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Haven’t played Runescape? Well I can’t blame you because it’s a 15 year old game but; Runescape is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing). I know what you’re thinking, is it like World Of World Craft and those other horrible MMORPG games? Yes, and no. There are 4 game modes for the Runescape franchise, but let me explain to you on what Runescape is.

maxresdefaultRunescape is a medieval era game where quests are not necessary to proceed in anything (unlike regular MMORPG’s, where you have to do quests to go ahead and do another boring quest). You do not have to stick to one combat style, you can be all three! There’s Magic attacks, Range attacks, and the classic, Sword attacks. You can level up your skills to be a maxed level of 99 in each skills, and you can go PVP (player vs player), and own some n00bs (or PVM, player vs monster). What ever floats your boat. Of course, you can just be a pacifist and do stuff that’s called skilling. There’s a huge variety of skills that you can do to gain money, to achieve greater advantages, or to just be number 1 on the Runescape scoreboard (good luck trying, you pretty much have to give up your life to be number 1 on Runescape). The differences between other RPG’s are, you have to click to do everything (moving, grabbing items, equipting (wearing/using) items, and eating food to heal). This game has two things that you can be, F2p (free to play), or P2p (pay to play. Paying real money to play the paid version). But don’t worry guys, you don’t have to pay to be a Member (Membership/Access to a lot more features), you can get enough gold (over 2.3M coins) to get something called a bond.  Runescape is definitely a unique MMORPG, and I still enjoy to play Runescape till this day.

The first gamemode; RS3 (Runescape3, the current game), due to graphical updates, Runescape looks extremely detailed, and there’s a lot of places to explore, and a lot of things to do. In Rs3 you can choose two different combat functions. You can either use abilities, or not use abilities. Originally, Runescape did not have abilities, so people liked using the non ability option. In my opinion, I hate RS3, so I played other Runescape Gamemodes (I just quit because it was no longer like a Runescape game. Change in health points, and the ability option).

The second gamemode; OSRS (Old School Runescape/ Gamemode I play). OSRS is an older version of Runescape. It dates back to Runescapes 2007 graphics, but with different and newer stuff added to it (which did not exist in the actual 2007 Runescape or current Runescape). I personally love playing OSRS! It’s simplistic, nostalgic, and easy to play. I kind of hate that there’s a lot less players on OSRS (I think), and a lot less people playing the OSRS genre in general. But OSRS all the way!

The third gamemode; DarkScape. Darkscape has the features of RS3 but your not safe; there are killers. It’s either kill or be killed in this gamemode! compared to the regular RS3, you cannot pk (player kill) anyone except in a place called the wilderness. In DarkScape, you can pk anyone, anywhere. The only thing that prevents you from pking other players are guards. Guards are located in certain areas, but they do not guard every single place. It’s impossible to kill a guard by your self, and it’s useless to kill a guard anyways. There are restrictions in this game where you can only pk people similar to your combat level, and this prevents people from just killing each other and giving an unfair advantage.

The last gamemode; Dead Man Mode. Dead Man Mode has the features of OSRS, and yet again, it’s not safe anywhere. Dead Man Mode is the most strictest game mode out of every single other Runescape game, and good luck being the best! Even being with a big group of people isn’t good enough. Dead Man Mode let’s you pk anyone, kill anyone with any combat level, makes you lose your 10 best items inside your bank (your storage) if you die, and it makes you loose a huge portion of your skill levels (so don’t die too often in this game). Dead Man Mode gives an 5x EXP(experience) boost, which lets you level up in your skills a lot faster, and this is helpful so it doesn’t take a whole month or year to regain your skills back. I haven’t played Dead Man Mode before, but it sounds pretty extreme and fun.

So anyways, I usually like to play OSRS, and if you guys want to play with me on there, here’s my Usernames. ” Markyang1234 ” and, ” MarkyangPK “. I really like playing this game for skilling and making money (in game), but I also got introduced to f2p (free to play) pking, and I just found it to be extremely fun (also addicting). In pking, I’m a hybrid. I use range and melee attacks, and my stats are pretty decent on MarkyangPK (40 Strength, 34 Attack, 36 Range, 1 Defense). As for my other account, I like to skill and make money. I do many things like flipping (buying items for low price, selling for high price) and just do regular stuff like mining for iron and coal or making emerald (u)’s for money (it’s not that hard to make money on runescape guys! Just to all of the people who complain about not having enough money or can’t make money)! But if you’re too lazy to skill to make money, just go to the wilderness and steal all of the foods and items on the floor (I occasionally do that on MarkyangPk). But as for Runescape, I really like there music/soundtracks, I enjoy there quests, and I really really like the community of Runescape! If you’re an old Runescape player (3 years+), tell me your experience of Runescape! I’ve been around since I was 6 years old (for over 8+ years or so), and I firstly played on my older brothers account. Good memories! Speaking of memories, let me tell you guys a fail story of mine! My brothers account had membership and he had Dragon Claws (worth like 10M or more back in the day). I was maybe like 9 or 10 years old at that time. So, I was at the place where it had a red and green portal, and I entered the red portal as I thought I could kill someone with a dragon claw, special attack. I used a protect item prayer option and just left it on. As I saw someone outside of the safe barrier, I went out and try to attack the guy. As my prayer went out, the guy used ice barrage (a freezing spell), and special attacked me! (Can’t remember what weapon). As 9 or 10 year old me was just in deep frustration and fear, I told my brother the story of what happened, and got scolded from him. Then I started to use Markyang1234 as my main account (LOL). Don’t be a n00b like me guys XD.

But anyways guys, that’s all I had to say! I could come up with a hundred different stories of me failing pretty hard. But see you guys later, peace!

(Here’s Some Videos)

(F2p Pking By Tipsy. There’s swearing in this video)

 (P2p Pking By Smells Green)

(Newbie Melody/Runescape Soundtrack) SO NOSTALGIC!

(OSRS Opening Theme) More NOSTALGIA!

(Runescape Timeline By SilentC0re)


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  1. It’s an intersting game plot. If only the graphics were better. I like to play games with really good graphics especially R.P.G.’s. I think the best R.P.G.’s are the ones created by asian companies. Like, not to be weird or anything, but yeah. For example, Korean R.P.G.’s are really cool. They spend a lot of time on programming their games and making it fancy and enjoying the looks of the beta testers’ faces when they try the game. It’s pretty awesome.

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