull off. Some combos can be done airborne, which is nicknamed a juggle, some combos can only work at a certain precision time, and some attacks are quite complicated to do. An example; the Electric Wind God Fist; all Mishima characters. It’s pretty hard to pull off in my opinion, but professional Tekken players can pull off an Electric Wind God Fist pretty easily. There are some other characters as well that take some time to pull off those combos, like the character King; a grapple character (submission attacks/wrestling attacks). And the character King can literally do over a 100 different grappling combos. King is just a beast, in my opinion. The first GIF shows the Electric Wind God Fist being used twice into an airborne combo. The second GIF shows a 10 hit combo. The Third GIF  shows an uppercut that the character Kazuya can do. (And Kazuya is my main character in Tekken. I did not make these GIFS by the way).

I really liked Tekken 5’s background music/sounds in all of their maps. Some of my favorite maps were, Urban Jungle, Final Stage 2, cathedral, and moonlit wilderness. I really loved playing this game, and not to mention that they a pretty dope opening song.


As it comes to the Tekken Franchise, I really liked Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament II. Although I haven’t played Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag Tournament II, I still thought it was awesome (actually; I played Tekken 6 once, but it was at a cousin’s house, and I was probably like 11 years old). Tekken 6 has more characters like Alisa and Draganov (which I really like his fighting style, sambo; very brutal and counter critical). Tekken 6 also has even more stories, more combos, and another era for Tekken; the wall break and bottom breaker (“DORIYA, DORIYA, DORIYA, HMPH, DORIYA”) -Kazuya Mishima/Get wrecked from an Electric Wind God Fist Spam to a wall breaker (“DORIYA”)! But anyways, Tekken 6, new maps, new characters, new stories. That’s pretty much it.

Tekken Tag Tournament II; if you ever played Tekken Tag Tournament I; most of the characters return back to the second Tag Tournament. (And the ending music for TTT I sounds pretty awesome). In TTT II you get to choose two characters to play as (or you can play without an extra character), and in the fight, you can switch characters and try to do a multi-combo move. But that’s mainly it for this game. But the concept is still pretty awesome.

So anyways guys; enough talking about the Tekken Franchise, I want to talk about my favorite Tekken Player, and it’s TheMainMan. TheMainMan does a lot Tekken combo videos for a lot of the Tekken Games out there (TTT II, Tekken 5, Tekken 6, Tekken Revolution), and he also live streams on the website Twitch. His main character is Kazuya Mishima, and occasionally plays other characters like Heihachi and Jin. I really enjoy watching his videos, and he freaking destroys so many Japanese players and some other famous Tekken Tournament people as well. I’ll just put down some of my favorite combo videos from TheMainMan.

(His Bryan Fury Combo Is So Bad Das)

Now before I go, I just want to say how awesome it is to have a Tekken 5 game for over 10 years or so. Tekken 5 will probably be my most favorite Ps2 game, and I really wished I had a Joystick box, because I heard it was easier to use. But anyways, that’s all I had to say, so see you guys later, peace!


-My Thoughts On The Game Undertale- -(Video Games)-


Undertale is so nostalgic! It definitely brings back an old feeling, like playing pokemon on a gameboy type of feel. Even though Undertale is a new game that came out on September 15th, 2015; it gave me such a great feeling. The NPC’s are so freaking interesting, and the main characters/hero-antagonists are really unique (as in, they’re going to make you feel guilty, sad as heck, or even feel like nothing. But if your good to them, it’ll make your day).Spr_temmie_l_0 (“De-Temmie-Nation”).

So, there’s three routes you can take; Pacifistic (one ending), Neutral ending (multiple), and Genocide/No Mercy Run (one ending).

Game Boy GBC - Pokemon Red Blue - Battle ScreenPacifist run (it’s pretty much self explanatory in it’s name), you can decide to either flee from them (RUN AWAY!) or use mercy. Fleeing and mercy are two different things. In mercy, you have to interact with monsters until they give you mercy, and once you choose mercy, you can get money and no longer engage in battle with them. Which is helpful for you later on, so you can buy items and food. When you flee, you just run away and gain nothing (pretty much like Pokemon’s fleeing option. Some Pokemon’s just really want to kill you by keeping you in the fight, LOL). You have to give mercy and interact with all of the main characters, in order to get the True ending/Pacifist ending, and I literally mean you have to interact and give mercy to every main character (this is why I chose the genocide route. Which I’ll explain later). Doing a Pacisifst Run? Here’s A Guide To Help You.

In a Neutral run, you can kill monsters, and you can also kill the main characters, but not all of them. That’s pretty much it (also, the way they break the fourth wall just creeps me out, and how they know that you’re quite curious to reset the game just to see what happens, like killing someone for example, to know what would’ve happened. Basically what a Neutral run is all about).

