-A Hardship Filled Week Without Technology, But I’m Back- – (Update+Future Posts)-



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If you haven’t already known, I just went screen free for a week (without the use of technology; computer, cell phone, television. But, lights, microwaves, life necessities technology are exceptions). When I went screen free, I was flat out bored, had nothing else to do, and I just waited for the next day to progress. And during my times of being screen free, I continually thought about what was the incentive of being screen free? As I believe, the whole purpose of being screen free is to show ourselves and us as human beings on how were so reliant for technology, and after being screen free, how we can learn why we’re so in-depth on looking down all the time (our phones). As to those I presume knowledgeable on how phones can horrifically impact us in some ways, the younger generation might eventually not be able to. To have a better understanding of what I mean, read this article created from my Social Studies teacher. It’s also the person who gave me the opportunity and other students of her classroom to go screen free for a week! (Link To The Website, Click Here). As a society of millennials and older generations, we should continue to acknowledge how social media and other sources is impacting our society and to also teach a younger audience on how they could avoid being a victim of this social media phenomenon. So hopefully you have something to think about for today, and I’m quite happy to have the opportunity to go screen free for a week from my class in turn for a grade. It was a win-win situation, as we get to learn how being screen free affects our lives, and in turn rewarded (by grades) for being screen free.

“When you strip humanity of technology, what do we do as a society?” 

Anyways, besides writing in a serious manner, back to being me. I’m back from being screen free for a week! download-8If you’re new to my blog, hello, I’m a Japanese animation (anime), and Japanese comic (manga) blog poster, where I post reviews and my thoughts about series that ranges from Studio Ghibli films to mainstream animes. As well as reading manga’s that are quite mainstream, to mangas that aren’t even as popular but should be. And if you know me very well, I like to trash talk about mainstream animes (always for a good reason though), and only watch animes/read mangas that are actually interesting/non cliche. And in a way, I’m just like Hayo Miyazaki, as his famous quote(that was mistranslated, but is a meme anyway) is something I can relate to in a way, “Anime was a mistake”. Of course, I still watch it anyways, and even though Hayao Miyazaki himself is a notorious animator, I don’t blame him for hating anime (or at least a numerous amount of animators that is). But yep, there’s your brief introduction to me. So then, what I’ll be posting later on!

(I totally agree with this person’s various statements. Bewarn)

As I’ve said before in my other post (Click Here For The Link), that I was going to write about my thoughts on Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou/Kawai Complex To Manners and Hostel Behavior chapters, and write about Over The Garden Wall (this is an American cartoon. Maybe I should’ve mentioned that I also write off topic posts!), but it’s all going to be delayed for quite a while or not even be written at all.

My reasonings; it’s that time again guys, exams! “MARK! Winter break is near!” Yes, well about that, I’ll be on winter break in Arizona, so yeah. I mean, I could write a blog post, but I want to relax during the break (also because I don’t have anything to write blog posts on. I could technically do it on my phone, but It’ll take forever to do), and when I write blog posts, I like writing things when it’s fresh off my mind (if that makes sense to you guys?). Not that I occasionally write blog posts after a week or so, but I like that authentic feeling as a blog writer, when you gain inspiration and give it your all into writing one whole blog post in one whole sitting (which can also be why my grammar can be horrible at time to time when I don’t edit my blog posts after writing it for a whole day straight, but that’s alright! I can come back and cringe another day and look back on the day where my grammar was generally bad. Which is pretty much still going on, but hey, I’ll get better right? I hope so, lol. As I continually doubt myself in a positive way, good job to me.)

So then, the good news; the blog post I will be writing:

  • Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou Chapter 78 Review; It’s no longer titled “Usa Makes a Move” It’ll now be titled, “Finally! Usa and Kawai’s further or catastrophic relationship!” (By the looks of the manga, I’m actually quite interested on what’s going to happen in future chapters).

The bad news; blog post that will be on hold or won’t be made:

  • Over the Garden Wall Review
Iceland, Fortress of Solitude

As much as I want to write a review for Over the Garden Wall, my family trip to Arizona is coming soon (not to mention homework), I want to rewatch Over the Garden Wall before I make my blog post. Of course, since I have over two weeks of break and literally (not literally) 90% of my time being focused on Arizona, I won’t have a lot of time to create one. And as much as I don’t want to go to Arizona for a week and a half (I’m sure many people would take up that opportunity), I have nowhere else to go besides going to an arcade (to play Tekken 7) and possibly recording myself for you guys to see. Like, I can go sightseeing and visit a museum, but I’m more of a hometown person. Meaning I like revisiting places that just makes me nostalgic or explore somewhere I haven’t seen before in my own city/state). The only time I would do this is if I was fully aware and prepared to doing something like that (and I literally have no idea on where my family wants to go, so I’m just puzzled on why we’re staying there for over two weeks if we don’t know what were going to be doing. Pretty much 100% of the time when my family wants to go somewhere and waste money doing nothing. But meh, family bonding. That’s what counts.). Also, did you know you could be making money writing blog posts about going on trips to places like Iceland and other countries and stuff like that? Yeah, me neither.

(Over the Garden Wall Trailer)

Anyways, it seems I’m going a bit way off topic, but I hope you guys kind of learned about my experience about going screen free and just some of the few things to update you guys on. But before I go here’s this; “Would you go screen free for a week? You’re a pretty busy person I understand, how about a day instead?”. Anyways, on a more serious note; if you want to want to take the challenge that’s up to you. Sorry about the blog post delay, after being gone for a week. But see you guys later, peace!

(I won’t be including any of my other social media links usually shown below in most of my blog posts in respect for this post relating to being screen free) -Mark T. Yang JR


4 thoughts on “-A Hardship Filled Week Without Technology, But I’m Back- – (Update+Future Posts)-

    • Well jeez, five weeks. I’d probably be bored out of mind thinking about life for hours (knowing myself, I’d probably do that). But yeah, thanks, I’m glad to be back blogging!

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  1. Mark! You are a true testament to a teenager surviving in a world filled with constant connections to technology. I am beyond proud of your perseverance and ability to understand the purpose behind our “social experiment.” I applaud your honesty and vulnerability to the process!

    Glad to have you back at what you enjoy–the blog is awesome!

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