-Mark Play’s Old Games, The Tekken Franchise- -(Video Games)-


If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you should know I have an old Ps2 gaming console, and I’ve reviewed some of my most nostalgic games like Tenchu 3 (Wrath Of Heaven), and Kingdom Hearts 2. So, as I was playing this game called Tekken 5 like a few months ago, I got so hooked into the game. Also knowing that there’s around 3 or 4 new games regarding the Tekken Franchise, I find that really awesome, and made me want to play the current games. So anyways, Tekken 5; it’s a fighting game with its own gaming mechanics, and every character that you can choose from has their own stories. To avoid spoiling things for you, I will not explain the stories of literally every single character, but instead, the gameplay of Tekken 5 and, later on, talk about the current games of the Tekken Franchise.

Tekken 5; if you’ve played Tekken 5, you’d probably say it’s the new beginning for Tekken’s new fighting mechanics (or Tekken 4 is the new era). The game is flawless with no bugs, with some pretty decent visual qualities. Every character in this game mainly has a different type of fighting style, and also a lot of different combos that they can pull off. Some combos can be done airborne, which is nicknamed a juggle, some combos can only work at a certain precision time, and some attacks are quite complicated to do. An example; the Electric Wind God Fist; all Mishima characters. It’s pretty hard to pull off in my opinion, but professional Tekken players can pull off an Electric Wind God Fist pretty easily. There are some other characters as well that take some time to pull off those combos, like the character King; a grapple character (submission attacks/wrestling attacks). And the character King can literally do over a 100 different grappling combos. King is just a beast, in my opinion. The first GIF shows the Electric Wind God Fist being used twice into an airborne combo. The second GIF shows a 10 hit combo. The Third GIF  shows an uppercut that the character Kazuya can do. (And Kazuya is my main character in Tekken. I did not make these GIFS by the way).

I really liked Tekken 5’s background music/sounds in all of their maps. Some of my favorite maps were, Urban Jungle, Final Stage 2, cathedral, and moonlit wilderness. I really loved playing this game, and not to mention that they a pretty dope opening song.


As it comes to the Tekken Franchise, I really liked Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament II. Although I haven’t played Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag Tournament II, I still thought it was awesome (actually; I played Tekken 6 once, but it was at a cousin’s house, and I was probably like 11 years old). Tekken 6 has more characters like Alisa and Draganov (which I really like his fighting style, sambo; very brutal and counter critical). Tekken 6 also has even more stories, more combos, and another era for Tekken; the wall break and bottom breaker (“DORIYA, DORIYA, DORIYA, HMPH, DORIYA”) -Kazuya Mishima/Get wrecked from an Electric Wind God Fist Spam to a wall breaker (“DORIYA”)! But anyways, Tekken 6, new maps, new characters, new stories. That’s pretty much it.

Tekken Tag Tournament II; if you ever played Tekken Tag Tournament I; most of the characters return back to the second Tag Tournament. (And the ending music for TTT I sounds pretty awesome). In TTT II you get to choose two characters to play as (or you can play without an extra character), and in the fight, you can switch characters and try to do a multi-combo move. But that’s mainly it for this game. But the concept is still pretty awesome.

So anyways guys; enough talking about the Tekken Franchise, I want to talk about my favorite Tekken Player, and it’s TheMainMan. TheMainMan does a lot Tekken combo videos for a lot of the Tekken Games out there (TTT II, Tekken 5, Tekken 6, Tekken Revolution), and he also live streams on the website Twitch. His main character is Kazuya Mishima, and occasionally plays other characters like Heihachi and Jin. I really enjoy watching his videos, and he freaking destroys so many Japanese players and some other famous Tekken Tournament people as well. I’ll just put down some of my favorite combo videos from TheMainMan.

(His Bryan Fury Combo Is So Bad Das)

Now before I go, I just want to say how awesome it is to have a Tekken 5 game for over 10 years or so. Tekken 5 will probably be my most favorite Ps2 game, and I really wished I had a Joystick box, because I heard it was easier to use. But anyways, that’s all I had to say, so see you guys later, peace!



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