-Exams Week/ Life-Day 19, Of An Otaku’s Life – (Real Life)-

Exams are going to SUUUCK (but in a good way). I’ve always been busy in my life, but here I am! I’m writing a blog post.

Anyways, life is the same as any other day, so nothing significant really came (besides my exams). My grades are pretty much the same (2.5 G.P.A), and I’m still the same old, same old, school busy Mark. As for my exams; teachers and students confuse me, and including that I have a schedule about my exams as well, makes me more messed up. So you have the teachers saying, “your having an exam or not having an exam”, and same with the students. Not mention that I have a schedule that says, “Exams Review and Exams ” for every day on my exams week schedule. JUST WHAT THE HECK!? So I got exams or not? I don’t even know anymore. At least I get half days this whole week (meaning, half of the school day).

3129d844ff8ae37599f980b316c39d02Life besides school; as I was studying for my exams, all that I heard was food related things (I was in the basement). So as I went upstairs, I just saw homemade beef and cheese fries, homemade powdered donuts balls, homemade crepes, and a homemade calzone (that clazone though right)? I so freaking excited that day (infact it was just yesterday lol). Thanks to my Mom and Sister for making such delicious foods(and my sisters cooking classes are really showing something as well). As I was studying Japanese for my Japanese exams, I studied how to introduce my self, and I had to study the whole Hirigana and Katakana Writing (which wasn’t so bad). Then I started to study on other things for my exams. I noticed I wasn’t doing chores for around like a few months (well, I still do some chores to keep homework off my mind I guess), and for once, my siblings did some chores or what not (pretty much in a lazily and resistant way). Just wait until it’s summer; flipping jeez. IT”S FAMILY TIME! Well I guess that’s the life of Mark Yang until he’s 22 years old (which is in 7-8 years). Living the dream guys 🙂 .

I just watched some of my old videos on my blog posts because I got bored, and I then I just saw a Kenshin AMV, and I was just thinking; hype! Of course I was listening to other AMV’s too like Soul eater, and I watched some scenes from soul eater and listened to some of their opening and ending songs. (I watched Maka and Crona become friends on youtube. The feels on that video). I almost forgot; I also listened to Monochrome no Kiss from Black Butler; THE NOSTALGIA! For some reason, I want to be a weeaboo and rewatch soul eater and Kenshin Trust and Betrayal (“My Name is Shinta””Shinta; it’s too chilidish of a name for a swordsman. From now on, your name is; Kenshin”. Or somewhere beyond those lines). But as for Anime and Manga, I have nothing else to read or watch (turns out, Sekai Oni had 101 Chapters instead of a 1000). I also just got done reading chapter 60 on Tokyo Ghoul :RE, and man; it took freaking two weeks for it come out! But I’m not complaining. I’m just glad a chapter came out at least. I also just got done reading the current Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou, and I’m already sick of reading it, because it doesn’t show Usa or Kawai (finish that Arc already; I want to see some action)! So anyways, that’s all I really had to say about that. Just listen to some music or something down below.

Soul Eater, Black Paper Moon “When you’re lost, here I am”:

Soul Eater, Strength:

Kenshin Trust and Betryal, In The End AMV:

Black Butler, Monochrome No Kiss:

So anyways guys, good luck on your Exams if your a Highschooler like me, and see you guys later; peace!

(Down Below Are Some Of My Old Classmates From Middle School Who Blog)

Good Luck Kaitlin!

Good Luck Celicio!


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