The Overly Sophisticated Japanese Animation Story; The Garden Of Words- – (Movie/Japanese Animation)-

itunes_gardenofwordsMy first thoughts initially were, a romance, and a story of the progression of two lovers, but I guessed wrong. Apparently, it was way more than that; something more sophisticated than just some love story. 

“A faint clap of thunder Clouded skies,
Perhaps rain comes
Will you stay here with me?”
Yukari Yukino:, The Garden of Words
If you ever read my latest blog post, I’ve been thinking about watching this Animated movie, but not knowing what it was about. This movie has always been in my interests, and I watched it as soon as I had the time too! And so, here I am with a post about this wonderful movie!

So what is, The Garden of Words? The Garden of Words is a Japanese animated CGI movie, that takes the perspective of a 15-year-old high school boy named Takao Akizuki, a want to be shoemaker, who always comes late to school on rainy days, and frequently visits a garden for inspiration for shoemaking. Eventually, Takao Akizuki notices a young but older lady sitting in his spot of inspiration, as the rain falls down. And the same experience happens again until it becomes a frequent occurrence; now a rendezvous when the rain falls. And the story continues on.

(Spoilers are beyond this point), what I like so much about The Garden of Words; although the story progresses quite slow in the beginning, I just can’t stop to think about how the animation looks so great and realistic looking, especially when it comes to different kinds of perspectives, and not wide open views (if that made any sense). It’s definitely one of the best quality animated movies in my own opinion, and when compared to other CGI movies like 5 Centimeters Per Second (which was also created by the same person that created The Garden Of Words), and CGI animes like Fate/Stay Night, The Garden of Words is just something special. And going back onto different kinds of perspectives, I just adored on how creative they were, as they mostly had an ants eye of view, and as well as the human eye of view.
 Now regarding the story, I thought this movie was going to be somewhat of a love story but, like I’ve said before, it’s definitely not a love story (kinda?). The movie ideally was realistic but somewhat poetic (literally, and metaphorically), and this is what made it sophisticated. The main parts of the movie that had me puzzled and made it complicated for me were, the quote that Yukari Yukino said and the part where Takao Akizuki responds back to her quote later on in the movie but mistaking what she actually meant. And although Akizuki had big ambitions for being a shoemaker, Yukari was actually putting him down in a metaphoric and verbal way, as Yukari acknowledges Akizuki for being another student, and Akizuki starting to realize what Yukari actually thinks about him. Extremely complicated! And not until the end of the movie that Akizuki says what Yukari actually thinks about him, for me to understand the true context of the poem that Yukari talked about. I’m finished with telling my thoughts on the story (because it’s already confusing as it is).
I truly enjoyed watching this movie, and I can’t think of any other words that would describe such a great animated movie like the Garden of Words. This movie was definitely a great refresher on what a good and noncliche animated movie or any Anime for that matter should look like. And before I go, I’d just like to thank my older brother for buying me a physical copy of the movie, The Garden of Words, and 5 Centimeters per Second. I also enjoyed watching the movie 5 Centimeters per Second together with me, my brother, and my sister. As my sister never watches Anime, and hearing from her that it was a good movie, made me feel accomplished as an Anime watcher.
So anyways guys, I enjoyed making this blog post, and it literally took me 2 weeks to make it. So hope you guys enjoyed my post; see you guys later, peace!
(Also, thanks to Matt-In-The-Hat for nominating me for the versatile award. I’ll surely be writing more of my own thanks to him in my versatile award when I have the time to write one).

9 thoughts on “The Overly Sophisticated Japanese Animation Story; The Garden Of Words- – (Movie/Japanese Animation)-

  1. If I recall correctly, this movie (or like any other Makoto Shinkai works) isn’t fully animated in CGI. It’s still animated/drawn traditionally, they just made it look better with CGI additions.

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    • I did not know that, maybe I’ll have to do some research about it. But yet again, it’s crazy to think that even if it’s still traditionally drawn, that it still looks great on creating different eye perspectives.

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  2. So you also fell in love with this movie. :3
    I enjoy to watch beautiful green tone in this movie, just to watch many scenes over and over , I feel refreshed more enough.

    But I think this movie can be a trap. I don’t expect to see dishes that look delicious. And I remember I am watching this in nighttime. OMG

    And there are many reason that made I decided to write a review for Kotonoha no Niwa especially. (Normally, I write analysis more than review).

    I really hope I can buy novel of KNN. I don’t know you read it or not. I want to know I must buy DVD so I can own novel or not.

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    • If you really want to cry over a good movie, watch 5 Centimeters per second or, When Marnie Was There (it made me cry). The Garden of Words is a pretty good movie, but I don’t think it’s cry worthy (unless you’re that type of person, no offense if you are).


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