-An Anime I’m Ashamed Of That I Enjoyed- -Day 5, Of The 30Day Anime Challange-

deathnote-logoWell, I can’t really think of one that I would be extremely ashamed that I’ve ever watched, but I guess you can say, Death Note is an Anime that would make me feel ashamed but still enjoy it.

Whenever I watch a scene of Death Note on youtube to remind myself what kind of Anime it was, I remembered that the main character Light Yagami was trying to play god and kill everyone “evil”, and just remember how intelligent he was to keep himself from dying and being caught to being Kira (killer) . But then you had L, pretty much the antagonist, and had similar smarts to Light Yagami. And the show was basically a battle of wits of “Kira” against “L”.

Why did I feel ashamed of watching it? Well, because I enjoyed the battles of Light Yagami outsmarting a lot of characters (like Ray Penber. Sorry, I just really thought his name was funny. But now that I think of it, I’m pretty messed up. Mr. Ray Pepermint. Okay I’m done, I’m serious.), which resulted in the characters (mostly innocent) deaths, but then you had the moral going around in the Anime telling you, “is it really okay to play god and possibly kill innocent lives”?

(Sorry Mr. Ray Penber/Spoilers Ahead)

And knowing how Light Yagami was, and his psychotic nature. Just watch this video, and you’d understand.

(Do not watch this video if you haven’t seen Death Note/Don’t care about spoilers)

Because when you enjoy someone killing off characters as he tries to play as god, you know you’re just as messed up as Light Yagami (but I’m not a psychotic killer, so I know what’s right and wrong, and I’m just extremely interested on how Light Yagami thinks). So don’t suspect me to be a Kira (unless we were playing a game of detective, otherwise I’d be like Kira. Oh no my only weakness! I’d just said it out loud. On second that, wrote it on a blog. Meh.).

Now you know why I felt ashamed on watching Death Note, but knowing the sadistic side of me, I enjoyed it (to an extent). Death Note was definitely one of my most favorite animes, and I truly believe it deserves the name of, a “classic” around the anime community. Hope you enjoyed my post on my 30 Day Anime Challange, “An Anime I’m Ashamed Of That I Enjoyed”. So see you guys later in the next post, peace!

Enjoy some videos from Death Note

(Death Note OP 1: The symbolism in this opening gets to me all the time)

(Death Note Ending 1/When Light throws an apple to Ryuuk; epic)

(Death Note ending 2/When going up an elevator couldn’t get more hype)

(Freaking L; Light meets L)

(When Light get’s rekt)


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