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Dang it Weeaboo’s, they said the Manga was better! Just kidding just kidding; there were some likes and dislikes with this Manga. But before I go on and dive into my ignorant thoughts; I give this Manga a 13+ rating (Partial nudity, because ANIMU, or MangaWeeabooEcchiHaremYaoiYuriDesuTsunedere, that’s why; and also violence. And yes, I do know that I just called myself all that and wrongly placing Tsundere after Desu; just a joke guys). And don’t forget! Spoilers!

As I read the beginning of the Manga, I noticed that it was just the same as the Anime, and there was literally no difference (besides art work). But as time progressed, and I read the Manga chapters after 30-40, things begin to change when it came to the Anime and the Manga. People have died in Manga, even when they were alive in the Anime, or some have died later on in the Anime/Manga (R.I.P Mifune. That really hit me in the freaking feels). And of course, a few characters that were considered good in the Anime, are actually evil, insane, or brainwashed. Some examples are Stein (went insane, but recovers from madness from time to time), Crona/Chrona/Ko.ro.naコロナ (brainwashed, absorbed the Kishin), Kim and Jacqueline (brainwashed, but recovers later on), and Justin Law (was suspected of being good but was actually evil). Continuing on with the Manga, I came to the liking that each of the Main Characters like Maka Albarn, Black Star, and Death The Kid actually progressed in their skills by actually working hard by keeping their simple motives from the beginning of the Manga (“I want to make a death Scythe”-Maka, “I will surpass god” -Black Star, “Perfect Symmetry!” -Death The Kid. Couldn’t think of anything for Death The Kid, I’m sorry. Also sorry for that long run on sentence). In comparison to the Anime and Manga, it was more like; emotions surpass pure strength in the Anime, but in the Manga, it’s more like; I’m going to beat you and grow strong by actually working hard physically and mentally (“I’m going to dissect you!”-Stein). There are just too many spoilers, and there are just too many differences; so let me talk about what I liked and thought about Soul Eater.

Soul Eater is definitely a classic Anime in my eyes, but now that I know the truth of what actually happens in the Manga, it really just questioned me on why they changed a lot of things in the Anime. But who really cares, I really just liked the back stories of characters and fight scenes that goes around (My favorite back story was probably Soul Evans, and my favorite fight scene probably had to be, Kid Vs Black Star, the third fight). Besides fight scenes, Soul Eater’s artwork isn’t all that bad (sometimes it has the main characters look like they’re on drugs, but there is some artwork from them that I like. Don’t do drugs). Most of the jokes or funny scenes, are more appropriate and not cliché. What I really mean is, they don’t act like a bunch of idiots screaming at the top of their lungs saying dumb stuff and trying to shove jokes down our throats when they’re not all that funny (and an example is One Piece. Sorry One Piece fans). Soul Eater has some of the best quotes and some pretty bad das body stances (although some of the characters body stances can be repetitive sometimes. And I’m also talking about Stein). Besides jokes and artwork or etc things, let’s talk about the main characters. First off, the actual main characters. I really liked how Maka and Soul met, and I also really liked how Soul Evans is a talented Piano player. Although I don’t have that much appreciation towards Maka because she really doesn’t show too much of her back story, but I really liked Soul Evans. Tsubaki and Black Star; Black Star is just a freaking beast, and he’s keeping Tsubaki’s brother’s dream alive. He easily became one of my most favorite characters. Tsubaki, on the other hand, is more of a nice person, and like Maka, not enough back story to liking this character. Elizabeth, Patricia, and Death The Kid; Elizabeth and Patricia (or Liz and patty), I guess there okay. Their back story is not all that sad but more of a tragedy. And for Death The Kid, I guess he’s alright as well, and there’s not much information about his past. But as for my most favorite character in Soul Eater, I would have to say; Spirit. Why Spirit? Spirit has a cliché and yet, not a cliché back story. His back story is some what awesome when it came to Spirit and Stein, and I really just like how Spirit cares about his daughter Maka. I bet you guys were surprised.

Since I really have nothing else to talk about; I’m almost finished with this Manga! I really enjoyed reading this Manga, and I really don’t want to read “Soul Eater Not!”. Although my temptations are telling me to read it, I’ll probably do it anyways. And I did watch Soul Eater Not; jeez, the ending. Well anyways guys, see you guys later, peace!


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