-The Start Of Exams- – (Real Life+Update)-

Hello, it’s that time again, and it’s the notorious exams. Sorry to those who actually read my blog posts, but I will be posting right after exams are over, such as the Indie video game Omori, the comic named Pretty Boy (also by the creator of Omori), and my day in the life of Mark, day 3 post (might take a while to make though). So there’s a lot to look forward to after my exams (not really), and possibly yours (if you have exams during this week), right after this week of studying.

Since I have to be quick and get right to work, here’s a video from the video game Omori, and hopefully you have a guess on what I’ll write in the future.

(Omori 2017 Trailer/warning, there may be a few scary scenes):

Anyways guys, sorry for being gone for probably a few weeks or even a month by now. But hopefully you guys get the point on my busyness. Have a good day, good luck on exams (if you do have exams), and peace!

“Exams aren’t that bad, just as long as you’re confident in what you do and get good grades. Even if you don’t understand an answer on a test,  might as well be ignorantly happy in writing what you think may be right, and then be told you’ve at least tried.” -Mark Yang


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