-R.I.P Prince/Purple Rain- – (Semi Off-Topic)

I’m not a big fan of Prince, but I sure was a big fan of the Dave Chappelle Show. And if you don’t know who Prince or Dave Chappelle is,  Prince was a famous singer (considered one of the best back in the day), and Dave Chappele is a Comedian who creates skits. Prince was one of my parent’s favorite singers, but Dave Chappele is what introduced me to Prince. So here’s a video of Dave Chappelle Show on Charlie Murphy’s (yet again, another comedian) story about his time in the club with Prince.

(There will be swearing in this video) “Game. Blouses”

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for over a week now, I was almost finished with writing my thoughts on Kingdom Hearts but I accidentally deleted some paragraphs and have to write it again (including I’m super busy with homework, while I stay up till 9 PM every single day). So sorry TheOtherSide for not giving you a message and hope you understand, and I hope you guys go check out his series of story’s (it’s not Manga for once believe it or not), and I liked his Retribution story. So see you guys later, peace!

“Blouses” LOOL.


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