-Sword Art Online; My Thoughts So Far- -(Manga)-


It’s so similar, yet so different! I just started to read Sword Art Online, and I’m almost finished reading the whole Manga already (there’s maybe like 17 chapters in total). I swear the Anime feels so long, but the Manga feels so short! Literally 1 chapter is the equivalent of 1 whole episode, it’s crazy! But what would you guys feel or be like if you were stuck in an VRMMORPG (virtual reality massive multiplayer online role playing game. Call me a nerd, or should I say; otaku? Ha! Just kidding, I’m a weeaboo by heart). But anyways, a brief introduction to those who do not know what Sword Art Online is.

Sword Art Online is about the main character Kirito. And he’s one out of the 20,000 people who he’s stuck in the virtual reality game, SAO (Sword Art Online ソ-ドア-ト オンラオン). In order for Kirito and the other 20,000 people to leave SAO, they need to beat all 100 levels of Aincrad. “To die in game, is to die in real life” -Kirito.

(Spoilers Beyond This Point)

imageSo firstly, I just want to talk about the art style of Sword Art Online (Ha, did you see what I did there)? It was definitely different to the Animes art style, but there were definitely some parts that were quite different. For example, character designs. If you look at Kirito in the Manga, he kind of has an emo hair style (but there were some scenes where he looks totally cool with it). And when it came to Kirito’s most iconic black outfit and dual swords, I was just amazed on how freaking awesome it looked! Kirito’s character design was alright, as there wasn’t too much downgraded art style for Kirito (maybe in the beginning), and Kirito just looked like Kirito (Obviously). As for Asuna’s art design, (obviously again), she mainly looked like Asuna from the Anime. I can’t really hate on Asuna’s clothing design, and it was like the one from the Anime. Now I just want to talk about Kline and Agil. They look quite similar to their Anime design, but this time, I just have to say that they’re a little bit different as well. As you have Kline being just a bit repulsive looking, but still looking pretty fine, in my opinion (in the Anime, he surely has a better looking face compared to his face in the Manga). Now for Agil; I don’t know how to explain it, but he definitely is different looking. I guess you can say he looks more serious and manlier in the Manga. But yeah, the character designs. As for actually the real art designs, I guess you can’t really talk much about it. It was surely fine, and there was nothing wrong with it, but let’s just say the art style fitted the manga.

f83c7cb3c53df85c2cf096f777ed595fMy thoughts by comparing both the Anime and Manga; they’re both similar when it comes to the plot and story, but when it comes to the Anime and Manga telling the story, the Manga will gives flashbacks. But in the Anime, Kirito’s story goes in the correct time order (meaning that Kirito does current things, and Kirito is not skipping scenes, as he’s not telling people about his past or thinking about his own past). Some examples are, Kirito is firstly show to see his friends die in the Anime, but in the Manga, we find out that Kirito’s friends die when he tells Asuna about it. So yeah, the Anime and Manga are pretty much the same, but the stories for the Manga are told differently. The only chapter that I’d considered different from the Anime and Manga is the Asuna and Kirito scene (if you know what I’m talking about), and of course Asuna and Kirito meeting of course (in the Anime). But I’ve come to love both the Anime and Manga, and I just really loved the relationship that Asuna and Kirito had in the Manga (because the Anime is more like, “Sword Art Harem Online”).

My thoughts on the Manga; I’m not going to lie, I’m glad that the chapters were some what a50d44f2ba82aec6ef1313ef4a6c877fshort. Because of all of the boring scenes that were in the Anime, where we really don’t care about lesser characters (except Kline and Agil of course), I wouldn’t want to go through and read about it. So thank goodness for the Manga! (Seriously, who wants to watch Kirito literally sleep with 3 different girls; “Sword Art Harem Online”). (After this point, I just finished the Manga). THE ENDING! THE FEEEEEELS! I can’t tell if Kirito actually dies at the end of the Manga, but freaking Kirito and Asuna! Thank goodness again for the Manga, as there weren’t any other girls going after Kirito (they don’t even appear in the Manga, YEEES)! But back to the ending; it was quite similar to the Anime, but the Anime just couldn’t compare to the Manga (meaning, the Manga was better in my opinion). Their relationship was just perfect, and the ending kiss scene; just wow. There strong loving relationship is what really made me come to love this Manga’s ending.

But anyways guys, I just want to leave some of my most favorite scenes from the manga (beware of spoilers),and also some video’s as well. Enjoy, and peace!


SAO Anime Trailer:

(SAO Opening Song)

(SAO Ending Song)


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