It’s My 16th Birthday Today! -Mark’s Blog-

yckkrgaoiSo far, I’m having a good day, and it’s also my birthday! I feel like I’m growing up because I’m 16, but I still feel like I’m in my middle school days (oddly enough). I’m not saying I’m immature, or that I’m mature, I just feel a presence of always being 13 but I’m actually 16. Is that kind of strange to think about? But anyways, I’m finally 16. And when my sister mentioned that, in 2 more years that I’ll be an adult, that made me thought, “wow, she’s right isn’t she?”. Then I continued through my day of birth (unless I died, of course, then that would be a different situation, lol! A fictional story about an alternate dimension where a different mark died on his birthday. Now that I think about it, that sounds pretty messed up, so let’s get on a different topic 🙂 ). See what I mean when I say, I feel 13, but I’m actually 16. The thoughts that come out of my mind, and onto this keyboard probably make you guys cringe (I’m sorry by the way).

SOOOOOO ANYWAYS (cliche), life is good.

(Being serious now), I’m happy to see that another year goes by with my birthday, and I’m glad to have the life that I currently have, and I’d like to thank family, friends, and you the viewers for all of the support for helping me become who I am today. Family, for always being there when there’s no one else (which usually isn’t much of a problem, but my family are definitely a great way for my needs when I need help). Friends, for shaping me to be mentally and physically strong (If it wasn’t for them, I’d probably be a depressed sociopath). Even though my best of friends are in different schools (mainly elementary), thanks for always sticking up for me and teaching me to be strong (also thanks for breaking my habit of me breaking my pencil led due to pressing the pencil too hard onto a piece of paper. It’s quite funny that I still remember that). And finally, you the viewers; even though I don’t know most of you in real life, you guys always inspire me to continue on blogging. And I have no other words, so, see you guys later, peace.


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