-Happy Thanks Giving From Mark!-

“Wow Mark, so late I see!” which I assume some of you guys are saying right now, but I just wanted to say, happy Thanks Giving ! (Where us Americans eat a turkey, and Canadians celebrating it last month). So yay to eating a turkey in America! Well, if you lived in my family, most of the time we eat Thanksgiving dinner on different days. “So what chu trying to saying Mark?” I’m just saying, me and my family isn’t eating a turkey today. “Awh shucks, that sounds depressing.”Well, I mean not at all, I basically eat two turkeys! “Woah, two Thanksgivings!” (I’m going to stop being you, the audience). As much as I like two Thanksgivings, having it twice for like the rest of my life can sometimes be nauseating, but yet, you get to eat different kinds of foods from two separate families. As my moms side of the family, has a Hispanic family, a African American family, and two full Hmong families (my nationality is Hmong by the way).

Since my mom has a bunch of sisters in her family, that just means I have quite a bit of half Hmong and half of a different nationality family, and I’m actually quite happy to have them as apart of my family. Especially since one of my older cousins is an all A student in highschool from Freshmen to today (I’m pretty sure it’s her Senior year), and is musically talented, but has an awesome personality. Not to mention that she’s probably one of the very few half Hmong Hispanic ethnicity in America, and me myself learning a little bit of her lifestyle with a Hispanic father (which he’s pretty chill and a cool uncle). And then you have my other cousin, who’s naturally comedic, and introduced me to multiple games that I still play today (Minecraft, CSGO, etc). So yeah, my older cousins are pretty dope. As for my younger cousins, yeh, you koo (cool) too (sorry).

Now as for my other family, my dad’s side, they’re all of Hmong ethnicity, but they’re more Americanized rather than Hmong accustomed (in other words, they’re Christians, not Shamans). And there’s so many people from my dad’s side, so I actually won’t talk about them (sorry if you were looking forward to knowing them, lol).

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving, peace.


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