-Lo-fi Music+Anime=Blissful Sounds- – (Off Topic/Music/Anime)-

Hey guys (I need to find a gender neutral word, have any suggestions?), I reached a hundred followers, and eventually I’ll be writing a one hundred follower post (I said “eventually”, because of usual inactive posts). But back to what I wanted to say for my off-topic post; somewhere on the internet I came across a certain genre of music, and it was Lo-fi music (well, I mean you kind of know by now by the title), and I fell in love with the beats and creativity that some of the music has that are from the genre of Lo-fi. what’s Lo-fi music; Lo-fi, or low fidelity music, is music that creates low definition sounds that are usually more calming and mostly containing hip hop beats, but usually without the use of lyrics.

Some Lo-fi music can contain glitch hop, where the soundings can be distorted, but are creatively done, and instrumental, where music can contain hip hop beats, piano, drums, etc.

An example of Lo-Fi instrumental (and yes, this song was inspired from Spirited Away):

(The original song created from Spirited Away):


Since I’ve introduced Lo-fi, what does Anime have to play a role into why I like listening to Lo-fi? Well, actually Lo-fi artist by the name of Jinsang creates songs that correspond to Anime and even remixes Anime music, and listening to them make me nostalgic or feel the sensation of calmness. As well as another Lo-fi artist by the name of Tokugawa Sounds, who also creates music that remixes Anime music, and also the same reason as Jinsang. Here’s an example of a Lo-fi song created from Jinsang, that corresponds to an Anime.

(Jinsang, Affection. Japanese Animated Movie, Garden of Words).

(Here’s the trailer for the actual movie; and I’m planning on watching this movie myself. Put on the subtitles).

Now then, before I go, I just wanted to say, thank you guys for over 100 followers! And secondly, there’s a playlist of Lo-Fi songs that are down below that you can listen to. So see you guys later, peace!


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