-Spring’s Coming Near So Is Valentines Day!? School/Current Life, ETC. Day 20, Of An Otaku’s Life- -(Real Life)-

Man, this snow is never going to leave! But on the bright side, I get to hear the most wonderful sound in the world; birds singing in the morning. Man, after reading Romeo and Juliet, I just feel poetic for some reason (and this make me feels like a weeaboo, but in an English poetry way). And damn it, Friar, what’s his name (not Friar Lawrence), for not finding and sending that mail to Romeo (Spoilers). But anyways, snow is melting and I can see some grass (but the skies are still so gloomy. Woe is me, bite thou thumb at yonder cause aye a weeaboo. -Shakespeare Just kidding Just kidding). Valentines day is coming near, and it’s another year to watch depressing Animes (which I’ll probably never have time to), and declare on being single another year, or be valentineless (remember, being nice doesn’t mean flirting. Unless it’s pretty obvious). Talking about the topic on Valentines day, what was your most favorite Valentines day (you the viewer)? I have to admit this but, my most favorite Valentines day was in the 5th Grade. Who doesn’t like Elementary Valentines day right? Watch a movie, eat snacks, hang out with friends, and just have some laughs (you don’t technically have to have a Valentine to have good Valentines day, am I right)? Good times, but too bad I’m writing this post about nostalgic memories, and most of my greatest of friends are scattered across different schools. Oh well, 5th grade was also my most depressing and happiest school year (Dang it hormones).

imageOff from talking about the weather and American holidays, I actually had some fun in my 2nd semester of Highschool (pretty much, newer classes and newer schedules to do things). In my Japanese class, we wrote calligraphy (in Kanji hand writing. Which I did not learn nor know how to write, but was given a sheet to show me how to write the meaning of the words). During that class, I tried opening a jar of Indian ink, and I guess you understand what would happen in that instance. But it was still a fun and relaxing experience (It was quite relaxing, because my Japanese teacher was playing some sort of calming music in the background, lol). But as for my newer classes like my Survey of Tech, I got to Photoshop my face onto a hundred dollar bill (LOL). Later on; so I was looking at a projector screen, and saw a Photoshopped face of the Survey of Tech’s teacher. It was just too priceless! If only you guys saw it. As for school currently, everything is going fine, my homework is being done quickly, and it’s pretty much the beginning of my 2nd semester. Who knows what will happen later on in my 2nd semester, but I always look for the worst more than the best (pretty much my reverse psychology for motivation). But anyways, my school is pretty awesome as usual.

What Happened in my Life Currently; I really have to thank my cousin and uncle for taking me to a place called, Mt Olympus, and it was imagelocated in Wisconsin Dells. It’s a water park, and an amusement park, but most of the cool stuff there like roller coasters, outdoor water parks, outdoor shops and outdoor food areas were closed. The only thing that was open was the indoor water park, and it wasn’t all that packed or busy (which was pretty awesome). But on my journey to Wisconsin Dells, me and my cousin got to go to a sledding place, and the hills were pretty huge (it was a pretty decent height). But I had to admit that the sledding area’s food tastes really bad, and it’s definitely not worth 6 bucks for the burger that I ate (You can literally buy a burger patty from the store and leave it in the oven burnt, and it would probably still taste better than the burger that I ate at the sledding/ski/ski board resort. No joke). They could’ve added some spices into their food at least (Seriously, it’s not that hard. If you ever saw bar rescue, that’s what they should be on). But after sledding for a straight two hours or so, we went to a pretty fancy buffet restaurant. Although the place smelt like smoke (there was even a no smoke sign ironically), I’m just glad it didn’t smell in the buffet area. It was located at Ho-Chunk Casino (no we did not go gambling), and I got to eat two freshly made cheesecake slices (cheesecake is my most favorite desert), including many tasteful foods there. But I think it costed around 25 dollars per person, and I was not all that hungry. So yeah. Then we went swimming at the Mt Olympus indoors resort (went on the lazy river, went on tube slides with my cousin, and the most important part of the resort; swimming. WOW)! Then me and my cousin slept on a bunk bed. The next morning, we went swimming again at the same place, and we went on the body slides and hot tub. After swimming, we went to another Mt Olympus area, which was the arcade room (too bad it wasn’t an old school arcade room). But yeah, I got to play Lasertag. which was fun, and I got to play a crane machine game, and won three sunglasses (on my first try, I got two at once. Then my second try, I got one for my cousin). As me and my cousin were playing Lasertag I was in 4th place, my cousin was in 2nd place, and a teenage girl got 1st place. But I won’t complain (I swear I shot so many people in that game, I’m surprised). It was definitely worth 5 bucks for 10 minutes. Then we left Wisconsin Dells, then I was dropped off at my house, and I was feeling home sick. Then I enjoyed my whole week end playing video games.

image(And my sunglasses matches my old Habbo character. This photo was not created by me, but by one of my old Habbo friends).










Now I’m all done talking about my life, let’s talk about Otaku (Weeaboo) things! I finally finished Soul Eater!  FOR FUUUUUUING SAKES, CRONA! MAKA! EVERYONE OF SOUL EATER! OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!!!!! (“Everyone, lend me your strength” -Goku. Insert 9000Meme here). Soul Eater was depressing, and pretty (Literally) bad das. And now I’m all out of Mangas to read. Oh well, time to find a new Manga series. And if you wondering why I’m not writing any Anime posts, it’s because I’m too busy to watch Anime and I only have time to read Manga and play games (maybe playing video games is an excuse to watching Anime). As for now, I’m still reading Tokyo Ghoul:RE and I’m now continuing on to read the rest of reading Isshuukan Friends/One Week Friends. (Photo on the right is from Isshuukan Friends).





