-Blog Posts Will Be On Halt For A Week- -(Real Life+Update)-

Image result for screen free pledgeSorry to make another blog update after four days have passed, but I guess your wondering “why my blog posts will be on halt!” It’s for a good reason I swear! But so with a further ado, here’s my reasoning!

Image result for screen free pledgeI’m taking a screen free pledge for a week! “Why?” It’s for “educational” purposes, and I’m doing it for a grade. So if I stop watching t.v (which I don’t even watch t.v anymore), stop going on my phone and not look on social media, and even stop blog posting, I will receive an A for my social studies class semester (YES!). But yet, that means I have to stop blog posting (NO!). So now I’m in this predicament of receiving an A and not having to take a semester test or be on any sources of technology. And the only exceptions to using technology when I take the pledge is, using microwaves and lights. Otherwise I’d probably be dead. So yeah, that’s something to think about. So, if I didn’t choose to take the challenge and to forever be on the internet, I would have to write 7 separate paragraphs on 7 different topics in Pop Culture history. I’ll stick to going screen free for a week.

But hey, I’ll be documenting myself! So I guess you know what that means! You guys will be able to hear my voice and hear some depressing questions given to me that I have to answer. For example; what regrets and hesitations did you think of before taking the pledge. And then there’s me, “Pssh, it’s no biggie, it’s not like I’m a social media junkie. I just gotta constantly check my phone to see what my friends write on facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and write blog posts. No biggie. Time to go stare at the corner of my wall for the next 7 days! See you in therapy.” (Yes, that was a Sponge Bob reference from Plankton).

More seriously now; I definitely feel I can take on the 7-day screen free pledge. I rarely watch T.V, and I’m not that type of person who constantly posts things and keeps people “occupied” with updates on their life (ironically). And when it comes to school, I’m most likely studying doing homework, doing homework itself, or making up homework. So I have a great feeling that I’m already occupied in life, but that’s just the life of a highschooler, you gotta get used to it someday. I know I am (something that people shouldn’t brag about, but oh well). Hopefully you guys understand, and look forward to my blog posts another week! So see you guys later, peace.

Does anyone else enjoy the show, Over the Garden Wall? I just love listening to their songs/soundtracks in the show! If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a shot! And if you have a Hulu, I suggest watching it on there! And if you don’t have Hulu, you can still find it on the internet. Remember, it’s on the internet. The internet. Internet. Just look it up. (Please don’t sue me). Some of my most favorite songs are Potatoes and Molasses, Like Ships (their voices are just so lovely, and I like how it’s such a short song), and lastly, Into The Unknown!

(Into The Unknown; This Always Makes Me Nostalgic!)

(Potatoes and Molasses; Greg is definitely one of my most favorite characters!)

(Like Ships, definitely one of my most favorite songs. And no, it’s not because I ship both of these characters, but more so, the emphasis sung in this song and just how poetic like this song was. It was just so perfect.)

(Like Ships; Just The Song)

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One thought on “-Blog Posts Will Be On Halt For A Week- -(Real Life+Update)-

  1. […] If you haven’t already known, I just went screen free for a week (without the use of technology; computer, cell phone, television. But, lights, microwaves, life necessities technology are exceptions). When I went screen free, I was flat out bored, had nothing else to do, and I just waited for the next day to progress. And during my times of being screen free, I continually thought about what was the incentive of being screen free? As I believe, the whole purpose of being screen free is to show ourselves and us as human beings on how were so reliant for technology, and after being screen free, how we can learn why we’re so in-depth on looking down all the time (our phones). As to those I presume knowledgeable on how phones can horrifically impact us in some ways, the younger generation might eventually not be able to. To have a better understanding of what I mean, read this article created from my Social Studies teacher. It’s also the person who gave me the opportunity and other students of her classroom to go screen free for a week! (Link To The Website, Click Here). As a society of millennials and older generations, we should continue to acknowledge how social media and other sources is impacting our society and to also teach a younger audience on how they could avoid being a victim of this social media phenomenon. So hopefully you have something to think about for today, and I’m quite happy to have the opportunity to go screen free for a week from my class in turn for a grade. It was a win-win situation, as we get to learn how being screen free affects our lives, and in turn rewarded (by grades) for being screen free. […]


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