Genocide route/No Mercy route; you kill everyone, and there’s a big requirement on how many you need to kill in order to get the true genocide ending. Let’s just say, you’re going to die a lot (I bet you were thinking, “you’re going to have a bad time”). In different areas, you have to kill 15 monsters, 25 monsters, and then 40 monsters. But in each area, you have to face the main characters/the hero antagonist (pretty much, you’re evil and their good). Kill Kill Kill, that’s what you have to do in a Genocide route/No Mercy route; no one is spared and no ones life cares. (I currently doing a genocide route because I watched so many pacifist runs and I got interested on how much better the battles are in a Genocide Run. Don’t worry, I’m not a sadistic/sociopath killer; lol).  Doing a Genocide Run? Here’s A Guide To Help You.

Chara(Spoilers), Why I did a Genocide Route And What I Like About It; Like I said before, I did it because I was quite interested in Genocide let’s plays, and I really enjoyed fighting the bosses, rather than just sitting on my chair and watching it. Was I heart broken; no (maybe I’m a virtual sadistic/sociopathic killer). As creepily enough, of Flowey breaking the fourth wall by saying that we reset the game to peek our interest, that’s basically what I did; because I was interested in what would happen. Will I do a Pacifist run, yes (and yes, I do know that if I do a Genocide route first and then do a Pacifist run, Chara’s going to take over my character). Some of my most favorable moments in my Genocide run is, fighting monsters like washua, temmie, and all of the dogs. Some of my most favorable bosses are Undyne and Sans. I’m still fighting sans and I was super close to freaking killing him over 5 times (Just currently beat him. I almost killed him over 20 times)! I probably died over 50 times. (I’ll probably record my self to defeating sans, and get dunked on over 100 times). But Undyne and Sans are quite different, and I can’t choose which indexone is more unfair or harder to defeat (but I died more when I fought sans). During my first boss fights for Undyne and Sans, I was so determined to freaking destroy them, but later on, I realized they were extremely hard to defeat (An undertale reference? “Determined”? Nah). As I watched youtubers fight Sans, I was thinking to my self, wow, they’re so bad (but if I straight up did a Genocide run without watching videos of a Genocide route, then I’d probably be the same as them). They died too easily, and they were just horrible with timing jumps, gaster blasters, etc. But yeah, I still have to defeat Sans. Good luck to me. (Chara scares the crap out of me, just a heads up to me).

What I really thought about Undertale; The Characters, the NPC’S, the towns, the music, the SECRETS; basically everything is good. Some of my most favorite characters, probably have to be, Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster. Who’s Gaster? Look it up. (Note, I don’t like Toriel). Sans is a skeleton, who likes to tell pun jokes and is quite lazy. As lazy as Sans is, he really takes care of his younger brother Papyrus. and is really protective towards him. Sans can manipulate time and space, and he knows some of the timelines (which in my opinion, is freaking awesome). The way that Sans in general knows any timelines, makes me understand on how it’s just useless for him to even fight back and give it “His all”, and he even acknowledges that his future is meaningless. Just as if someone (us the player), is playing around with him and everyone else in Undertale; just like a puppet and nothing else. Although this is the sad truth, this is what makes me more sadder than any other character. Now for Papyrus; although I didn’t enjoy his puzzles because of my genocide run; Papyrus, just has a catchy beat and funny personality. Although he’s not a pun japer like his brother, he’s quite funny in his own way. Gaster; a mysterious character. A character that doesn’t exist when you play the game normally, but he’s more of a secret/hidden character through the game. I don’t want to be that cliche person who keeps on talking about fan theories or what not about W.D Gaster, but yeah, Gaster; a hidden character; yes.

As for the NPC’s, like Burger Pants and the Temmie’s Spr_temmie_l_0, they’re my most favorite NPC’s. Burger Pants is definitely something; he reminds me of someones personality, but I can’t remember who ( probably a friend who keeps giving me advice). As for the Temmie’s; they’re also just something. The way they talk always cracks me up and their cat-dog, or what ever they are character, are just cute. But that’s all I really had to say about NPC’s.

Oh hey! After so many deaths- just enjoy it. Don’t forget, I did this specially for this post, enjoy. (Died around 200+ times) (Mark Vs Sans) :

Sorry about not having any audio (just listen to this :3)

Or This:


So anyways; I really love this game. This game is just amazing. I truly recommend buying the game. So see you later guys, I really enjoyed writing this post and hated Sans so much for getting over 200+ DEATHS. So yeah, peace. (It’s not like I was going to go to sleep anyways after finishing the Genocide route). -Mark