-Thank You, To Those Of My One Hundred Followers; Just Thank You –(Mark’s Achievements+Face Reveal)-

Before getting into things that I want to say for my achievement on having 100 followers, I want to especially thank the person who introduced me to blogging; my 8th-grade teacher (for privacy reasons, I won’t tell who exactly the person is).

But, when creating a blog that was just for a grade throughout my last year of middle school (8th grade), I didn’t know what I wanted to say or even know what to even do in a blog for that sake. When you think of a blog, you think of sophistication and something about it having some sort of theme. Like photography or fancy reviews with flawless websites. So, for my first post ever, I wanted to introduce myself by saying that I like anime and video games. And to be honest, I was hesitant to post something to the whole world that I’m just some 14-year-old male who watches anime and plays video games but, I expected that no one will view my blog besides my teacher. Also, I didn’t want people to argue that Anime is weird and all the same , so that’s why I was also hesitant.

But as I progressed onto blogging about anime, I’ve received such positive comments and support, and this sparked my attention on continuing to being a blogger while having otaku genre posts. And most definitely one of my most supportive followers that were there for me when I started blogging, was a Christian anime blogger named, TWWK from Beneath The Tangles. And of course, later on into blogging, I’ve started to grab a great number of followers, such as my friends from my middle school (including last years students, Animusic and CutieEyeElysium/TheFanGirl), and including some awesome bloggers (who’re definitely better than I am in blogging). Thank you for always being there, as I smile at all of your amazing comments and support! I wish I could do much more for you guys, but please bare with me.

So then, I’ve been thinking this over for quite some time now, and here’s a face reveal of me!


After seeing my follower count today, I was quite happy and felt accomplished on knowing that over 100 different individuals had the time to follow my blog! Not to mention once again, that some pretty awesome bloggers and followers like you guys, still stick around and post some of the most awesome comments. Thank you guys for viewing, reading, and hopefully enjoying my blog posts. Thanks once again. -Mark

If only there was a better word to say thank you instead of always saying it constantly. But anyways guys, see you guys later, peace.


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