Happy Halloween/Beginning of Fall; From Mark

Inline Preview Image.jpgWith Halloween here with my holiday/don’t know what to consider Halloween monthly post, Happy Halloween. And of course not everyone celebrates Halloween, but after being alive for 17 years and no longer trick or treating, I like to say that Halloween is my own symbolization of the beginning of Fall.

With Fall (November) coming along, that means I get to eat my favorite seasonal desert: pumpkin pie. As well as lay back and have a thanksgiving. Even if none of these happen throughout this November, at least I get to watch one of my favorite cartoons (mini series); Over The Garden Wall.



Hoping you guys a happy Halloween/Fall. See you guys later, peace.


Happy Easter, From Mark!

Hello, once again with the holiday posts. Just wanted to say, happy Easter! I just wanted to thank a lot for my friends (you know who you are: Nathan. NoRedInk with that colon grammar), family, and as well as you the viewers and followers for always sticking around my blog! With a simple goodbye, see you guys later, peace! 

(Photo from The Secret World Of Arriety. Created by Studio Ghibli)

Happy Dember 1st! Blog Update+Holiday Spirit!

3d-gif-animation-free-download-photo-happy-new-year-flash-snow-christmas-tree-hot-web-site-best-babes-xmas-wallpaper-screen-1Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas in Spanish)! What’s so special about the 1st of December? Well, nothing I guess, but if you’re not feeling festive for Christmas, I’m here to make you guys feel a lot more festive for the holidays! (And to also inform you about some future posts). So anyways! I guess the question to ask yourself for today is,”what makes us have that feeling of Christmas? As each year goes by, it just gets duller and duller, what are we missing?” So, for my opinion on this (I’d love to hear you answer my question as well), I believe technology is pushing us away, and social media really isn’t making us more social. Please bear with me and listen to what I have to say. When you think about it, people nowadays of all ages, toddlers, kids, adults, senior citizens, they all have smartphones, or some sort of way to join social media like on the computer or a tablet, and enter internet outlets like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc (social media). And what do we do as millennials ourselves? We continue to text to friends or to the unknown of the internet, and we tend to exaggerate the way we text. Such as texting LOL, when we’re not really laughing, sometimes lie, sometimes tell the truth, or even become our own alter ego online, but in real life, it’s a whole different story. Of course, that’s not always the case, but when you think about it, we’re forgetting what’s ahead of us, because all that we do is to continue on looking down on our phones (this can be told as a metaphor). And when we look back to let’s say, 5 years ago, were smartphones even as popular as it is today? And just how much social were we 5 years ago compared to todays time?

(Listen to this playlist as you continue to read my blog post, and have a happy holiday!)

Now I’m starting to get off track a bit, but hopefully you understand what I’m trying to get here. So what makes Christmas so special? Is it the presents? Is it the food? Is it relatively friends or family related? Drinking hot cocoa as the snow falls down? The romanticization of having a kiss under the mistletoe or the finding for love? As the lights glow on a tree with decorations of green, blue, and red lights? Just what makes Christmas so special? Well in my own opinion, Christmas is when you start to feel a sensation of joy and nostalgia that is felt only in the month of Decemeber. But the sense joy and nostalgia shouldn’t be forced in order to feel them. As to having a Christmas spirit isn’t when you say that you have Christmas spirit and to constantly remind yourself of what it is, but rather to experience the sense of joy in Christmas without telling yourself on what Christmas spirit is. You can’t force having Chirstmas spirit, it’s more so something you feel for self. Whether you’re alone, or with friends and family, anyone can have a happy holiday, you just have to find your own ways of happiness. Have a Happy December 1st, and I hope for more to come in the future, especially you guys, the viewers, and the followers! Thank you for still being around if you’re reading this (even though I only receive 1-3 views nowadays), I’m still happy to at least know that at least someone is reading what I write. Much love. -Mark T. Yang JR


It’s been about time Usa. For freaking 77 chapters!

But before I go, I will be writing my “Day 2, In The Life Of Mark” post really soon, and I’m currently writing my thoughts on the Manga, Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou titled in my future post, “Usa Finally Makes A Move! Chapters 73-77”. And if you read the Manga, I think you’d understand what I’m saying. So please look forward to those two posts. See ya later, have a happy holiday, peace! (When Usa finally makes a move and makes it more awkward than it already is. This Manga is just too perfect, but in a good hysterically laugh and cry myself to sleep kind of way. Because you know, the author purposely makes it so his story isn’t a cliche love story. Now that’s my kind of story)!



