Happy Dember 1st! Blog Update+Holiday Spirit!

3d-gif-animation-free-download-photo-happy-new-year-flash-snow-christmas-tree-hot-web-site-best-babes-xmas-wallpaper-screen-1Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas in Spanish)! What’s so special about the 1st of December? Well, nothing I guess, but if you’re not feeling festive for Christmas, I’m here to make you guys feel a lot more festive for the holidays! (And to also inform you about some future posts). So anyways! I guess the question to ask yourself for today is,”what makes us have that feeling of Christmas? As each year goes by, it just gets duller and duller, what are we missing?” So, for my opinion on this (I’d love to hear you answer my question as well), I believe technology is pushing us away, and social media really isn’t making us more social. Please bear with me and listen to what I have to say. When you think about it, people nowadays of all ages, toddlers, kids, adults, senior citizens, they all have smartphones, or some sort of way to join social media like on the computer or a tablet, and enter internet outlets like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc (social media). And what do we do as millennials ourselves? We continue to text to friends or to the unknown of the internet, and we tend to exaggerate the way we text. Such as texting LOL, when we’re not really laughing, sometimes lie, sometimes tell the truth, or even become our own alter ego online, but in real life, it’s a whole different story. Of course, that’s not always the case, but when you think about it, we’re forgetting what’s ahead of us, because all that we do is to continue on looking down on our phones (this can be told as a metaphor). And when we look back to let’s say, 5 years ago, were smartphones even as popular as it is today? And just how much social were we 5 years ago compared to todays time?

(Listen to this playlist as you continue to read my blog post, and have a happy holiday!)

Now I’m starting to get off track a bit, but hopefully you understand what I’m trying to get here. So what makes Christmas so special? Is it the presents? Is it the food? Is it relatively friends or family related? Drinking hot cocoa as the snow falls down? The romanticization of having a kiss under the mistletoe or the finding for love? As the lights glow on a tree with decorations of green, blue, and red lights? Just what makes Christmas so special? Well in my own opinion, Christmas is when you start to feel a sensation of joy and nostalgia that is felt only in the month of Decemeber. But the sense joy and nostalgia shouldn’t be forced in order to feel them. As to having a Christmas spirit isn’t when you say that you have Christmas spirit and to constantly remind yourself of what it is, but rather to experience the sense of joy in Christmas without telling yourself on what Christmas spirit is. You can’t force having Chirstmas spirit, it’s more so something you feel for self. Whether you’re alone, or with friends and family, anyone can have a happy holiday, you just have to find your own ways of happiness. Have a Happy December 1st, and I hope for more to come in the future, especially you guys, the viewers, and the followers! Thank you for still being around if you’re reading this (even though I only receive 1-3 views nowadays), I’m still happy to at least know that at least someone is reading what I write. Much love. -Mark T. Yang JR


It’s been about time Usa. For freaking 77 chapters!

But before I go, I will be writing my “Day 2, In The Life Of Mark” post really soon, and I’m currently writing my thoughts on the Manga, Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou titled in my future post, “Usa Finally Makes A Move! Chapters 73-77”. And if you read the Manga, I think you’d understand what I’m saying. So please look forward to those two posts. See ya later, have a happy holiday, peace! (When Usa finally makes a move and makes it more awkward than it already is. This Manga is just too perfect, but in a good hysterically laugh and cry myself to sleep kind of way. Because you know, the author purposely makes it so his story isn’t a cliche love story. Now that’s my kind of story)!




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