-Happy (Offical) Halloween From Mark+Blog Update!-

05I know, it’s on a Monday, boo! No pun intended. And with this 31st of October, I just wanted to say happy Halloween! So happy Halloween! And if you’re not into Halloween, I understand. Have a good Fall. No bad pun intended.

Besides Halloween, I want to explain what I’m currently going through when it comes to my blog. Sadly, it seems that I’m starting from the beginning all over again. And what do I mean, “beginning all over again”? It basically means I had no viewers for the past week because of the change of my website name. And because of that change, that means I no longer have my blog posts linked to the google search engine (when someone searches for let us say, “Anime”, my blog would have my website linked to their search engine, but since I have a new website, that link no longer works).

 And so, what am I going to do with this problem that I dug myself into? Well, that just means I’m going to continue on blogging, and hopefully gain my viewers back again! Of course, the amount views that I receive doesn’t really matter, but if no one is reading it, then what’s the point in writing, right? Even if I only have 1 view per day, I’d be happy to know that at least someone is appreciating or at least reading what I write. Thank you for always sticking around my blog to you my followers, and I hope you enjoy my blog posts. And if you’re new to my blog, hello, it’s nice to meet you! As of today, I still want to write Anime and Manga related blog posts, so please look forward to those posts! And not to mention, in my future blog posts, I want to write more real life posts! (if you even like them, but I’ll still write them). But knowing me, I might forget all about it, so don’t always get your hopes on that! (If you’re new to my blog, I’m basically a disoriented blogger, and no, It’s not on purpose).

 Speaking of forgetting things, I need to finish my 30 Anime Challange posts! (Sorry). And also talking about real life, I got to meet a Japanese foreign exchange student. Let’s just say, it was pretty interesting to have a conversation with let’s say, three dudes (who were my friends, and two of them currently learning and knowing some Japanese, including me), and the foreign exchange student knowing some English as well. For example, some of the conversations we had were, what were his thoughts on creepy clowns in America and what was his favorite food (some of the other questions that we asked him made me crack up, and I was happy knowing that he was understanding most of the jokeful questions we had to ask him).

So then, have a happy Halloween or Fall! See you guys later, peace!


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