-Time Flies By; 2 Years Of Blogging- – Anniversary-

My reaction to seeing my 2 years of blogging notification from WordPress made me think; it’s my 2 year blog anniversary already!? Next thing you know it, it’ll skip through to my 5th year anniversary instead of my 3rd! I’m happy to keep on blogging, even if I’m receiving less amounts of views day by day due to my inactivity, I still love you guys, the followers for all of the great support! Cheers to two years of blogging!

Even though I’m inactive, I’ll still try to find something to write about! And on another note, I’ve been thinking on editing things around my blog, such as possibly changing my profile picture (yes, it is quite heart wrenching to see my profile character go away; Kaneki), changing my blog’s name (I’m not drastically changing the name), and possibly changing the way I write my blogs (writing it into mini paragraphs instead of one or two big paragraphs). (What do you know, I’m doing it right now)!

Besides my 2 year anniversary; I started my sophomore year of high school! School is the same old same old, and I want to get it over with (no, I’m not the drop out type of person, or the person who wants to work at Mc Donalds for a living type of person). I remember my parents raising me to quite some wisdom, and one of the things that they shed on me was, “you do not live happy at first. First comes work, then last comes happiness. Because if you lived happy now, you will never be happy later”. And my parents implied this for me in a school type of sense, more than a literal kind of sense. “Wow Mark, that sounds depressing”, meh, it’s basically my life, you get used to it after a while. (I wonder if this is why I’m so neutral towards people)? But of course I know all of my emotions and experienced fun, happy, and heart warming feelings. Some even indescribable.

But anyways, cringe at my morals, and worth ethics all you want. Just thank you the viewers for viewing my blog for quite some time. -Mark

(Feeling bored, listen to the beautiful music that’re down below)

(To The Moon; Video Game)

(Princess Mononoke/ Mononoke Hime; Japanese Animated Movie)

(Princess Mononoke Remix)

(When Marnie Was There; Japanese Animated Movie/Book Adaptation)


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