-The Most Peacful Exam Week- -(Update+RealLife)-

keep-calm-examHey, as you may know, I’m busy due to exams. I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT!? EXAMS!? ARE YOU DYING FROM EXAMS!?”. No, no, exams isn’t that big of deal (for others, it means the world to them. Especially Seniors). I’m not saying that exams doesn’t matter, but I’m saying it’s not bothering me. And as you may know if your a student, summer break is here, or at least near (for me, it’s in a few days). Please understand that I’m going to be busy this whole week, and look out for my future posts in the mean time. I will be writing my Otaku’s Life post about my awesome month, and about two Indie games, To The Moon, and The Witches House. And by the way, I’m still watching the gameplay of To The Moon (it’s pretty sad), and I just finished watching the game play of The Witches House (I want to play the game. The reason I want to play it is because it’s free :). Not to mention it’s a horror game filled with jumpscares and a lot of death traps everywhere). But anyways, see you guys later, peace!


P.S, good luck to everyone who have exams! And have a great summer! -Mark


One thought on “-The Most Peacful Exam Week- -(Update+RealLife)-

  1. P.S.S, Good luck to all of the A.E Burdick 8th grade bloggers, and congratulations on graduating!


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