-My Favorite Anime That I’ve Watched So Far; Day 2 Of The 30 Day Anime Challenge-

ZZ16828CD3“My Favorite Anime That I’ve Watched So Far.” HA HA, SINCE WHEN HAVE I WATCHED ANIME RECENTLY!? But sasariasly (Tokyo Ghoul:Re reference; Sasaki. I’m such a weeaboo), my favorite Anime that I’ve watched so far is Akira. And if you read My Weeaboo’s Life Post, you would know I wrote about how much I want to watch Akira (which I finished watching). And I know there are probably better Animes that I’ve watched, but Akira and One Piece are the only Animes I’ve watched recently (if this was manga, this would’ve been a whole different story). “So Akira, what is it?” Akira is considered an Anime Classic, as the story is about the two main characters, Kaneda and Tetsuo, but the story is mainly based on a supernatural kid named Akira (Spoiler alert), that is dead (and then he comes back to life?). The setting takes place in Tokyo after World War III and after a big bombing in the eastern hemisphere (In the parts of Asia). So why is it my favorite? I liked how it was more realistic compared to a lot of other Animes, and ironically, Akira is supernatural akiraand is far from being realistic. And what I mean by more realistic is, the Anime actually has people dieing, and that someone is not immortal with their magical powers of nonsense and invincibility by “HYPED” emotions (for example; when someone is about to die but because they turn automatically bad to the das, their invincible. I hate those types of moments). Back on topic; I like how most characters in Akira have their own personality, and that their very unique (compared to a bunch of other animes, where basically everyone is Nuurutoes, being hidden in the leaves, and having a cliche sad story; Naruto reference/joke). For example, Kaneda is like a mixture of silliness and dopeyness, but will always have a way to beat his most dangerous situations. As for Tetsuo, he’s a blood lustful person, a some what antagonizing character to almost everyone, but only antagonizes the people he dislikes (also Tetsuo is just a freaking beast in the Anime)!

But anyways, Akira is one of my favorite Animes currently (also I ended here, because it took 3 days to make this, and I want to carry on to the next post). So see you guys later, peace!

Here’s Some Videos to watch;

Akira 25th Years Old Edition (English Dubbed) Trailer;

Stronger/Kanye West (inspired from the Anime Akira)


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