-The Very First Anime You Watched; Day 1, Of The 30 Day Anime Challenge-


This is pretty much the conflict of the Chicken and the egg; which came first? It’s either Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z. But I’m going to guess that I watched Dragon Ball Z first (even though I said I watched Naruto first on my other 30 day anime challenge). Who knows how young I was when I watched Dragon Ball Z, but I’ve watched it since I was born (with my older brother). My brother was a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, as he watched a bunch of AMV’s (mostly from Linkin Park songs), and it kind of rubbed off on me (because I also like AMV’s, Animes, and Linkin Park). But yeah, Dragon indexBall Z was basically one of my child hood Animes that also  include Studio Ghibli, and other Animes such as Bleach (which I don’t remember the Anime all too well because I was super young to comprehend what’s going on), and Naruto (same goes to Naruto as well, but I’ve watched it my whole life). I’ve always came to love watching Dragon Ball Z, as power levels go beyond 9000, and Saiyans turning into Super Saiyans, you know what I’m sayin’ (a joke I heard in my Japanese class)? But seriously, Dragon Ball Z was some what of a factor for me to watching other Animes, and I entirely enjoyed watching Dragon Ball Z.

If You Were An AMV Kid; You Feeling Old Yet?

But that’s all I had to say guys, see you guys later peace! (I hope you look forward to these posts, and I hope you give me feedback on if these posts should be longer or shorter) -Mark.


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