-“There’s Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”; Mark Watches Corpse Party- – (Horror/VideoGames)-

logocorpsepartynonlayerSince I’m such a pansy and won’t watch the Anime (like I asked you guys a year ago if I should watch corpse party), I decided to watch the video game. Of course I’m not playing the game, because I’m a pansy, so I decided to watch a youtuber! (also because I do not want to buy the game). And if you were thinking PewDiePie, or Markiplier, YOU’RE WRONG! It’s LaurenzSide! How ever, I’ve seen Markiplier and PewDiePie play the game and I was not satisfied with their commentary (no offense to their fans or videos). Then going forward to watching Corpse Party; for some reason, I’m numb from horror games or movies now. Apparently I’ve seen so much things to the point where I’m just numbed. And looking back at my self  indexfrom one year ago, I was scared and paranoid, but now I’m just like, “bruh, it’s a ghost. I hope it doesn’t kil-, never mind”. So looking back on the game; it’s a freaking master piece! I freaking love their background music, especially Chapter 1’s Main theme (which is down below, and it’s my favorite sound track), and the creepy eery song from chapter 2 (all of the music in general is just so freaking awesome in my opinion). The music in this game is either energetic and eery, or just straight up creepy (something creepy; when ever you pick up an item and it makes this creepy sound). The characters backstory (the backstory for all of the characters can be found in the game or on the Wiki), is either amazing, or just die quickly by a vengeful spirit. Like for example, my favorite characters are, Satoshi, Seiko, Yoshiki, and Naomi (I ship Naomi and Seiko by the way). And some of the character I hate are, Yuka (because she’s a middle schooler and acts like a baby), Morishige, and Ayumi (because she goes insane a couple of times). The graphics (the newer versions of the game, not the 1998 game), is just a beautiful 2d platform! It’s a mixture of old school and new graphic style (if you understand what I mean by old school or new school graphics). And especially the horror/story of the game! I loved how they BC_CG_014Cadded spirits in the game, as they tell their past lives, how the people that’re alive should be more positive when faced in their nexus’s, and just the tragic cases that the spirits may have. One of my favorite spirit quotes would have to be, ” it’s impossible to escape, but it’s still better to try to escape with your friends and know that you will at least die with your friends”, which made be like, “that’s true, but deep”. Of course you do have some creepy things too like the headless antique doll. “It speaks in a robotic monotone voice” ごめなさい (Gomenasai) ごめなさい (Gomenasai)  ごめなさい (Gomenasai) (Meaning Sorry). Which this scared the heck out of me when I just kept hearing the doll say that continuously  (also because it’s a catchy sound, which made me more paranoid). But overall, I freaking love Corpse Party (despite it being quite weird at sometimes or being overly sexual. Especially towards underage Japanese girls). Which I guess that is why it’s a Rated M game, but anyways, it’s still wrong. But as for the video game player and commentator of the game, LaurenzSide, I enjoyed her commentary (especially because it makes me less lonely and less creeped out from watching her play Corpse Party). But if you guys really want me to watch it, I will watch it, and it will freaking suck (if I have the time to watch it that is). And it would be cool if you would also watch this youtube series! (if you’re easily scared, do not watch this whole series, as it may include scenes that may not seem appropriate to others. But the first video is not all that scary, but the further on videos are more scary; you have been warned)!

(Corpse Party Anime Opening) “Seiko I’m Sorry” ;-; I cri erry tim

(Corpse Party Chapter 1 Video Game Version)

(Corpse Party Chapter 1 Piano+Instrumental/Techno Version)

(Corpse Party Chapter 1 Piano Version)

Well I guess I’m not sleeping tonight 🙂 “she’s laughing with a smile on her face” (Yoshiki examining Ayumi). Being serious now; I hope you guys enjoyed this post, so see you guys later, peace!


3 thoughts on “-“There’s Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”; Mark Watches Corpse Party- – (Horror/VideoGames)-

  1. I agree its story is amazing and this game can shake my nerve (Music, story, character design and etc.). Corpse Party’s story taught me many things about human’s (negative) emotions. Started in blood covered, especially “holding a grudge” to someone.

    I compared two stories in my post, focused on “holding a grudge” is not worthwhile. One is Bakemonogatari anime/novel, another is Corpse Party: Blood Covered game/manga. Both of them taught me it will waste your time, energy and made you have misfortune.

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    • I find it interesting on how we can relate more to something fictional compared to something in real life, and learn from it. And I agree with you that holding a grudge is a waste of time. I can’t tell if the creators of these games/fictional writings were intended to tell us the meaning, but it’s quite interesting.

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      • this took me so long before I knew these 2 stories have the similar point about negative emotions. I want to write something about human’s emotions and bakemonogatari + corpse party can present frightening emotion very well. That’s why I tried to write so we, who are human that live in reality world, can aware ourselves and try to do things better.

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