-My Thoughts On The Manga, NG Life- – (Manga)-

Ng Life definitely has originality to it when it comes to the story. And as for the backstories, it just makes me sad and also have an understanding on what to feel for the Main Characters. Ng Life is definitely an interesting Manga, and I like the “what if” kind of feel to the Manga. But anyways, let me give a brief introduction as to what NG Life is (If you never read NG Life). 

NG Life; a story about a reincarnated highschool student Saeki Keidai, who remembers his past life about him being a Pompeii warrior and about his past his lover Selena/Serena and his past best friend Loleus. Now this Japanese highshool student is trying to look for his lover Serena. And it seems his reincarnated lover lives right next to him, but instead of a Serena being a girl, Serena is a guy named Yuuma. And of course, his best friend reincarnated into a girl.

My thoughts so far! (Spoilers)!

I just love NG Life’s  story! The way it’s a reincarnation of people from a historical event is just a freaking awesome, yet tragic, idea! Not to mention that the main character Keidai is a heterosexual (straight) male having to go through conflicts of his past lover (Serena) and Yuuma having to be a guy is also just a freaking great idea (Keep in mind I’m a straight male reading this Manga, so don’t get any wrong intentions). I can’t remember how I got introduced to this Manga, but I just have it as one of my Manga’s to read (just like most of my other Manga’s I have on my list). But anyways, I’ve only read maybe 10 or so chapters, and I kind of thought the beginning chapter was a little bit meh, and the later on chapters, pretty good. As it comes to backstories, I really liked the main characters and how they were before they were reincarnated (even though Yuuma and Serizawa don’t remember Keidai when it comes to their past lifes). But, I also liked how it more culturally correct when it came to Keidai’s past life as a Pompeian (for example, Keidai actually being in Pompeii, the scenery is more of an old look, and freaking coliseums filled with all sorts of killing predators. And also Nobles and the poors of course). Continuing on, the Manga is just wonderful once again.

The art style from NG Life is simple yet creative! For example, the rainbow color fading onto the characters, and the dresses/outfits that the characters wear (Pompeian and Japanese outfits). Quite creative if I say so myself. (such a short paragraph I know).

Now about the characters! I feel really sorry for Keidai, as Yuuma could actually be Serena (because I just read the chapter where Serena could actually be someone else), and that his best friend turned into a girl (Serizawa). Also not to mention that they don’t know who Keidai is nor his past as Sirix. But Keidai is a pretty funny character and quite an interesting one. His past love for Serena is just so eternal, and just a perfect and tragic loveable love story. And Keidai’s backstory is what makes me like this character a lot. Serizawa/Loleus; firstly, I’ll talk about Serizawa. Serizawa is just one of those characters that’re irresistible! She’s not annoying as it comes to NG Life, and she’s a great friend towards Yuuma and Keidai (I ship Serizawa and Yuuma). As for Loleus, I just freaking laugh at crack up when he plays a prank on Keidai, and I like how he’s serious every now and then (I laughed a bit when Loleus stole bread from Serena’s basket, and Sirix and Serena were on a date. LOL). Yuuma/Serena; Yuuma is a quite feminine looking male, and he in my opinion is some what tsundere, and some what of a competitive person. And when it comes to Yuuma and Keidai, I guess you can’t blame Keidai for mistaking Yuuma as a chick (because he cross dresses some times). Serena is an interesting character because she’s pretty strong (apparently), and she’s a nice person towards everyone (especially Sirix/Kaidai). Serena is definitely a character that I want to know more of because, I want to know more about her relationship towards Sirix and about her past life. Now then, if I can choose my favorite character so far in NG Life, it would have to be Loleus. Loleus is a funny prankster, a loyal best friend towards Sirix, an uplifting person, and a bad das person when he’s in the moment/when he’s serious.

My overall thought about NG Life! Like I’ve said twice now, NG Life’s plot is creative. The thought of reincarnation of Pompeians and their reincarnations of being gender swapped (except Keidai/Sirix), was definitely the most perfect plot/conflict. I really liked reading NG Life and I thought it was pretty good. The plot wasn’t all too bad, and I haven’t seen anything at all that was too cliche (as in, almost every other Manga story being too similar or doing something that has been overly used in other Mangas). I found NG Life to be exteremly hilarious in it’s own sense (and what I mean is, there isn’t any dumb sexual humor, dumb jokes, and idiocy), and the story being quite realistic (despite the reincarnation part).

But anyways guys, that’s all I had to say, so see you guys later, peace!


I just read the part where Yuuma passes out playing volley ball and seeing and meeting Serena. The feels guys. Also I saw the part where Serizawa made Keidai mad and they were alone together (WAUUUH, like a little japanese girl). And I also saw the part where Serizawa (the father) was trying to play the part of the kiss scene with Keidai, LOL! (Keidai said, I’ll play the kiss scene with Serizawa, and since it was his last name, Serizawa (the father), he insisted to do it in place for Serizawa (the daughter), LMFAO)!


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