-My Thoughts On The Game Undertale- -(Video Games)-


Undertale is so nostalgic! It definitely brings back an old feeling, like playing pokemon on a gameboy type of feel. Even though Undertale is a new game that came out on September 15th, 2015; it gave me such a great feeling. The NPC’s are so freaking interesting, and the main characters/hero-antagonists are really unique (as in, they’re going to make you feel guilty, sad as heck, or even feel like nothing. But if your good to them, it’ll make your day).Spr_temmie_l_0 (“De-Temmie-Nation”).

So, there’s three routes you can take; Pacifistic (one ending), Neutral ending (multiple), and Genocide/No Mercy Run (one ending).

Game Boy GBC - Pokemon Red Blue - Battle ScreenPacifist run (it’s pretty much self explanatory in it’s name), you can decide to either flee from them (RUN AWAY!) or use mercy. Fleeing and mercy are two different things. In mercy, you have to interact with monsters until they give you mercy, and once you choose mercy, you can get money and no longer engage in battle with them. Which is helpful for you later on, so you can buy items and food. When you flee, you just run away and gain nothing (pretty much like Pokemon’s fleeing option. Some Pokemon’s just really want to kill you by keeping you in the fight, LOL). You have to give mercy and interact with all of the main characters, in order to get the True ending/Pacifist ending, and I literally mean you have to interact and give mercy to every main character (this is why I chose the genocide route. Which I’ll explain later). Doing a Pacisifst Run? Here’s A Guide To Help You.

In a Neutral run, you can kill monsters, and you can also kill the main characters, but not all of them. That’s pretty much it (also, the way they break the fourth wall just creeps me out, and how they know that you’re quite curious to reset the game just to see what happens, like killing someone for example, to know what would’ve happened. Basically what a Neutral run is all about).

Genocide route/No Mercy route; you kill everyone, and there’s a big requirement on how many you need to kill in order to get the true genocide ending. Let’s just say, you’re going to die a lot (I bet you were thinking, “you’re going to have a bad time”). In different areas, you have to kill 15 monsters, 25 monsters, and then 40 monsters. But in each area, you have to face the main characters/the hero antagonist (pretty much, you’re evil and their good). Kill Kill Kill, that’s what you have to do in a Genocide route/No Mercy route; no one is spared and no ones life cares. (I currently doing a genocide route because I watched so many pacifist runs and I got interested on how much better the battles are in a Genocide Run. Don’t worry, I’m not a sadistic/sociopath killer; lol).  Doing a Genocide Run? Here’s A Guide To Help You.

Chara(Spoilers), Why I did a Genocide Route And What I Like About It; Like I said before, I did it because I was quite interested in Genocide let’s plays, and I really enjoyed fighting the bosses, rather than just sitting on my chair and watching it. Was I heart broken; no (maybe I’m a virtual sadistic/sociopathic killer). As creepily enough, of Flowey breaking the fourth wall by saying that we reset the game to peek our interest, that’s basically what I did; because I was interested in what would happen. Will I do a Pacifist run, yes (and yes, I do know that if I do a Genocide route first and then do a Pacifist run, Chara’s going to take over my character). Some of my most favorable moments in my Genocide run is, fighting monsters like washua, temmie, and all of the dogs. Some of my most favorable bosses are Undyne and Sans. I’m still fighting sans and I was super close to freaking killing him over 5 times (Just currently beat him. I almost killed him over 20 times)! I probably died over 50 times. (I’ll probably record my self to defeating sans, and get dunked on over 100 times). But Undyne and Sans are quite different, and I can’t choose which indexone is more unfair or harder to defeat (but I died more when I fought sans). During my first boss fights for Undyne and Sans, I was so determined to freaking destroy them, but later on, I realized they were extremely hard to defeat (An undertale reference? “Determined”? Nah). As I watched youtubers fight Sans, I was thinking to my self, wow, they’re so bad (but if I straight up did a Genocide run without watching videos of a Genocide route, then I’d probably be the same as them). They died too easily, and they were just horrible with timing jumps, gaster blasters, etc. But yeah, I still have to defeat Sans. Good luck to me. (Chara scares the crap out of me, just a heads up to me).

What I really thought about Undertale; The Characters, the NPC’S, the towns, the music, the SECRETS; basically everything is good. Some of my most favorite characters, probably have to be, Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster. Who’s Gaster? Look it up. (Note, I don’t like Toriel). Sans is a skeleton, who likes to tell pun jokes and is quite lazy. As lazy as Sans is, he really takes care of his younger brother Papyrus. and is really protective towards him. Sans can manipulate time and space, and he knows some of the timelines (which in my opinion, is freaking awesome). The way that Sans in general knows any timelines, makes me understand on how it’s just useless for him to even fight back and give it “His all”, and he even acknowledges that his future is meaningless. Just as if someone (us the player), is playing around with him and everyone else in Undertale; just like a puppet and nothing else. Although this is the sad truth, this is what makes me more sadder than any other character. Now for Papyrus; although I didn’t enjoy his puzzles because of my genocide run; Papyrus, just has a catchy beat and funny personality. Although he’s not a pun japer like his brother, he’s quite funny in his own way. Gaster; a mysterious character. A character that doesn’t exist when you play the game normally, but he’s more of a secret/hidden character through the game. I don’t want to be that cliche person who keeps on talking about fan theories or what not about W.D Gaster, but yeah, Gaster; a hidden character; yes.

As for the NPC’s, like Burger Pants and the Temmie’s Spr_temmie_l_0, they’re my most favorite NPC’s. Burger Pants is definitely something; he reminds me of someones personality, but I can’t remember who ( probably a friend who keeps giving me advice). As for the Temmie’s; they’re also just something. The way they talk always cracks me up and their cat-dog, or what ever they are character, are just cute. But that’s all I really had to say about NPC’s.

Oh hey! After so many deaths- just enjoy it. Don’t forget, I did this specially for this post, enjoy. (Died around 200+ times) (Mark Vs Sans) :

Sorry about not having any audio (just listen to this :3)

Or This:


So anyways; I really love this game. This game is just amazing. I truly recommend buying the game. So see you later guys, I really enjoyed writing this post and hated Sans so much for getting over 200+ DEATHS. So yeah, peace. (It’s not like I was going to go to sleep anyways after finishing the Genocide route). -Mark



14 thoughts on “-My Thoughts On The Game Undertale- -(Video Games)-

    • I watched someone play it. I can’t remember who, because it was a no commentary long play (Playing til the end of the game).


      • Oh, sorry; but in my opinion, Jacksepticeeye is really annoying (no offence) and I really hate his intro’s (he’s super loud and sounds cringey). But I really liked the GameGrumps’ undertale videos (Pacifist run and Genocide run).


      • but I’ll try to watch at least one of his undertale videos. But undertale is such a great game (even though I wanted to do a pacifist run, but got bored and did a genocide run. lol).


      • The video down below is me actually beating sans. It took me over 200 deaths! But undyne maybe took me like 2 hours or so.


      • This was a great discussion, but I have to go. I’m glad that mr skoneki/ Brennan’s class has a great blogging community. Peace. (Tell them i said hi. Even though I said this to two other students already, LOL)!


      • OMG!, thats why when I buy the game, I’ll play the Pasifist routie then i will only have to worry about Undyne, and the more easier “bosses” and not Sans


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