-Day 1, High School; In The Life Mark- – (Real Life)-

teh_sabersHigh school life isn’t all that bad, in fact, it’s probably more interesting than it is stressful. In my sophomore year, I’m currently enjoying my time in school. We get to learn how to blow things up in chemistry (Alkali metals), we read books for at least 15 minutes in English (I read the book, Ready Player 1; the ending just killed me), we have gym, and I get to learn how to understand and read the Japanese language/writing (writing; hiragana, katakana, and soon kanji)! And don’t get me wrong, everybody has their own school experiences, so if you’re an under classmate (middle schooler and below), I don’t want you to have the idea that school will be good or bad for you. So with that in mind, experience things for yourself and give your own opinions (I presume that are reading this) under classmates.

Anyways, to the people who don’t know/to the people who do know what happens to alkali metals and water, here’s a video for you to learn/remember.

(I’m not responsible for any potential injuries and do not attempt this at home, you have been warned).

“Things gradually become more terrifying as we go down through the group. Let’s try Cesium, our fifth alkali metal.” I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy chemistry.

Back on topic; like I said in my old post, I had the chance to watch Grave of the Fireflies in my Japanese class, and I was just dreading with excitement (not until I remembered that it’s not a happy movie, that this was based on a real story), and the week after that, I actually had the chance to meet and talk to a foreign exchange student from Japan. It was definitely interesting. Because just the way me and a couple of friends talked to him, our countries customs didn’t differ too much with his customs. We all laughed at jokes, he spoke English fluently (of course he was puzzled on some of the words we said, mostly slang words), and of course, he was like all of us, human. I kind of felt irritated how I’m more accustomed to stereotyped interpretations on any culture, but I was never blinded from the stereotypes. Meaning, I knew better, and I can’t make assumptions about a culture that I’ve never seen before; face to face. And in a way, I felt ashamed for our country as an entirety for creating stereotypes. Not just one person or a specific race in the wrong, but our country in an entirety.

(This video of Morgan Freeman pretty much explains things similar to what I’ve said. P.S, this paragraph was somewhat inspired from this video of Morgan Freeman.)

(I also stumbled upon this video, and I was pretty furious watching it. Definitely a shame to the Asian community)

But yeah, it was definitely an interesting time meeting a foreign exchange student from Japan.

Now, when I was in my photography class, we had the chance to use photoshop. Let’s just say, things got pretty spooky (because it was on the 31st of Halloween), and the week after that, my photoshopped photos looked pretty awesome!


The left photo is the photoshopped photo, and the right photo is the original (I mean, I guess you would already know, but oh well). And if you also might not know, I have my Japanese initials written on my shirt in the photoshopped version (マ-ク). What’s it say? It just means mark (but if you pronounced my name and don’t say “my name is Maku” in Japanese, they wouldn’t understand what you just said), but it’s pronounced, MaaKu. And if your wondering why not just say MaaRuKu(マ-ルク), don’t ask me, my Japanese teacher gave me the name. The only reason I think she said my name in Japanese should be Maaku is because, MaRu(マル), means circular, and then you just have ku (ク/久), meaning sky or long time. So it would pretty much make my name mean, circular sky (sounds like a pretty poetic name, but oh well) if I said MaaRuKu(マ-ルク) in Japanese. Also, I googled what the meanings were, so please butcher me on my Japanese if you find any mistakes on what I just said. But anyways (I’ll start counting how many times I say the word “anyways”), photography class was fun (I’m definitely not joining photography 2 next year. I’m being serious. It’s harder than you think. Unless you’re the most talented and going into a profession into photography, that’s who’ll be joining it next year).


tumblr_nmx6u5lfl51rlylleo1_500Off topic from school; so where am I regarding Anime and Manga’s? I recently just read Tokyo Ghoul:Re’s 100th chapter (chapter 99 just brought in the nostalgia) and I’m almost finished with the Anime Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront! And since I’m here, I’ll just say my over all thoughts on Kekkai Sensen. It sometimes can get boring, but it has some pretty awesome animation and suspensions at some situations (although I may consider some scenes of suspense to be cliche, I still thought they were pretty good). Especially towards the last three episodes of Kekkai Sensen, the back story’s of Black (ブラク/Bu-Ra-Ku) and White (ワイト(Wa-I-To) was just straight up sad but meaningful. And especially Black’s speeches at some times were extremely poetic, and I just love that about his character. And especially how Black is just so sociopathic like, but he’s a unique kind of sociopath. Hopefully you give this anime a chance if you’re into futuristic and old school like animes, and all though I haven’t watched Cow Boy Bebop before, I’ll just say it’s pretty similar to it.

(Not to mention the opening and ending songs are just awesome)

(The ending song is just a mixture of happy and sad. I like 🙂 )

Hopefully you guys enjoyed a blog post about my life. So then, I guess that ends this post for today. See you guys in the next blog post. See ya later, peace!

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