-I Know What You’re Thinking; Not ANOTHER UPDATE!? Yes?Maybe?- (Update/Kappa)-

summerAs I’ve said before, I will be writing two indie games, To The Moon, and The Witches House. But after going through my post about writing both games into one post, it was just too long! So I decided to create two posts, one for To The Moon, and one for The Witches House. But the one I’m almost finished and will be posted today is; To The Moon! Prepare to cry your eyes out with this post, and maybe a few laughs (not guaranteed, or get your payments back of absolutely nothing). But back on a serious note, both posts will not be posted on the same day (cause Mark/me is too lazy and needs to enjoy his Summer 😎 ). (Sorry if you cringed after me being a hypocrite). But anyways, I will also be writing my Otaku’s life post in the future. So stayed tuned (after like a month has passed or something like that). So see you guys later, have a good Summer, and peace! (I’m such as bad blogger. I’m sorry lol).

(I Thought You Would Be Pretty Bored, So Here’s A Full List Of Soundtracks From The Indie Game, To The Moon)

(*Cough Cough*, JohnnyXRiver ^^^^^ *Cough Cough*)


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