-The Lack Of Time and Motivation- – (Life Update)-

I hate writing these types of posts, probably as much as you do seeing me post them. And let me just point this out, I’m not qutting my blog (just assuming you thought that about me). As much as I like to blog, I just can’t come to call myself a blogger if I don’t post often or even at least once a month. And in a sense, this is a pride sort of thing. To either consider myself a blogger or not, and that’s why I’m creating this blog update. (I’ll explain it soon).

If you’ve been a follower since day one, you’d probably know that I used to post 1-3 posts a day, and as each month and year came, it slowly progressed to being a few times a month, and now maybe a few times a year. As highschool shadows upon me, expecially in my sophomore year, my classes are just extremely time consuming, and at some points stressful. Sometimes to the point where I have to stay up til 10 o’ clock and finish them over weekends. Not that I’m a bad planner, or a horrible student, but that the classes that I take are stuff that I’m extremely interested in (will explain in a bit) career wise, and just some classes are complex or like I’ve said before, time consuming. For example, I might have homework on monday, but then I’ll have extra homework to do, so I save it for teusday. Then on teusday, I finish the homework from monday for wensday, and now I try to finish my homework for teusday. And then on teusday, I still have extra homework, and I try to finish that homework the next day. And so on and so forth.

If you didn’t know before, I’m interested in business, and I try my best to learn all kinds of business related classes such as entrepreneurship (taking it now/learning to be an owner), global business (took in my freshman year/an introduction to business), and Organizational Leadership (taking it now/learning to become a better business leader). And I must say, they’re my most favorite yet homeworking piling classes.

And with my other classes such as Practical Law (learning about what’s legal), which I mainly took it to learn about what’s legal in business (it’s not realted to business) is also homework filled, and personal finance (learning to create a budget and pay taxes, etc), which I took so I can learn to pay my own taxes, save money, and to also learn it for business, is also the same.

And with my main classes, they’re either good or bad, depending on the lesson that’re taught in my school or the homework assigned. But I guess you get the point.

To put it short, I’m too busy with school and life. As much as I love to watch and review things, my lack of time, and as well as my lack of inspiration to write is ultimately where I am right now, a hiatus. With my whole life ahead of me, I don’t know if blogging is an option as one of my hobbies anymore, and now I want to purely focus on my career of someday owning my own business or franchise by researching ideas now, and being able to focus on having a good education in order to learn the best ways to run a business in college.

Hopefully you guys understand the reasoning for my hiatus, and here are some info of some of the things I may consider doing regarding my blog.

First, let’s talk about blog posts. I will no longer be writing anything that I’ve promised before except my review on the comic “Pretty Boy”, and my review on the horror rpg, “Omori”. What won’t be posted as promised before; Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou review, Over the Garden Wall review, and The Day In Life Of Mark post. Sorry to dissapoint anyone looking forward to my posts, but what I said is final.

Second, no promises but, I might consider using different social media accounts such as the use of twitter and instagram, as I’ve been thinking about just writing about my day and writing mini thoughts about certain subjects (anime, manga, video games, life). Pretty much what’d you see on here would be written shortly on those social media accounts.

And lastly, I’ve been thinking about writing blog posts only on holidays/only on summer break. When I’m on break, at least I have some material to look over, such as new animes, mangas, video games, etc. Since I would have time on holidays, it would only make sense to create blog posts during this time.

Anyways, sorry to dissapoint you guys. Have a good day, see you guys later, peace!


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