Video Games; I just started to play one of my old games, Tekken 5, and I also played CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive), and also just got back into playing Minecraft (well at least back to raiding). If you guys ever want to play video games with me, here you go;

Steam Username: Mark Yaaj (I have Kaneki as my in game photo)

                                                                                                                     Minecraft Name: MinecraftsJR

                                                                                                                                                                              Minecraft Server: WrathPVP

                                                                                                                Minecraft I.P: Play.WrathPVP.com

But anyways, I finally had time to play games on the weekend, and like I’ve said countless times before, I’ve probably been too busy to do anything lately (as I’m referring to family things or School related things). And if you want to test my skills, go ahead and play a game with me. Ha! I’m a PC gamer by the way, not a console gamer. Off from this, I was playing CSGO. I played probably 4 or 5 games, and there were a lot of racists and narcissistic 7 year olds everywhere in this game, but that’s CSGO at it’s finest (jokingly). At one point, a younger person called me a weeaboo, and started saying quite racial things, and our team lost from 3-16. After playing a few more games, I came across some pretty good team mates, and we played fluently. We had great communication and a really positive attitude (and we had sucky opponents, so yeah). So we basically did well. I think we had 16-10, or something like that. Then the next game, we tied. Then the next game, things just went down hill. And in each game, we have to play with different people (if you didn’t know about CSGO). Most of the time, you would be paired up a different group of people, and be against another group of other people (which I was playing competitive, a more stricter game mode). When ever I play this game you will always hear, “PICK UP THE AWP! NO PICK UP THE AWP! WHAT ARE YOU DOIGNNASASDKGJASLd”! OH MY GOD YOU (insert CSGO Meme here)! #WanaBe7YearOldMLGnext360No_Scoper. I hear that all the time by every single age, even adults. Sometimes it’s pretty sad to see adults being narcissist like 7 year olds in this game as well (some times it’s funny, and sometimes it’s annoying). But as for every single Silver 1 (the first rank of CSGO), their logic for gun choices are always to grab the awp. Example, there’s an awp right in front of me. Someone screams at me to pick up the awp. Then there’s an AK-47 next to me. *Enemy enters*, the enemy is close by. Same person screams, “PICK UP THE AWP, OH MY GOD”! CSGO logic by Silver 1’s. Yeah, I really hate kids (4-12 year olds) on CSGO, but not every single of them. (R.I.P CSGO headphone players).

As for Minecraft; if you didn’t know, I’m an oldschool Minecraft factions raider. I outlived two popular raiding servers (and also one regular building server), and always had my most known throughout the servers partner in crime (in game), and wrecked havoc on everyone in the server (most of the time it’s just us two being teamed up. Pretty much Us vs the World). But yeah, raiding is fun in Minecraft, it’s pretty extreme when you play it for the first time. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, or what raiding on Minecraft is, I won’t explain it, because both are actually a simple yet complicated concept. (I outlived CowCraft.com, and WrathPVP.com, but they’re still alive but with little members left). In Wrathpvp and CowCraft, I wasn’t all that popular, but the person that I was partnered with was pretty much known from literally everyone (R.I.P me). But Wrathpvp, there were more notorious factions than just us two, and more popular and stronger people than us. In CowCraft, we basically just owned the whole server (R.I.P me again, I wasn’t all that popular), and my friend was considered as a “Legend” and he was literally placed as a legend on the board of legends on that Minecraft server (“I cri erry time”. A popular quote from my friend who would say this as a joke). And I believe there were over 100+ people when CowCraft was in it’s prime. Instead of my long back story, I came back to play WrathPVP. I was bored, and got tired of looking for different faction raiding servers to join (you literally have to pay to win to play factions nowadays in over 100’s of popular Minecraft servers). I really enjoy raiding and factions, but servers are just too O.P or too boring and repetitive (also a lot of hackers like SaicoPVP).

I was raided twice due to x-ray, and I was given a response from an admin or mod saying “sorry, but please show proof” and, “we do not have the plugin to find the x-rayer, sorry”. And here’s proof as to how many hackers Saico has from the famous youtuber CreepersEdge (While he plays on SaicoPVP).

I think half of my blog post has just been me complaining about video games (sorry about that). So anyways, that’s all that I had talk about, I did so much things this whole month, and I hope you guys enjoyed my post. So see you guys later, peace! (Another lonely Valentines day huh? Yeah. I cri erry time 😉 ).


3 thoughts on “-Spring’s Coming Near So Is Valentines Day!? School/Current Life, ETC. Day 20, Of An Otaku’s Life- -(Real Life)-

  1. Wow you’re blog posts are really fun to read! I love how you introduced the first paragraph talking about the bird sounds. ( I’m a big bird lover and I was so happy I could whistle with the birds this morning despite the fact it was 11 degrees. ) I was trying not to laugh at some of the things you said about Valentines Day but I totally agree. Not to worry, Mark. You’re not alone. You have anime! I also found it funny that you watch depressing anime around this time of month. So do I. It was worth reading the entire post. I look forward to reading another one of your posts!

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