-When Spring Finally Sprouts- – Day 21 Of An Otaku’s Life- – (Real Life)

It’s finally that time again guys, SPRING! Well for me that is (sorry to anyone else that still gets snow). I can’t tell if this week was just full of stress or just full of fun. But when spring comes along, all I want is spring break or summer. And when the breaks come along, I just want to lay on my bed, crack open a window, let the breeze flow through me, see the sun, see the slow swaying tree in front of my bed and window, and just listen to birds while I’m laying there (yes, I do, do this. It’s my most favorite thing to do in the summer time). The only thing that’s wrong with summer is family time. Just too much family time while I’m at it. Either it’s me being at my grand parents’ farmers market till 4AM-4PM on every single Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, or my family going on 6-10 hour trips where we do nothing but sleep in a hotel and pay a lot of money for the hotel. All though you may think of me as lazy, I’m not (I can go on and on as to what I do that you’d probably want/don’t want to do 🙂 ). But anyways, family is a hassle, and school is stressful yet fun. Let’s get to what I’ve done this week.

My High School Life; As Valentines day passed and a lot of people were receiving flowers (from a high school Valentines service), it was just another day to feel quite lonely. There was no one my type at the school that I was at (So don’t ask me to go look for a girl friend), and all I was thinking was about my past Valentines days (maybe I’m too picky). And when it came to my most favorite, and probably my only happiest Valentines day, it was the day I actually had a Valentines. My first and only you can say. Enough of talking about sappy stories, it’s Spring, not the day of depression full of thoughts. (But it makes me happy to remember such great memories. I bet you want know don’t you? Too bad :p ). Now back to my actual high school life; my grades were quite good last week, but this week, I have a 3.0 (Can’t tell if I should be proud or not). I’m still getting used to my new classes, but I hate all of my new classes (they make it sound fun but it’s really not). I still enjoy the classes that I’m still in (College prep English, College prep Social Studies, and Biology. Definitely the best teachers in my opinion). I know my current classes sound hard, but it really isn’t (courses that are called A.P, are the ones that are hard. But challenge your self and do an A.P course). And although my grades may be low, it’s because we get extremely strict and specific things called (can’t remember the name, but has specific things you need to do), which makes it hard to get an A/4. I even hear teachers saying I would give my kids higher grades for what they did, but because of this grading thing a ma-jig, it’s hard for the students to get an A or a high grade. While I hear those words from some teachers, that just made me mad as a student (because I hate the grading). Like, let’s say for example, math class. I write down the answer, and get downgraded very hard for not showing the formula or equation (or they want you to write it in a specific way. Like seriously, who cares what way I write it). I freaking answered the question, and does it even matter if I show the equation when I already have the answer!? But I mean, I also hate some teachers for literally doing nothing and not teaching the class anything. They give you an assignment, maybe a video at best on how to do it, and the video and the assignment are two different things. I know as a high school student, that it’s my responsibility to know what assignments I have to do and to also read directions, but if you don’t know where the directions are to do the assignment, then just what the heck!? I guess no matter where you go, there will always be that one lazy teacher or many. Since I’m talking about me hating on a lot of people (hates a bad word, yes I know), let me talk about rowdy (annoying/noisy/trouble makers) students. I really like my school, and I some what like my education (because of teachers), but you’ll always find that one idiocy kid, narcissist kid, racist kid, and wanna be ghetto kid in every school (please note my school is suburban). I can’t tell if I was put in a class full of them on purpose, or that I was just lucky enough to be with them. And no matter what race any one was, there are always those arrogant and superior race thoughted kids, and ignorant kids. In my opinion, some people just need to just shut up because no race is Superior. It’s also sad to look at my own race making fun of their selves, and it just disgusts me. I’m a person who can joke around, but my race will never be discouraged or dishonored, and my race included will not make fun it self as well (like seriously, have dignity in your own culture). And talking about wanna be ghetto kids, they know nothing about the ghetto, and I dare them to stay in the true ghetto to see who’s real though (some of my family lived in the ghetto, and it’s not the best place to be around). Some people are just naive. Sorry guys, just noticed that I was complaining a bit too much. So I’ll just stop right here and talk about my life 🙂 .

My Life; the sun is here, and so is the blue soaring skies! FINALLY, SPRINGS COMING NEAR! I did have some fun last week, but I’d rather not explain what happened (seriously, don’t ask). But I did play a lot of Old School Runescape during my weekend, and I can’t remember if I played CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) during the week. I read the current chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:RE, and I continued to read NG Life (The feels). I can’t remember too much as to what I’ve done over the weekend, but this is just an update on my life, I guess you can say. Sorry that I couldn’t find anything interesting to tell!

But anyways guys! See you guys later, have a good and soon to come Spring, peace!

