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Isshuukan Furendo Kawaii deska/ いしゅかん ふれんど ですか。(Is One Week Friends cute)? HECK YEAH IT’s KAWAII (Sorry if I got that sentence incorrect. I have a feeling I was supposed to add “No” after Friend, but oh well. Japanese Grammar)!

If you’ve been an old follower of mine, you would know I watched the Anime Isshuukan Friends, or the English name, One Week Friends. I’ve always wanted to read Isshuukan Friends (because it’s been on my phone for over 5 months that tells me to read it), and I wanted to know if there was more information or more back stories that happens in the Manga.

imageJust what the heck is Isshuukan Friends? (only if you don’t know what it is). Isshuukan Friends is about a high school boy Hase, and a high school girl named Fujimiya (I won’t spoil what their relationship towards each other are). Although by the first sentence it may sound cliche, but just roll with it. Then the main character Hase meets Fujimiya, and asks to be Fujimiya’s friend. As time progressed, Fujimiya tells Hase about her condition (mini spoilers, but if you don’t really care, read on), she loses her memories of only her friends every week. But as for Hase, and as each week passes by, ” Fujimiya! Will you be friend”!

My Thoughts So Far About Isshuukan Friends (Spoilers); Like I said before, this Manga is pretty cute, and as the Manga progressed from literally chapter 2 to chapter 3, I just wanted to shout out so badly for the main characters to just KISS! COME ON! Hase even friend zones Fujimiya at one point, like COME ON, ARE YOU SERIOUS! I’m just deeply in a huge hatred for who ever created Isshuukan Friends. Also they freaking tease us with Fujimiya and Hase with fireworks and saying “I LOVE… FIREWORKS” – imageFujimiya Kaori(I’m about to flip a freaking table so badly)! Well, anyways, a great Manga as usual though! As I keep on reading, the only differences that I found regarding the Anime and Manga are the different types of art styles. Yes I know, “what you mean Mark”? What I mean is, the Anime has all of the characters to have the same body shapes, but the Manga always switches on what they look like (sorry if I’m not saying it clear enough). Although I find it funny that some of the times in the Manga, I really liked on how it’s just more serious in the Anime. And as I continued on reading the Manga, I did not find too much different things from it. The only things that were different was art style and pretty much Fujimiya crying a lot (I guess Fujimiya cries a lot in the Anime too right)? But I mean it’s pretty funny most of the time when ever she cries in the Manga (It’s not funny when it gets serious. Obviously). But instead of these two main characters; just freaking Kiyruu! His seriousness is just too funny, and the way he gets used by Hase and get’s scolded from him is just hilarious. Although I like the character Kiyruu, I feel some what relatable towards him. But anyways yeah, Kiyruu is a pretty great character.

But as for the story goes, how well do I like it? I enjoy it! What’s a great Shoujou story without a tear jerking conflict right? As I’ve said before in my different posts, Isshuukan Friends has a pretty original story and it is definitely not another cliche Anime/Manga. With that being said, I truly love this Manga! If I could rate Isshuukan Friends, I’d give it a 7/10. The story is appropriately funny, it’s not cliche, it’s some what tear jerking, and most importantly, a good story.

So anyways guys, thank you for reading my post. See you guys later, peace!

(Here’s some videos you can watch)

Isshuukan Friends Trailer (Anime):

Isshuukan Friends Fujimiya Ending Song, Kanade (Anime):

Isshuukan Friends Hase Ending Song, Kanade (Anime):

(I just got done reading Isshuukan Friends). . .


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