-Sekai Oni, My Thoughts So Far-(May Contain Spoilers)


(Keep in mind that this Manga might be for people 18+ due to partial nudity. And am I a hypocrit; yes). -Mark

Gosh, this Manga is so wonderful when it comes to its psycho factor and plot. It’s definitely an unfortunate plot and unfortunate life for this Alice In Wonderland Syndrome middle school student. I’ll definitely read all of the chapters for Sekai Oni (there’s close to over a thousand chapters), and I really feel like I’ll enjoy reading this whole series. There are some ups and downs to this Manga, but let me give a brief introduction on what it is.

Sekai Oni; Shionome Azma is a little girl with Alice In Wonderland Syndrome; she sees hallucinations and she’s usually abused by her family. Her parents are gone missing or have died, but later appears in the world of Alice of Mirrorland.

First off, let me go off with the negatives on reading this Manga. I really enjoyed the Manga, but I really hated the incest and forced sexual relations that goes around in the Manga (because that’s just wrong; that’s just lolicon right there) and they could’ve had a more interesting beginning intro, or at least a better story after reading the prologues. I also hated the partial nudity that goes around in this Manga (it’s not like those once in a life time types of things that always goes on Animes or Manga, but things that would make more sense, like being forced), and once again Lolicon, that’s bad and illegal. Although they don’t show any sexual relations, it’s referenced, and it’s quite obvious. Overall, that’s the only problems I had with reading this Manga, everything else is just fine.

Things I liked about the Manga; if you haven’t noticed, I really like creepy things and I find them awesome, an example is, Azame’s hallucinations. Not to mention, it’s really bad das that she handles her hallucinations like it doesn’t scare her, and I tend to like characters that are like this and not big wusses like Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul (Weeaboo Alert). The plot itself is creative, and not to mention showing off the characters back stories in the beginning of the story, and it really made me come to liking the characters (like that one dude who liked roses and falled in love with a girl, but in the end, she was just a hallucination. Poor guy). Another thing I liked about Sekai Oni was, the idea of creating weapons with your own life force, and not only that the concept was there, but the way the characters had to know about the weapon before using it.


Azuma-1Anyways; what I thought about the Manga So Far; I truly enjoyed reading this Manga, except for a few things of course. But overall, I really liked this idea due to the story having some realistic aspects to the story, and how it’s truly tragic to have such a rare syndrome (Allice In Wonderland Syndrome). I have a great feeling that Azame is going to be a total bad das later in the story because, I’ve seen pictures of her with freaking swords/axes and she looks freaking awesome. I really like the main character as well, as she’s extremely sane no matter what, and it feels like she’s been down a path where she’s been through enough mental pain to later be numbed or at least used this mental pain. Some things I also liked about the main character, was her interests in birds (I know it’s off topic. And R.I.P for that one bird; “lived for 2 days”). I’m quite interested in reading all of the chapters (unless it gets boring), and I hope this story starts to get interesting.

So anyways guys, see you guys later, peace!



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