(Here’s a TemmieSpr_temmie_l_0 for my negativity)

(This Post fills you with De-Temmie-Nation)

-An Otaku’s Life, Day 3- -(Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

May 28, 2015  9:14 PM

Well, until Anime gets some good shows over the summer or even right now, that’ll be the day until I actually get to write an Anime Blog Post. But anyways, I just got done finishing “Mark Play’s Old Games, Kingdom Hearts, Part 2”, and I might do a third part. I played Kingdom Hearts II from 4 PM through 9 PM yesterday and I just turned off my PS2 and just went to bed.


Yesterday I just had some food craving over playing Kingdom Hearts II, Sea Salt Ice Cream.


I really want to try out Sea Salt Ice Cream so bad and it just looks so good too! But anyways, it’s almost the end of the school year for me; I have to go to an Honors Program today and a Soccer Practice (the honors program for me and soccer is at a different time), then I get a picnic on Saturday and a soccer game. (Go Middle School Burdick Green and Go Me I guess). I’m no longer sick and I’m feeling as normal as I could be.

Anyways, my day! Tuesday and Thursdays I have soccer practice, so I have to go find my soccer cleats my shin guards and throughout the house, I couldn’t find my soccer cleats. I look upstairs then I look through my living room and sun room, go downstairs and I finally go outside my door and find my soccer cleats in my mom’s car. It took me so long to find my soccer cleats. I think it took me like 10-20 minutes to look for it, which sucked then I went to go eat some cereal with only 10 minutes before I leave for the bus. But not to worry, I’m all good. ( I hope). The ice cream is still looking so good; well anyways, see you guys in a bit.

12:17 PM

Well anyways I’m back, just played some basketball outside during school and recieved an honor roll and perfect attendance (which only me and a 7th grader got). It was all worth it, staying in school even when I was very very sick, totally worth it. When I get home I’m gonna play some more Kingdom Hearts and eat of course, or else I would’ve been dead. (But you know, people could live for days without food).

May 29, 2015 7:28AM

Well that’s it for today’s post. see you guys later, peace!

-An Otaku’s Life, Day 2, Over The Three Day Weekend and Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30- – (Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

(If you looking for the Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30, It’ll be down below)

I had a pretty good weekend; I attended a wedding (with dizziness), ate some beef jerky at the Beef Jerky Outlet the next day (Which, my uncle works there and they’re Beef Jerky was very flavorful) then I had to do some yard work after that. (But of course, I did play some Video Games).

May 26, 2015 7:48AM

Anyways Today! I got up from bed, tried to take a shower (But it was too cold) then I went upstairs, got dressed, and then went on my bus; just like any other day. Later, I remembered that Tokyo Ghoul:RE comes out every Monday and so, I went on my Iphone App and read Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30.

(A Little Talk About Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30, Mini Spoilers)

I’ll be doing a mini review later this day or the next day on Tokyo Ghoul:RE Chapter 30 but anyways, a little talk about Tokyo Ghoul:RE. Oh My jeez us, Haise man! He got wrecked and stabbed so many freaking times!!! Now to Juuzo (Surprise! It’s not a girl)! Juuzo and his group (With awesome Roman Numerals on their arms) take on Madam A (I think that’s what her name was) and just in an instant, she gets sliced up everywhere! (I wonder how Urie almost gets eaten by her and even punched nearly to death when he uses his Kagune. I mean, come on Urie). (Major Spoilers) KANEKI, Haise is using Kaneki’s body and I WANT KANEKI BACK! Turn back to Kaneki, Haise! (I wished Haise and Kaneki were two different characters because Haise was actually a pretty good person). So yeah, bring back Kaneki. (I hope).



Tokyo Ghoul-RE

2:16 PM

Well anyways, I got nothing else to talk about. So see you guys later, peace.

-An Otaku’s Life, Day 1- – (Real Life)- -Mark’s Blog-

May 21, 2015      7:44 AM

I’m currently sick with phlegm and coughing problems, which is really nothing that big so yeah. I did nothing all day but watch a few things on youtube (Because I wasn’t feeling that well to go play on the computer) and I pretty much just watched Minecraft, Runescape and even some gameplay for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

May 22, 2015 7:46 AM

Well I’m back, I forgot to write the post from yesterday but now I’m back. On Thursday (Or yesterday), I just played Minecraft and took a mini nap  (because I was feeling tired and little bit sick), then I went to sleep on my bed. But hey, it’s friday today! Well now I’m at school and have nothing to do but write about my life on this blog but yeah. I’m currently listening to Anime songs and this is actually what I’m listening to,

Oh yeah one more thing, yesterday, I was listening to Hunter X Hunter’s Opening song and when it said “You can Smile”,my computer started to crash and the song started to sound crazy and I got freaked out like, “WHAT IN THE WORLD”! ( “You can smile”, Jeez us).

(0:36 for Smile Again)

I’m not going to be writing anymore I guess, mainly because I’m at school and my schedule goes like this,

Friday Mr. S, Monday Mrs.B, and then it goes in a pattern.

Well I’m off, peace!