-To The Moon; The Sadness Of Indie Games- – (Video Games)-


If you’re a wandering person on the internet like me, finding great indie games like To The Moon, well I guess you’re in for a treat who ever you are! (In the next sentence; only if you do not know about indie games or what the game, To The Moon is). But since you’re (your, you’re; which one is more appropriate, I don’t know) here anyways, I want to explain what indie games are. Indie Games; “Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support.” Well I didn’t just copy and past this from the wiki (sarcastically). But back on track, now that you know about indie games, I want to talk about the most depressing story, adventure, and puzzle game, and it’s To The Moon.

to-the-moon-logoTo The Moon; this game is about two doctors, Dr. Neil Watts and Dr. Eva Rosalene, who uses a device that gives dying patients their wishes. Although, not in physical form of giving these dying patients their wishes, they create artificial memories for their patients to believe that they actually accomplished what they wished for. When these artificial memories are created for that person, they’ll eventually die due to conflicts of their regular memories and artificial memories. Which is why they only take death bed patients. In this case, the story takes place at a dying patient named John, a person who wants to go to the moon but doesn’t know why. Dr.Neil Watts and Dr. Eva Rosalene are there to take on his dying wish, but they have to find the purpose on why John wants to go to the moon, so they have to go through all of his past memories first, then make it so he actually accomplished his wish to the moon.

Watch the trailer to get a better feel on what To The Moon is about

tumblr_n0o3xouUJ61rl5kkto1_1280What I love so much about To The Moon; I love everything! All of the characters are unique, the music is beautiful, the gameplay is nostalgic like (also because it’s created from RPG Maker), there’s just the perfect amount of sadness, and there’s a perfect amount of humor in the game (including all of the references from the doctor Neil Watts just cracks me up), it’s quite realistic (which includes financial problems, real mental illnesses, and etc), and not to mention, it’s story is just amazing (especially Johnny’s/John’s life. It makes me sad just thinking about it. JohnnyXRiver). Some characters in this game that I really like are Johnny, River, Neil Watts, Eva Rosalene, and the kids that play the piano (Lily’s kids). Johnny is a very concerned person towards River (his wife), and always does things for her. This includes creating a house specifically next to their light house, and even create a piano song that consists of only 3 piano notes that’s called, “For River” (I will not spoil why he created it for her). River; she’s a shy girl/lady with a mental order  (I can’t remember what it’s called), who is Johnny’s wife. The relationship towards River and Johhny when they were younger was extremely cute, and that’s one reason I like the character River (the first encounter killed me mentally, and maybe a bit physically towards my heart).

Neil Watts; there’s always something to laugh about with this doctor! He always has a careless attitude (and I actually mean it when I saNaqD9kEy he’s always careless), and his references and as well as his carelessness always seems to amaze me with humor. Eva Rosalene; she definitely scolds Neil Watts in this game a lot and antagonizes him as well, but she means it in a more serious but joking way. But hey, it’s quite funny. And by the way, I ship Eva and Neil (sometimes I ask my self why I say these types of things on my blog. but oh well). Lastly, the kids, or Lily’s kids; they’re just so mischievous! They fight but synchronize with each other, such as playing the piano and doing various of activities (like asking Eva or Neil to give them the candy cane that’s on top of something).

Besides characters, the music/OST’s; my freaking gosh, their beautiful. It’s a mixture of 16bit music (16bit; video game terminology for an older video game) and symphonic. Each sound track makes you feel like your on an adventure, and each sound track is just so unique. It’s kind of like a second nature of having a feeling by one sound track, and to the creator of the game (he’s also the composer of creating all of the sound tracks), I give him extreme praise. But what makes these OST’s so good is that they were placed just perfectly through out the game! It definitely made my experiences of watching a longplay awesome.

Some of my favorite OST’s;

To The Moon-Main Theme(Makes Me Want To Cry) – 0:00
Spiral Of Secrets – 6:15
For River – Piano (Sarah & Tommy’s Version) – 7:21
Bestest Detectives In The World – 10:20
Teddy – 11:45
Uncharted Realms – 12:28
Having Lived – 13:36
Moonwisher – 14:57
Born A Stranger – 17:08
For River-Piano (Johnny’s Version) (It’s So Depressing Knowing Why This Was Created 😦 ) – 18:50
Everything’s Alright (Music Box)(Another Depressing Song By Knowing The Meaning) – 21:36
Moongazer (JohnnyXRiver ;( ) – 22:16
Anya By The Stars – 24:32
Take Me Anywhere – 26:47
Warning (AKA Best Track Ever) – 27:47
Beta-B – 27:57
World’s Smallest Ferris Wheel – 29:04
Once Upon A Memory – 29:39
Once Upon A Memory (Piano) – 32:05
Everything’s Alright – 33:40
Everything’s Alright (Reprise) – 37:06
Tomorrow – 38:05
Launch – 40:15
To The Moon-Piano (Ending Version) – 42:13
Trailer Theme-Part 1 – 47:34
Trailer Theme-Part 2 (feat. Laura Shigihara) – 49:18

For the Whole Soundtrack List, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snl67XsI6Is

And now lastly, the gameplay! It’s not all that much about doing something like quests and then proceeding into a story, but more of doing something interactive and the story belongs to that interactive thing. For example, in a regular video game, you have to do a quest like destroy 100 skeletons in order to proceed to another quest or to the story. But as for To The Moon, it’s more like, you do something interactive but that’s what makes the games story. (Sorry if it didn’t make it more clearer). Once again, the games graphics are more of an RPG, and mainly because it was created from something called, RPG Maker (Obviously). I thought the graphics for some of the characters were cute, and I thought the overall gameplay for To The Moon was a interactive and puzzle game, but with a beautiful story!

(After watching the game), I just watched the whole thing; I shed a tear. I’m not the type of person that gets emotional over video games and with watching animes, but To The Moon, it made cry with joy (literally). I 100% recommend watching a longplay of the game, or buying the game itself. It was definitely a heart breaking and heart warming game. -Mark

And that’s all I had to say about To The Moon! Check some of the videos down below if you want to!

(Youtuber’s Reaction To The Ending Of The Game/The Ending Spoilers)

(Watch The LongPlay Too!)

If you play the piano, here’s the music lyrics to, “For River”. http://theglasspiano.tumblr.com/post/133938008462/to-the-moon-rivers-song


I had fun writing this post, and sorry for keeping you guys waiting for me to write a blog post for quite a while. What do you guys think? Should I also do “my thoughts on awesome video games” like this? Do you have any awesome games that can top off To The Moon? Well anyways, see you guys later, peace!


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