-Already Stunned By 5 Chapters Of Koe No Katachi/A Silent Voice- -(Manga)-

Koeno1The regret of a boys past, where to the point of suicide for his own selfish needs later on in life, but changes his thoughts for his own scheduled death after apologizing to the girl 5 years later for bullying her for her deafness. As he knows the “voice” of the girl he bullied 5 years ago as a child and now asks for apology within her “voice”; using sign language. As he later on signs to her, “can we be friends?” In just 5 chapters, Koe No Katachi was already a masterpiece.

I finally found a source to read Koe No Katachi, and after reading around 5 chapters (probably more), I didn’t realize how deep the story was until chapter one and up. I’d highly suggest reading Koe No Katachi if you’re into the more serious and story filled slice of life Mangas, compared to other Animes/Mangas that are slice of life and comedic like Toradora and Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun, Koe No Katachi is way different from those kinds of Animes/Mangas. And no, the story is not only unique friendskoenoatakibecause of it having a physically disabled deaf main character, but because of the way the main character Ishida lives his life and how he drastically changes his fate after doing the various things he does in his past and present life. And not to mention, the various amounts of characters that are quite unique, compared to them being a cliche like character, like being the average bully whom you don’t care about later on in the story. Example; the main protagonist winning a girls heart by beating up bullies, as the bullies now having absolutely no character development to show the reasoning for bullying the protagonist. (Mini Spoilers) But Koe No Katachi is more like, Ishida is the main
protagonist,  his life is flawed and his actions aren’t the best in the beginning of the story. And when Ishida becomes the predator towards people, he soon becomes the one being targeted. And so, this shapes his life later on to what he’s doing now. (No spoilers), so I’d highly recommend reading Koe No Katachi, as it’s definitely a book to read around your teen years-adult hood. And I highly recommend reading this book if you experience loneliness, social problems, are interested in realistic stories, and have some sort of physical or mental disability. I guarantee you’ll enjoy reading this series.

koe-no-katachi(There will be spoilers beyond this point), so, what are my thoughts on Koe No Katachi/A Silent Voice so far? Even though I’m on the 8th chapter of the Manga, it made me want to binge read it all before going to sleep, but with the time constraints I had, and me needing to wake up for the next day of school, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t finish the chapter I was on. And if I’m not mistaken, Ishida wanted to kill himself after all of his hard work at his job to pay off a debt to her sick mother, and right after his apology to Shōko, but still being alive after meeting Shōko. And then I stopped when Ishida was talking to Shōko on the topic of still being able to meet each other despite their past. And I just kept on wondering what was going to happen to Ishida and Shōko in the next chapter, until I went to sleep. My final thoughts; I felt deeply in love with the story and I still continue to fantasize the thought on what kinds challenges the main characters have to face. It placed a smile onto my face, and ever so rarely have I ever been interested in any story ever, instead of just critiquing it in a poker face, and Koe No Katachi definitely had me wanting more, but with my somewhat busy lifestyle, I had to be patient to continue on reading this amazing manga. But I can wait forever if I have to, to actually read it; because a masterpiece comes once in a lifetime.

koenokatachixpeopleSome things I enjoyed about Koe No Katachi; the art style is realistic in a manga aspect (real life buildings, not fantasy like buildings), it’s not a cartoony look, and it’s definitely not an overly top drawn manga, and I came to appreciate that aspect of the Manga. And not to mention, the “X” that’s placed on people’s faces in the vision of Ishida, as it signifies people that he hates or dislikes, and I liked the creativity of that idea. As an “X” only disappears when Ishida gives a person a chance to redeem their selves or becomes “friends” with him.

When it comes to the main characters, most of the time they have a story that signifies who they are, and how it affects them in the future. As this is mainly shown from Ishida and Shōko. And with Ishida being a bullying from 6th grade, to now an emotionally and socially disoriented high school student who now knows what was right and wrong within his past, now wants to make things better again. Then you have Shōko, the girl that was bullied harshly from Ishida in the 6th grade, but despite this happening, still smiling in front of Ishida and making up with him. Little things like learning about the characters and their backstory create a bigger meaning on why they did certain actions in the future. Or that’s how I like to think about stories, but either way, I still find character development as one of my most favorite parts of this story.

And lastly, my overall favorite thing bout the Manga is, the relationship between Ishida and Shōko. And I think you get the point on why I would say this (and no, it’s not because I ship them).

(I just finished reading Koe No Katachi); the ending of Koe No Katachi and the story in general just made me want to cry with excitement. But maybe I’ll talk about my overall thoughts on Koe No Katachi (full on spoilers edition), in a different blog post. And I finished all 62 chapters of Koe No Katachi in 2 days. I don’t feel ashamed for reading the whole story, I just feel satisfied.

I guess that ends my blog post for today, as I can not think up with any other things to talk about Koe No Katachi (also because I don’t want to spoil the Manga for you). So anyways, a cliche goodbye to an awesome post about an awesome Manga, peace!

(Here’s some videos to watch)

(Koe No Katachi Movie Trailer/I Can’t Wait For The English Sub Release! Makes Me Want To Cry!)

(Koe No Katachi Opening)


5 thoughts on “-Already Stunned By 5 Chapters Of Koe No Katachi/A Silent Voice- -(Manga)-

    • It’s definitely a must read. And how about reading 5 chapters yourself and telling what you like about it :D?And since there’s only 62 chapters in total (the manga ended a year ago), it wouldn’t take too long to finish in a week or so (because I read it all in two days, lol). Once again, I’d highly recommend reading it!


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