-Have A Great Month/Spring From Mark-

It’s finally that time again; spring. I’m hoping you guys have a great spring or spring break (if your students of course). Now I finally have some time to relax! (I hope).  School has always been hard (but I expected it to be hard, so in all honesty, it’s quite fun), and there’s always that feeling for me to either study or do homework over school days and even weekends. But not this week! It’s time to kick back and relax! Oh man, just remembered. I have to read 10 chapters of, “To Kill A Mocking Bird” over break. See what mean! But anyways, just hoping for you guys to have a great spring! See you guys later, peace, kick back, and don’t forget to relax 😎 .

Hey, also check out my new gaming channel!


Okay, I’m done with the Rick Roll, here’s the actual gaming channel (anyone else like Rick Astley’s songs)?


Sorry If I haven’t posted anything yet, but I want to post Old School Runescape, CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), Minecraft (probably not), and Combat Arms (Mainly Quaratine FreeRun Game Play). This channel will not have daily posts, but it’ll just be me posting at anytime I want. As it will show you guys how good, bad, or okay I play videogames.

Listen To Some Of Yiruma’s Classical Songs:


3 thoughts on “-Have A Great Month/Spring From Mark-

  1. Aye! I was happy to hear you like to listen to Yiruma. ( There’s a lot of people I like to listen to besides him, but I’m happy at least SOMEONE knows who Yiruma is. ) Also, I started reading manga like you suggested! I’m reading Bleach and also the manga for the anime I watched that was really good called ” Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in Dungeons? ” I’m actually adding manga to my half-revamped blog. I’m planning on making it a collection but WordPress is kind of hard to work with. Anyways, have a nice spring break!

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    • To be honest, I decided to watch a random video, and I came across a video of Yiruma’s best songs. But that’s cool that you’re reading manga! And I’ll leave it up to you if you should pick up girls in dungeons. But, do what ever that makes you happy (don’t quote me on that, lol). And that’s also cool that you’re adding Manga to your blog 😀 ! Keep up the great work, and have a great spring break.

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