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Hello, my name is Mark Yang, and I’m a romantic when it comes to beautiful Japanese Animation (Anime), and Japanese comics (Manga), as I like to recommend and review various of stories that are told from both genres of storytelling (Anime and Manga). And besides my two main topics of writing blog posts, I occasionally write blog posts about video games and real life posts, and as well as some of my achievements related to my blog. I always look forward to your comments, and it would be awesome for you to not only follow my blog but, to also enjoy or critique my recommendations! I look forward to getting to know you!

teh_sabersGet to know me; I’m currently 16 years old in my sophomore year of high school, and even though I have a hard time maintaining my own time to even watch anime or to read manga’s, I always manage my time to do both. Of course, if I have too much homework to do, or a project is awaiting me from my next class period, I take education first before watching, reading, and as well as blog posting. Education comes first, then responsibilities second, and then hobbies and then having fun last. It’s not all that bad way of living in my opinion, I’d rather live the way I am than live recklessly. But off from the topic of my own time management; after I graduate high school, I want to attend college and go for a bachelor’s degree in business, to someday own a franchise.

How did I start to blog/Continue to blog? Sadly, I did not start my own blog for the sake of wanting to be a blogger, as creating a blog was a grade during my 8th grade year of middle school. But two years later, here I am today, and I continue to enjoy and write blog posts related to Japanese animation (Anime) and Japanese comics (Manga)! And even after two years have passed, I still continue to blog because of all of the comments, support, critiques, and because of my own interests in writing about various topics.

Thanks for getting to know me, and hopefully I would have the time to get to know you! Follow me on Twitter and add me on my MAL (My Anime List) account!

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