-“This Is How You Ward Off The Devil”; Day 23 Of An Otaku’s Life- – (Real Life)-

As my life in general like most days, I’m busy (apparently not too busy to write a blog post though). But anyways, here I am to talk about my life. “Wheres the Anime and Manga posts Mark?”, read sentence one of paragraph one of “-“This Is How You Ward Off The Devil”; Day 23 Of An Otaku’s Life- – (Real Life)-“. Finally back on topic again on actually talking about my life. My high school weirds me out, and in a good way, funny way, and in a cringy way (this can also apply to my Japanese class, and I guess you can figure out why. But most of the time their just joking around). And if you didn’t know, I dislike weeaboo’s (to an extent), but apparently the Japanese do not mind weeaboo’s. I found it pretty interesting.

Going back to how my school weirds me out; so one day, it was a Japanese class day and we did something called a radio exercise or something beyond on those lines. Then when we watched a video of a radio excercise and actually did the exercise. Then someone says, “this is how you ward off the devil- them evil spirits”, and I’m just laughing as I do the hilarious exercise (but it was quite refreshing to do the exercise, not going to lie).

And then the next day (which was a Friday, and the last day of the month of April ), our school did a prep rally (or something else, I can’t remember what they call it now a days). So basically, we were in our gym watching people being chosen to be prom queen and king, and even a dodge ball queen and king vs the dodge ball team (which the queen and king group lost with extreme hype). And then we get to see the football team in short shorts and what not (these are like buff guys), and I guess you know what goes on afterwards (if you don’t know; they were twerking). Then I just cringed pretty hard and the audience was just hyped. Then I left home happy because it was the weekend. So yeah, school was interesting (also I’m wondering on how the dance was even approved, but kay). Then on the lightspeed-go-karts-lasersame day, I went to a place called Lightspeed Go-Karts & Laser Tag (which is in Milwaukee Wisconsin, or for my foreign audience, it’s in the United States). I was invited by my younger cousin to go with him and with his church small group, and mainly played laser tag for 4 hours straight till 10PM. Not to mention the staff at Lightspeed were super friendly, and every staff member had their own kind of enthusiasm to them. But most importantly, laser tag! So basically me and my younger cousin played with a bunch of people (who weren’t that good, but some were fairly okay) for a while, and scouted the whole laser tag room. So there’s the top floor and the bottom floor, and for me it doesn’t matter were I go, because I know the room so well and how to shoot someones vest from far away. But for the new people, it was best for one team to be on the top floor, and most people on the bottom, would usually have a disadvantage. The advantages for the top floor is that, they can surround the whole room and have many places where they can shoot. Another advantage is that, their vests are hard to shoot, while the person on the bottom is fully vulnerable and is an easy target. The disadvantages of the top floor; although their vests are protected from certain angles, they can still be hit from reflected mirrors around the room, and even be hit in certain places of the room. So basically the the top floor likes to “camp” or stay in one spot the whole time, and usually the majority of one team, is”camping”. So what I usually do is hide as best I can, and shoot everyone on the top floor (I even made someone mad because of this, LOL!). So now to story time on me and my cousins laser tag experience. So basically me and my cousin were always teamed up (green vs reds, and we were team red most of the time), we would usually take over the top floor, and then split up. I would always take the lower floor because it’s more fun, and I like the challenge when people shoot me from the upper floor. So I noticed this group of family (quite violent I must say), and they were quite full of their selves and they scared a bunch of kids by yelling with intimidation. Such as, “FREEZE”, “I GOT CHU BOY”, “I SHOT YOU”. So I decided to play serious, and I ticked off most of the family with a friendly game of laser tag (vengeance without violence is a bliss 😛 ). I would mainly be behind one of the family members and shoot their backs (because it gives the most points), I would be very far from them and shoot from a distance, and I even shoot behind me without looking back (which is actually a good strategy, and call my nerdy for thinking that idea up if you want). Sometimes I would hide in the darkest spots, abuse my vest vulnerability by crouching behind a building and shooting them, and straightly move forward to them as they try to intimidate me. Then the next thing you know it, game over, and it was 10,000 green points- 20,000 red points. GG, get rekt. But seriously now, me and my cousin decided to be nice and told the family strategies, and from that point, everyone was mixed in different groups. (P.S, poor girl and her mom as the little girl said, “he sounds mad”, as her mom responded, “it’s okay”.). I also want to tell another laser tag story where me and my cousin faced against four foreign ladies, and let’s just say, me and my cousin got destroyed. This did not occur in the time when me and cousin were with his church small group, but this happened last year. So it was late at night, we maybe played a few more games before we went home, lightspeed1band we just see these four foreign ladies talking to each other (a language both me and cousin don’t know). So me and my cousin thought, hmm, they must be new to the game, this will be easy (because most people who were new, were pretty bad). So it was me, my cousin, and my cousins cousin, against these four ladies. As we entered the door, me my cousin and my cousins cousin, stayed on the upper level, while I stayed downstairs. And I can remember what my cousins cousin was saying, “hey, we should all camp up here”, and I was like “nah, I’ll stay downstairs” (big mistake on my part). So all three of us are literally puzzled, as we do not know where these ladies were, and I’m just like, “well then” (keep in mind that the room is not super big, but it’s medium sized). So the game started, and the next thing you know it, my cousin and his cousin was already shot on the top floor, and I tried to flank the ladies as I saw their lasers (they were upstairs where my cousin and my cousins cousin). (For the sake of making this story less confusing for my cousin and my cousins cousin, I’m just going to say cousins for of them.). So there are two ways I can go upstairs, and lets say, the top floor is in the middle of the room. There’s the left side of the top floor, and theirs the right side of the top floor (just noticed that this would also be confusing, as who knows which is your right and which is your left, or which is left and which is your right. At this point, I’m purposely making this confusing). So anyways, let’s just say I went up stairs, right. And I saw two of them and shot both of them, but I was shot from my back and it was coming from the bottom floor. Then me being me, I went back downstairs (bad mistake). So I went downstairs, and I meet my other cousins as well. I also see that all four ladies went upstairs, and we pretty much got destroyed. We did have a comeback, as simply me and my cousins were camping downstairs and hiding ourselves, but we lost the game anyways. Always note to your self, take the top floor of the room (when it comes to the place Lightspeed that is). But enough of stories, I want to discuss some Anime and Manga’s I’ve watched/read.

