-Blog Update, Mark’s Blog- – (Update)-

It’s another photo of me!

Hello, if your unfamilar with my name, do not fret, it’s just me, Mark’s blog! I decided to change my blogs website name to DayInTheLifeOfMark.wordpress.com instead of 0205marky.wordpress.com (as this was my 8th grade website name, and it was about time to move onto a new blog name), and instead of the Anime character Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), you now have a photo of me! (Which is on the left part of the photo).

And if you also didn’t notice, I did change my websites theme (one of the wordpress themes), and I decided to change some of the features around my blog like adding who I follow, etc and etc.

What do you guys think of the changes? Is there anything else you would like to like to see be changed? But anyways, I did talk about changing some parts of my blog, and these were some of it.

So anyways, hope you enjoy the minor changes, so see you guys later, peace!


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