-I’m Hyped For Kindom Heart’s HD 2.8 Remix Trailer – -(VideoGames)-

kingdom_hearts_hd_2-8_final_chapter_prologue_logo_khhdfcpThe graphics for this game, the amazing recreated game and new upcoming games for the Kingdom Heart HD 2.8 Final Chapter, is just so perfect!

If you’ve seen the most recent KH HD 2.8 trailer, you should know that Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2, Kingdom Hearts will be released on January 12th, 2017! And it’s been 4 years since the last Kingdom Hearts titled game (Dream Drop Distance) was released, and now we finally get another title, KH 2.8 Final Chapter, and another thing to to be hyped for, KH 3 (but I’ll mainly be writing about KH2.8).

maxresdefault-3Anyways, KH2.8 Final Chapter; by the looks of the trailer, Dream Drop Distance will be included, the story of the foretellers (KH X Back Cover), and the ongoing story of Aqua (KH 0.2 Birth By Sleep), will all be included in KH 2.8! My main interests so far with KH2.8, is the KH X Back Cover and KH 0.2 Birth By Sleep. As you have the foreteller and the 7 keyblade masters that eventually start the keyblade war (as referenced from Zehanort from previous titles) and how it all began, and then you have Aqua, who ventures to save Ventus and possibly look for Terra while she’s in the realm of darkness.

(Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer)

And so, with this trailer, I’m pretty excited for the KH HD 2.8 to come out! What’re your opinions on the trailer? Was the graphics great? Will the story be exciting!? Are you hyped!? Comment down bellow, and give me your own opinion!

So with a further ado, the end of my blog post. See you guys later, peace!


14 thoughts on “-I’m Hyped For Kindom Heart’s HD 2.8 Remix Trailer – -(VideoGames)-

    • Same! But I have a feeling that it’s only just those two guys in black hoods. And if I’m not mistaken, the foretellers disciple has the oblivion keyblade!

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      • For birth by sleep or for X back cover? (Going to assume BBS), but my question to this is; why would Lea (Not Axel), bring back Roxas, as Roxas is actually the nobody of Ventus. So if Lea wants to meet Roxas, he would want to see Ventus. Then they both would be reunited (In a way). Poor Xion, I wish she was her own person, so all three would become friends again.

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      • This is going to be complicated but here goes! In Birth By Sleep, that takes inbetween Kingdom hearts X Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts 1-3. In Birth By Sleep, as we all know, Ventus decides to sacrifice himself to make sure the X-blade is not completed. And now that Ventus sacrificed himself, he is now damaged, and he cannot wake up (which is what Aqua is trying to do, trying to find a way to wake up Ventus). And when kid Sora (before Kingdom Hearts 1 begins), finds a floating light (which is actually Ventus) Sora takes in Ventus to heal him. And so, since Ventus is within Sora, as he stays there to heal within Sora, at the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora sacrifices himself to save Kairi and becomes a heartless. And when Kairi turns Sora back into his normal self, Sora did not create a nobody when he was turned into a heartless, Ventus was used to create Roxas. Which is why Ventus and Roxas look a lot more similar, instead of Roxas and Sora looking similar. So Roxas is actually Ventus’s Nobody. Hope this helped! XD

        (Kid Sora finding Ventus)

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      • uhmmm…. then what about sora’s crying in twilight town ? so complicated… and in the end i hope roxas is playable again… and then can join with sora… and make dual limit that sound crazy….

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      • Hmm, I don’t know why Sora cried in twilight town. And if Roxas is playable again, even if it’s not cannon or if it’s in a memory, that’d be pretty awesome. It would be awesome to see Sora and Ventus meet each other though.

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