Aviation And WWII: Studio Ghibli Animated Film, The Wind Rises, And Review By Mark Yang

A dreamer of aviation, both figuratively and literally. To be able to create planes, even at a time of war, and with his country in great poverty. He’s on a journey where his creation of planes, makes the wind rises. (There will be spoilers beyond this point).

For a period of time, I stopped watching Anime (a couple of months ago). But after watching the official (English dubbed) trailer for The Wind Rises, and listened to a beautifully created song by 97SPECIAL, which 1171Domino made a collaboration of both his song and the movie. I was inspired to watch The Wind Rises.

(The Wind Rises Trailer)

(Beatutifully created song by 97SPECIAl, and awesome collaboration of the both the beats and the movie, created by 1171Domino)

tumblr_mwhyritcgr1s715zso2_r1_250As I still continue to watch the movie, I’ve only gotten halfway through it. Not that it was a long movie, in fact it was only two hours, but because I was busy, I stopped watching it as of right now. Although I wasn’t emotionally attached to the movie like most movies created by Studio Ghibli, I was more so interested in the imagination of the main character Jiro. Instead of your original tear jerking story, or uplifting kids film usually created by Studio Ghibli, the Wind Rises portrays the deep thought of a person’s aspiration and dreams, for aviation. As this idea was brought up early on throughout the movie, it didn’t take long for me personally to understand that this dream of a young boy, and what his dreams and deep thoughts shown throughout the movie are, by showing us a character and taking us through his journey. It was as if we were in his mind. as if we were experiencing the living memory of Jiro’s perspective, and his journey and the fate that he goes through, of both good and bad times of his life.

Image result for howl's moving castle gif sceneryMy first impressions on the movie were simply, it must be another heart felt kids film about a boy, but with planes, and it’s going to be a good movie. But I always ask myself, “how will they make it a good story? How will they come out with this awesome fresh story that they always create?” Continuing on, throughout one fourth of the way through the movie, the main character Jiro, has dreams about a famous Italian inventor of avtiaon, thewindrises Caproni. And this made me think it would be a movie cattered to children, simply because the main character was a child dreaming of an aviator. But as I see the dreams of Jiro, the scenery reminded me of another film, and it was Howls Moving Castle (will explain later). Not until latter that they started adding more adult themes, such as teens and adults smoking (was acceptable for the Japanese), the references of war ( WWII), and the eerie feeling by just watching Jiro imagining the destruction of his planes. After seeing all that, I noticed that the story is actually a pretty deep, and not so simple story. But after thinking about comparisons of this movie with others, it was quite similar to Howls Moving Castle. When we get to see blood from Howl, and also a fictional war going on in Sophie’s world, the plot from both movies were indeed quite similar in a sense. And I’d say The Wind Rises is on the same approach as Howls Moving Castle, but the movie relates more to a realistic theme, more adult themes, and having more sophisticated or certain tastes that would make people appreciate the movie.

The Wind Rises is visually appealing, and by all means has a great story. What I’m trying to get here is that, people may have personal preference between liking fantasy movies like Howls Moving Castle, or liking historical movies like The Wind Rises, Everyone has their own different liking in sub-genres, but personally, I love all kinds of genres. Just as long as they’re interesting and in no shape or form cliched or felt rehashed, but I’ve felt Studio Ghibli does a lot of things to keep their movies feel new. Every movie I’ve come across with Studio Ghibli films so far, were as if I was a kid listening to a folk tale, or an urban legend. A story where even hundreds of other stories have copied off of, but Studio Ghibli, they rarely copy stories (some fi;ms use literature adaptations),they create them. And so, The Wind Rises is one out of every Studio Ghibli film that are an what I consider, an exceptionally great film.

Yet again, I’m not emotionally attached to the film but, I can’t deny that the film is a one of a kind, and in some ways inspiring. But what I’ve seen so far throughout the movie, things are not going to be so great, and maybe Jiro’s dreams may be flawed. But I’ll continue to watch the film, and fully experience the bad side of the movie (in a good way).

I’ve had a fun time creating this blog post, especially after I haven’t been posting as much, and not watching Anime in quite a while. I had a great time watching The Wind Rises, especially since it’s a more serious movie created by Studio Ghibli, and with the ending of my post, I am happy to watch the movie, The Wind Rises.

See you in the next blog post, peace.

“The Wind Rises: a movie that truly emphasizes the true meaning of chasing your dreams, even if they may seemed flawed, some part of the way through them.”

-Mark T Yang Jr



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