-When Spring Finally Sprouts- – Day 21 Of An Otaku’s Life- – (Real Life)

It’s finally that time again guys, SPRING! Well for me that is (sorry to anyone else that still gets snow). I can’t tell if this week was just full of stress or just full of fun. But when spring comes along, all I want is spring break or summer. And when the breaks come along, I just want to lay on my bed, crack open a window, let the breeze flow through me, see the sun, see the slow swaying tree in front of my bed and window, and just listen to birds while I’m laying there (yes, I do, do this. It’s my most favorite thing to do in the summer time). The only thing that’s wrong with summer is family time. Just too much family time while I’m at it. Either it’s me being at my grand parents’ farmers market till 4AM-4PM on every single Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, or my family going on 6-10 hour trips where we do nothing but sleep in a hotel and pay a lot of money for the hotel. All though you may think of me as lazy, I’m not (I can go on and on as to what I do that you’d probably want/don’t want to do 🙂 ). But anyways, family is a hassle, and school is stressful yet fun. Let’s get to what I’ve done this week.

My High School Life; As Valentines day passed and a lot of people were receiving flowers (from a high school Valentines service), it was just another day to feel quite lonely. There was no one my type at the school that I was at (So don’t ask me to go look for a girl friend), and all I was thinking was about my past Valentines days (maybe I’m too picky). And when it came to my most favorite, and probably my only happiest Valentines day, it was the day I actually had a Valentines. My first and only you can say. Enough of talking about sappy stories, it’s Spring, not the day of depression full of thoughts. (But it makes me happy to remember such great memories. I bet you want know don’t you? Too bad :p ). Now back to my actual high school life; my grades were quite good last week, but this week, I have a 3.0 (Can’t tell if I should be proud or not). I’m still getting used to my new classes, but I hate all of my new classes (they make it sound fun but it’s really not). I still enjoy the classes that I’m still in (College prep English, College prep Social Studies, and Biology. Definitely the best teachers in my opinion). I know my current classes sound hard, but it really isn’t (courses that are called A.P, are the ones that are hard. But challenge your self and do an A.P course). And although my grades may be low, it’s because we get extremely strict and specific things called (can’t remember the name, but has specific things you need to do), which makes it hard to get an A/4. I even hear teachers saying I would give my kids higher grades for what they did, but because of this grading thing a ma-jig, it’s hard for the students to get an A or a high grade. While I hear those words from some teachers, that just made me mad as a student (because I hate the grading). Like, let’s say for example, math class. I write down the answer, and get downgraded very hard for not showing the formula or equation (or they want you to write it in a specific way. Like seriously, who cares what way I write it). I freaking answered the question, and does it even matter if I show the equation when I already have the answer!? But I mean, I also hate some teachers for literally doing nothing and not teaching the class anything. They give you an assignment, maybe a video at best on how to do it, and the video and the assignment are two different things. I know as a high school student, that it’s my responsibility to know what assignments I have to do and to also read directions, but if you don’t know where the directions are to do the assignment, then just what the heck!? I guess no matter where you go, there will always be that one lazy teacher or many. Since I’m talking about me hating on a lot of people (hates a bad word, yes I know), let me talk about rowdy (annoying/noisy/trouble makers) students. I really like my school, and I some what like my education (because of teachers), but you’ll always find that one idiocy kid, narcissist kid, racist kid, and wanna be ghetto kid in every school (please note my school is suburban). I can’t tell if I was put in a class full of them on purpose, or that I was just lucky enough to be with them. And no matter what race any one was, there are always those arrogant and superior race thoughted kids, and ignorant kids. In my opinion, some people just need to just shut up because no race is Superior. It’s also sad to look at my own race making fun of their selves, and it just disgusts me. I’m a person who can joke around, but my race will never be discouraged or dishonored, and my race included will not make fun it self as well (like seriously, have dignity in your own culture). And talking about wanna be ghetto kids, they know nothing about the ghetto, and I dare them to stay in the true ghetto to see who’s real though (some of my family lived in the ghetto, and it’s not the best place to be around). Some people are just naive. Sorry guys, just noticed that I was complaining a bit too much. So I’ll just stop right here and talk about my life 🙂 .

My Life; the sun is here, and so is the blue soaring skies! FINALLY, SPRINGS COMING NEAR! I did have some fun last week, but I’d rather not explain what happened (seriously, don’t ask). But I did play a lot of Old School Runescape during my weekend, and I can’t remember if I played CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) during the week. I read the current chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:RE, and I continued to read NG Life (The feels). I can’t remember too much as to what I’ve done over the weekend, but this is just an update on my life, I guess you can say. Sorry that I couldn’t find anything interesting to tell!

But anyways guys! See you guys later, have a good and soon to come Spring, peace!

(Here’s a TemmieSpr_temmie_l_0 for my negativity)

(This Post fills you with De-Temmie-Nation)


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