ZZ16828CD3Although I have stopped watching Anime for a while, I started to get the hang of it again by watching One Piece (where I’m on the Dressrosa Arc), and now I’m watching an Anime classic movie, Akira! Believe it or not, I always wanted to watch the Movie Akira, but I just keep forgetting to watch it. The only reason I remembered Akira was because of it’s awesome and iconic looks of the photo on the right, and because of Kayne West’s song, “Stronger”, as it references iconic scenes from Akira.

Also believe it or not, I listened to the song “Stronger” first from Daft Punk, then I remembered Kayne’s song, “Stronger”. But back on Animes and what not; One Piece! I honestly got mad when Luffy and his crew just kept saying dumb jokes and quit watching the Anime. But then I came back and watched One Piece, and just wow; it only gets better. Freaking Luffy and Trafalglar Law is BAD DAS (ROOMU! るうむ!). And of course I just encountered one of my most favorite villain theme songs, which is Ceaser Clown’s Theme. I just love how creepy and eery the theme song is, and I entirely like the gas sound effects that Ceaser Clown makes. Now, I won’t spoil anything that happens in One Piece.

(Ceaser Clown’s Theme)

(And if you already watched One Piece, or don’t care at all about spoilers; Trafaglar Law’s abilities)

But now to Manga’s! Or should I say manga? I just started to read Black Butler! (which I’m sure I said this before.). And the only reason I came to read Black Butler is because I saw a total Bad Das Elizibeth/Lizzy Manga photo on Facebook, and I was thinking to my self, “I HAVE TO READ THIS ASAP”! As usual, for the Anime and Manga, there different (which I started to notice a lot more often when watching and reading the Anime and Manga). So anyways, I won’t get into details on what’s different, but let’s get to my thoughts on it. So, Black Butler is just great! It gives a lot more information about the characters, the plot, ya da ya da ya da, the usual (if you haven’t seen my blog posts before, I always say that the Manga has the most information than the Anime). But anyways, let’s just say that Sebation is more a total Bad Das in the Manga than in the Anime.

That’s pretty much the main difference between the Anime and the Manga (also, Black Butler Season 2 the Anime did not come from the Manga). But that’s all I had to say about Anime’s and Manga’s, so just listen to Black Butler songs.


So that’s all I had to say guys. I had a good weekend, and sorry if I haven’t been blogging for a while. So see you guys later, peace!


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  1. “I’m going to be taking a big break from blogging” -Me (Day 22 Of An Otaku’s Life). #Mark Is A Hypocrit


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