My Favorite Female Anime Character? Day 4 Of 30 Day Anime Challenge-

download-5Straight off the bat, I cannot choose as to who would be my most favorite female Anime character ever! Let me think for a second, um okay. I’ve come to a conclusion! My favorite female Anime character would have to be, Ritzu Kawai from, Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou (I was about to add Touka Kirishima, but I later came to a conclusion that she would have to be my favorite female Manga character, as Touka in the Anime isn’t as awesome as she is in the Manga. And if you haven’t read the Manga, please don’t comment about Touka being an absolute goddess of Anime. Thank you 🙂 ).

So why Kawai Ritzu? Kawai Ritzu is a unique character, as she’s mainly a person who reads books and a lonely person (although being lonely is some what cliche, but her character makes a lot more sense to the reasoning of being lonely and as well as justified to being lonely). Despite her lonely like status, this doesn’t mean she wants to interact with others, she just doesn’t have anyone with her interests or cares for her in general. Well, until she met Usa, and Usa tries to be friends with her, and as well as hqdefaultUsa going as far as to doing something that he hasn’t done before; reading long and sophisticated books! And I like her character due to the boy meets girl approach, and her steadily working to be friends with Usa with the power of books. Like sometimes, she references books (mostly American literature) and at one point referencing the renaissance artwork of Venus (which was quite heart warming to seeing that scene of Usa and Kawai). And I’m not going to lie, because of this character, I started to enjoy books more often. As books is not just an obstacle, but books are there for you to enjoy, despite it being a complex book like Shakespeare or even an easy to read a the comic book. Books may have a story to tell, and some may leave off a reasoning to the creation of the book itself.

So that’s mainly the reason Kawai Ritzu is my favorite Anime character. (Please don’t hurt me 🙂 ). And if you ever read the Bokura Wa Minna Manga, you must know my frustration on how they don’t produce a manga chapter once a week. It’s more like 4 chapters for one year (no joke).

But anyways guys, see you guys later, peace! (Tokyo Ghoul :RE Touka= mysterious yet bad to the das as heck).


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