-Mark Reads, Scott Prilgrim, and The Walking Dead- – (Comics)-

What’s an Anime and Manga blog poster like me posting comics!? “Cause, why not?” -2k9000 Mark Yang. I’ve always loved Japanese Manga’s, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not retiring Anime and Manga posts, but I’ve always wanted to read comics (American). I’ve always wanted to watch The Walking Dead and rewatch the Scott Pilgrim VS The World Movie, but I just remembered something. They’re all adaptations from their comics! So hello world! My thoughts on Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead (the comic).

(Warning; I give this post a 13+ rating)!

ScottPilgrimScott Pilgrim: First off, let me give a little description on what Scott Pilgrim is, if you’re new to the comic.

You have your carefree 23 year old male main character, Scott Pilgrim. A financially poor person, but still a manageable person with his friends and band, “Sex Bob-Omb” (essentially his friends). Scott Pilgrim also dates a girl named Knifes Chou, but later on dreams about a girl. After going to a party, he finally see’s the girl in his dreams in real life (literally). Seems like Scott Pilgrim has a whole way to go to date the girl of his dreams.

(Spoilers) My thoughts on Scott Pilgrim; It’s freaking funny! The jokes and humor that goes around in Scot Pilgrim always crack me up. Although it can be racist, and as it literally makes fun of everyone, it’s alright to an extent (in my opinion). This comic is pretty much the stereotypical American young adult life (besides the supernatural in later on chapters), like having a rock band with a random name, having those party typed friends, and just straight up romance (of course there are some other stereotypes as well). The story in my opinion was just great (although, Scott Pilgrim cheated on his girlfriend (Knife Chou) in the first chapter, and he’s literally a financially broke young adult), I’m enjoying it.


TheWalkingDead01_coverThe Walking Dead: Yet again, I’m going to give you guys another description on the comic, The Walking Dead (if your new to the comic or TV series in general).

Police officer Rick Grimes, was in an incident where he tried to save his partner from being shot, but in return, he was shot him self. After waking up from a coma, Rick Grimes notices that he’s in a hospital, but he doesn’t see anyone in their. After walking out of his room, he mistakes the people” out there” to be human. But they’re far apart from being “human”. Rick has to get out of the hospital, escape the killer zombies, and return back to his family.


(No Spoilers) My thoughts on The Walking Dead; I don’t know why, but this comic just keeps me wanting more! Maybe I should watch the TV Series? But anyways, it sure as heck violent! Every chapter, someone dies, or at the very least, a zombie dies. I don’t know how to describe my thoughts on The Walking Dead, but it sure is one heck of a comic. No one will survive this crazy apocalypses :P.


Before I go; I really enjoyed reading Scott Pilgrim and, The Walking Dead! Sorry for my short post, but I’m glad that I got the time to actually read these two awesome comic classics (or at least well known). So see you guys later, peace!


(Some scenes may be inappropriate for some people and some scenes may not seem appropriate to others)

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Movie Trailer:

The Walking Dead, TV Series Trailer:


3 thoughts on “-Mark Reads, Scott Prilgrim, and The Walking Dead- – (Comics)-

  1. Jeez, everyone always says ” Dude, you have to watch The Walking Dead! “, and I just don’t like to ’cause I think it’s gross. Then again, I only have watched small parts of random episodes and my cousins try to freak me out and make me watch it with them and watch as I yell and say ” NOOO! It’s GROSS! ” So I dunno what to tell you, Mark. Maybe or maybe you shouldn’t watch the TV series. * DUN DUN DUN *

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you!!! It’s like peer pressure (except you can’t tell if it’s a good or bad thing, lol). But as for me in watching the walking dead. Maybe. But I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that way!


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