-Mark Does Photography!- – (Real Life Posts)-

As my new year of high school starts, and things starts to be laid back most of time in the beginning of my sophomore year, I took a Photography class. “Oh, why would you do such a thing”, says some fictional person in my mind. Because why not, right? I was expecting this class to be fun (and it is), and with myself having to find 48 total photos for specific types of genres on the internet, it was quite a pain (because it was due in literally 1 week, or to put in perspective of what I mean by a week, I actually mean, in 3 days). So anyways, like, okay, photos! Cool! And after finding each photo and actually learning what kinds of photos there were out there, I completely forgot like 80% of the photo’s I just learned (I’m sorry photography teacher, if you ever read this). But, after completing like 48 photos of madness, and pure genuineness; today is officially the first time I get to use an actual camera. “Wow, you must feel great, Mark”, yes, yes I do. But back on topic, I actually got to take some pretty cool shots, and some, not so cool. Take a look at some of my photos.


“Woah, is that actually you Mark in the reflection!?”. Yes, yes it is. But as school progresses, I gotta go! So see you guys later, peace!

(P.S, if you’re in school and reading this right now, go back and work 😛 ).


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