-Omori, The Happy, Depressing, Interesting, Strange, and Scary game?- – (Video Games)-

5261d5a4e9c9db593e07ed6f778830c3_original.jpgAs I stumbled upon the internet, as I assume most people do, I decided to click on a Kickstarter game named Omori, the horror genre RPG game currently in the making.

After watching the trailer for Omori, which was released a week ago close to New Years day, I couldn’t resist but to research more about the game.

“Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you’ve been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren’t any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There’s a floor but it’s always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don’t mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.” 

(Omori 2017 Edition Trailer)

What are my thoughts on the trailer itself? The game interests me. Not because of the nostalgic features of seeing a Pokemon replica of the exclamation mark (!), or the earthbound RPG-like mechanics, but just the weird, scary, and imaginative factor of the game. As much as I like happy story games as their own respective genre like Undertale, and horror genre specific games like Outlast, Omori doesn’t revolve around a happy, sad, depressing, or even horror factor. It’s more so of an insanity and “pure imagination” factor (Willy Wonka reference) that we’re seeing throughout the game (such as Omori going through a supposed haunted house, and just the surroundings that Omori sees when he adventures with his friend).  As we have Omori, the main character, finding out there’s someone important to him but forgot. “Your story is already over. You just have to remember it.” And with that quote in mind, the story itself and the gameplay shown, Omori’s definitely not in a normal world with a normal train of thought. It’s just tragically perfect.

laptop.gifWhat are my thoughts in general about the game? I’ve always been interested in games that included some sort of “insanity”, but it being in an interesting perspective (such as the “white space”, and finding out that Omori is actually just remembering what’s going on in his life to find out what’s so important to him). Even though we have somewhat of a cliched “depressed” main character, just looking at the game and looking at the expressions shown on Omori’s face and various scenario’s that he’s shown to be in, it makes me wonder what is even going on. Especially since the two official trailers released by Omori tended to be monstrous and extremely imaginative. And I like that kind of feeling. Being Scared, happy, interested in, just a bunch of mixed feelings that make us feel like that game is trying to make us feel “insane” by taking us through Omori’s perspective. And it’s just a pretty crazy game, and I’d definitely play the game myself.

But anyways, back on track. The music was just flawless, as it reminded me somewhat of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack, but yet a more adventurous and ominous soundtrack at the same time (the 2017 trailer). And it perfectly fitted the games adventurous feel, and as well as the craziness that occurs in Omori’s world.

As for characters, it seems the people along with Omori are quite cheerful people (which is pretty interesting, as Omori is more of a depressive character, but yet Omori hangs out with them just like friends), the NPC characters seem to be abnormal looking, and the enemies, they’re quite distorted and monstrous looking (which probably makes up around 75% why the game is going to be a horror rpg game). And the one thing that I can’t get enough about the game is, it’s unique and interesting scribbled artwork animation.

When we think about games, we always think about CGI animation, game sprites, 8/16-bit, etc type game art styles that are shown throughout a game (although the game is just that), just the mini cutscenes that are shown is most likely hand drawn, but drawn in its own interesting way, as they’re drawn as if using a crayon, or with colored pencil instead of a professionally drawn look or the generic high quality anime look (although there is references of “Otaku” culture within the game). Like for example, Undertale has cutscenes, but are in their own game sprites (same animation/not drawn out animation), but in Omori, they have game sprites, but their cutscenes are actually animated/I assume hand drawn. And regarding the cutscenes, they’re quite vibrant, as shown in the original trailer,   As for gameplay wise, they appear to have normal attack moves with some sort of heart beat monitor (in the new trailer that is),

If you have ever seen their official website, it’ll definitely give you a few spooks if you took the time to look around, as their website has some pretty interesting artwork (as in it’s pretty creepy and weird). But besides their art gallery, they do have some pretty interesting things such as the plot being told and as well as some updates that they may have displayed on their website. Check it out yourself at www.omori-game.com/.

I’m actually looking forward to this game. It really doesn’t look all that bad, and the plot itself is interesting. Well anyways, see you guys later, peace.

(Omori Gameplay/Demo/Sometimes I wonder If Omori Will Actually Be A Horror RPG)