-Arizona and California Future Trip and Arcade Games!? Day 2, In The Life Of Mark- – (Real Life)-

Decembers here, and there’s a heat wave trip off to Arizona! Well, I mean, not yet that is. As school is still here to come (for two weeks), and it’s no longer fall (officially), that only means one thing, Christmas! Yay? When I depart to Arizona, that means I won’t be home where it’s always snowy, and I won’t celebrate Christmas with my main family, or a majority of them. Because the reasoning for vacationing in Arizona is because of my aunt’s wedding, and after the wedding, it’s time for actual vacationing in California.

Well anyways, besides going to Arizona and California, I’ve always wanted to play one of my most favorite video games, and it’s Tekken! And if you didn’t know, the new game Tekken 7 is being released in all ready 1 buildings in December! And just my luck! California has a few Ready 1 locations! And I’m also sure there’s a Round one somewhat near me, but it’s an hour away from my house (I second thought, maybe it’s not so near me). And since Tekken was created in Japan, and the arcade machines were released in Japan first, now it’s our turn! Tekken 7 has already been released in a few Dave and Busters around the U.S, but none of them nearby where I live (which sucks).

And when I get to Round One, I’m going to play my main character, Kazuya Mishima! And if you’re a fan of the Tekken series, “Why Kazuya? He’s the worst Mishima character?” And that’s because he’s actually a good character if you took the time to play as him. He’s the fastest Mishima than the other Mishima’s in my opinion, his moves are quite flashy and really aggressive. I also like to think of Kazuya as a solid character, without too many unsafe moves like most characters, but I guess this also makes him predictable. Since Kazuya doesn’t have a lot of high moves (besides his 1+1+2. 1+1+1. 2+2 and back-back 2 ←←+2, and etc), I believe Kazuya has a lot of mid and low hit moves that can absolutely kill crouching characters or people who are bad blocking low hits (or what I like to call it, a check, or singular mid hits and low hits). And since I’ve always played on the pad (a controller), I’m going to mess up on doing moves like forward dash (Constantly pressing/moving your stick/controller ⇛⇓⇘) and backward dash  (⇚⇚⇓⇙⇚⇓⇙⇚) movement, and even doing the EWGF (Electric Wind God Fist/ ⇛⇓⇘+2 at the exact moment. It’s harder than you think) on Kazuya. And since I’m only a Tekken 5 player, I don’t know how the new moves that Kazuya has like his devil form move set, and what his play style is like. And not to mention, some moves are updated or different from Tekken 5 when I transition to Tekken 7. So it’s going to be a big challenge!

(I better start remembering on how to use new moves!) 

(And I need to learn how to use the arcade stick! This video includes swearing words and could offend others, but it’s a legitimate guide on how to move faster in Tekken. And TheMainManSWE is my favorite Tekken player).

And another character that I’ll try to play as is a new character to the Tekken franchise, and it’s Josie Riztal!

And why would I choose her? Well, this character is a fast hitter, has many check/poke moves, and is pretty much a combination of all of my favorite characters (Bryan Fury, Bruce, Mishima’s, Jin, etc). She just has so many moves that make her look like a fun character to play as. Being a fast hitter and poking is one of my most favorite things to do in Tekken, and I like technical characters (the game slang “technical”: countering an enemy’s hit with one of your hits) and only doing a few unsafe moves that can actually land into high damage for other characters. It’s somewhat of a boring play style, but professional players do this all the time, and it’s pretty much play tactfully or high-risk high-reward/high-risk big loss.

Now off topic from Round One; as I eat a turkey (and many other delicious foods) on Thanksgiving, I had one heck of a break! I won a game that requires a sibling game (and real people. A.K.A my family), I got to play video games, and I just relaxed for the week (7 whole days of break). And if my younger sister (who’s actually just one year younger than me) is reading this; we have sibling telepathy. Now anyways, I don’t want to constantly talk about video games, so let’s talk about stuff related to Japan! In other words, anime and manga stuff, but this time, it’ll mainly be anime!

0ea97f2673d4dc6dff3fbf6885206203If you didn’t know, I actually watched the first few episodes of Cowboy Bebop, and I’ve read the current chapters of Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou and I read the most recent chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:Re. And if you know me, I rarely watch anime anymore! It’s not that I don’t want to watch any anime shows, I just don’t have a lot of time to binge-watch a show (also because most mainstream animes are cliche and complete garbage. No offense). And since I am currently watching Cowboy Bebop, I’m going to continue on watching it (when I try to watch two animes, I just completely stop watching anime). So anyways, in my own opinion, Cowboy Bebop isn’t all that bad and it’s not that great (or yet that is). I kind of like how the humor and deep scenes aren’t like many other cliche animes like scenes from one piece. I mean, I love their back stories, but they just keep coming up with characters we don’t really care about, or that they are just cringe worthy back stories. Like for example, Franky, Chopper, and Brook’s backstory was actually pretty sad and interesting, despite the three of them being free going and at some points annoying in the anime. You really can’t hate them because of their tragic backstories. And let’s fast forward through the series. Let’s have Rebecca as an example. Okay cool, she’s a queen of a dethroned king, then you have her mother get killed for a piece of bread, which was cliche as heck! Like that hasn’t happened already in the anime! (I was being sarcastic). And then you don’t really see Rebecca change too drastically when she was a kid to her now as an adult, like come on, think of something better than her being trained from a freaking wooden toy and end up being a character who we could care less about. Not to mention that she’s supposed to be this warrior figure woman, but you just wind up having her look very sexualized and have a “wimp” mentality. Like, come on! If you wanted her to not be perfect, at least make it have some meaning! Like, make her lose, and make her learn from her mistakes, instead of this wimpy looking lady! Sometimes I feel like One Piece could do better. And at least make one female character without oversized breasts without a stereotypical female personality. Sometimes I question this a lot in anime in general, especially in mainstream animes. Cliche is a common occurrence nowadays in animes, that it’s just discouraging.

So then, I guess that’s all I had to say for my post! Look forward to my other posts, as I’ll be writing about my thoughts on a few chapters of the manga Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, and I’ll be writing a review on the cartoon, Over the Garden Wall! Also, I’ll be posting my first chapter of a fall themed story somewhat inspired from Over the Garden Wall (if you’re interested in that kind of stuff). And no, it’s not a fanfiction, and I’m making sure that it doesn’t become one. But there will be some obvious references from Over the Garden Wall being placed into my story. So stay tuned for those posts, peace!


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